While anyone who travels internationally will tell you the quality of women is far higher elsewhere, and indeed American women are perhaps the worst out there, many of us do spend most of our lives in the West, at least until we are able to work out a permanent exodus.

While I strongly encourage every single man to travel internationally within the next year, in the meantime, here are some places where you may be able to meet western women of higher caliber than your typical Americunt barslut.

1. Religious Events

The ratio is usually good at church.

Many men will tell you of sluts, feminists, and other worthless women they met at church, and I will certainly not disagree. Nevertheless a good girl is likely to be one who has some sort of spiritual upbringing, believes in a higher power, and accepts a set of rules or laws that she must follow. If you are looking for LTR material, girls with little or no sexual experience are likely to be attending a religious service of some sort, even if this same church is full of her slutty friends. Bonus: church is one of the only places you can see American women dress up nice the way most foreign women do every day, with long hair, dresses, makeup, heels, and jewelry.

2. College Campuses

Most college girls are impressionable, clueless, and hot

Looking back on my time in college, the best thing it offered me was a large number of single females thrust into my face on a daily basis. Finding any woman, whether for a one night lay or a more permanent relationship, is mostly a numbers game. You will not find better odds than your local college campus.

Consider enrolling in a class for fun. Make it something you are interested in, and that way you will come away with a new skill, new friends who enjoy that same interest, and possibly meet a good dating prospect. And it will put you on campus every week where you are presented with new opportunities to meet women.

My local college offers scuba diving, swimming, drawing, photography, and weight training as for-credit one hour courses. By taking one, you also get the benefit of technically being a “student,” getting an ID card, all sorts of discounts, and access to campus sports and other social events.

3. Meetup.com

Meetup.com – A group for every interest

Meetup is a site that allows people with similar interests to schedule and attend activities with strangers. I guarantee meetup has dozens of events in your town right now. While I have found that in my city the attendance skews towards older (lots of 40s, 50s and retired people), depending on the event, you can meet others who share your interests.

Consider one of the larger groups like a hiking or outdoor club, where there may be 30 or more people attending an event. Whether you are looking to improve your foreign language skills, learn a new hobby, see a movie, or go to a discussion group, there are plenty of meetup events, which are almost always free. If you don’t see one you like, start your own.  Girls will be attracted to the “leader” getting all the attention, and plus you get to decide when and where events are held.

4. Local Events Calendar

Definitely in need of help with proper hiking attire

Most midsized and larger cities in America have some sort of free newspaper. These will often list daily or weekly events going on in the area. Often there are websites also which will list free or low cost events going on in your area by calendar date. When I lived in Chicago, there was a free daily paper I always picked up called The Red Eye. It had a special section every day with two fun cheap or free activities targeted towards single people.


5. Community Sports Leagues


City league intramural sports have been around for a long time in larger cities, and in recent years have spread to smaller cities as well. I have several friends who are involved with a local kickball league that organizes teams in 14 states. For less than $50, you get a t-shirt, opening and closing season parties with free beer, and refereed games for several weeks.

The teams are typically sponsored by a bar, offering drink specials for everyone on the team after the game, where you can socialize with your teammates and opponents. This is a co-ed league with a mandatory minimum number of women on each team, and if you don’t have enough players to create your own team, you can be placed on a team with strangers. I have attended these games, and it’s a fun way to meet new people.

6. Dancing


Deja vu from PE class, but it can actually be fun

No, I’m not talking about the titty bar. If you’re looking for higher quality women, consider what women like to do besides get drunk at bars on Saturday nights. Women love to dance. A friend of mine just married a girl (they are both foreign-born but live in America) he met at a salsa dancing group.

Even if you don’t think you like to dance, try a more traditional dance. It could just be that like me, you hate the type of twerk dancing people do at American clubs to shitty music. I recently attended a square dance folk music type event, and while there were certainly some grandmothers there, there were also some good feminine prospects, and you will have little competition.

7. The Gym

Gym girls dress to impress

Exercise should be a regular part of everyone’s routine, and I think most of us prefer a fit girl who puts in the effort to build and maintain her appearance. The gym is the obvious place to look for these type of women. While it can be awkward sometimes to approach girls in the gym, and sometimes it is obvious when you walk over from the bench press to the butt machine and strike up a conversation, the gym is a good source of girls who eat well, stay in shape, and are active, all three absolute requirements in my book.

8. The Coffee Shop


Coffee shops in America are places to play games and surf the web on your Mac Book while drinking an overpriced homogenized coffee-looking drink. Where overseas coffee shops often concentrate on quality, taste, and price, and are typically full of men wanting to relax and enjoy a quick drink at a cafe, the American double venti soymilk vanilla pumpkin crème vending machines are, not surprisingly, dominated by mostly women.

This is a good place to find college girls, as many will come here to study. I have tried writing or working at a coffee shop, and the level of noise and distraction is horrible, but somehow the female millennial mind thrives in this environment. It’s easy to start a conversation by asking something simple like “what’s the wifi password here?” “Oh are you having the new pumpkin latte?” “What are some other coffee shops you enjoy besides this one?”, although one of the biggest hurdles is dealing with the girls staring at their smartphone with headphones on.

Always Be Approaching

So there we have eight ideas for you to find above average quality women in the west. Just remember, it’s still a numbers game and you should approach, flirt, and get the numbers of multiple women just as if you were out in a bar looking for a quick hookup. While the quality of women overall should be higher in these locations, the overall low quality of American women means you will need to do some serious screening.

Good luck, and post any other ideas, or your experiences in the comments.

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