It is well documented that as men we are very logical beings. While not necessarily risk-averse, many of us would prefer to weigh the pros and cons of a given situation in order to make a proper risk analysis prior to talking action. But when meeting and attracting women — and in wider aspects of life — this isn’t always possible, or even desirable.

In his recent book World Order, Henry Kissinger notes that political decisions “must be made before it is possible to know what the outcome may be.” This philosophy is equally effective in game.

Every Aspect Of Game Is A Leap Of Faith 


Here’s the thing — we all like certainties and to know where we are in any given scenario. But if you want to get good at game then basically you have to approach a ton of women — there’s no easy way around it. And in doing so you will quickly learn that there is no such thing as certainty. Every part of the interaction is subject to her whims as well as a myriad of other external influences.

For example, when you walk up to a girl, tap her on the shoulder and start talking you have absolutely no idea whether she’s going to be receptive or not. If the conversation goes well and you whip out your phone to take her number, you can have no clue whether she will give it to you or refuse.

When you meet her for a drink then at some point you are going to go in for a kiss. Will she allow it or will she turn her cheek away? In each of these instances you are compelled to act — or , perhaps better, to lead — without having a clue whether it will be efficacious or not.

Desire To Know The Outcome Can Mess Up A Promising Interaction


It may not seem obvious, but the desire to know everything in advance and to control things can mess up what otherwise might have been a promising interaction. When we launch ourselves into game we soon realise that we are in a slipstream being buffeted about by women and circumstances. This can feel uncomfortable and it is only natural that we should seek the comfort of old certainties. But it is only by pressing forward into uncertainty that we can expect to make gains.

It is my view that in modern Western cities the key to game is flexibility. This is because, essentially relegated to playing what Roosh calls “clown game,” we have little choice but to dance to the tune that women play if we hope to get laid. In the entropic urban sprawl, girls with differing agendas and schedules come and go. The canny player will live entirely in the moment, ready to go along with the flow if that particular flow is likely to lead to sex at the end of the night.


How Flexibility Works In Practice


Some time ago, while walking through London, I came upon a pretty Swiss girl, a tourist spending a few days here with her friends. I approached her and we got talking. It turned out that her friends had abandoned her in a nightclub and that she was now walking around, looking for somewhere to eat. It was quite late and I wasn’t aware of any restaurants still open in the vicinity. Still, I took her hand and told her that we would go for food together. I then led her towards Waterloo Bridge, talking the whole time.

The truth is I had no clue whether there would be food when we got to the other side of the bridge or not. What I did know was that my apartment was in that general direction. In other words I went with the flow and took action, without any certainty of how things would pan out. Luckily the strategy paid off. When we reached the centre of the bridge we made out, and shortly afterwards all talk of food was forgotten as we took a taxi back to my place.

My intention in telling this story is not to brag, but rather to illustrate my point. Had I faltered and got hung up on the girl’s logical request then there’s a good chance I could have lost the lay. As it was, I lead her, going with the flow and having no idea of how things might end up. It could have been that faced with no McDonalds and a long walk back to her hotel she might have slapped me round the face and walked off into the night. But by simply sticking with it, uncertain of the outcome of my strategy, I was able to turn the situation around to my advantage.

Take Out: Be Confident In Your Future Ability To Handle Situations

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If you want to achieve success with today’s girls you have to be prepared to take a leap of faith. If she suggests taking a cab across town to a gig, or calls you up late at night to meet her in a park near to her place (as happened to me with another girl recently) then go with it, as long as it doesn’t conflict with anything else more important you might have lined up to do.

I don’t mean that you should supplicate yourself and do anything she wants, but I do mean that if you have made up your mind to get laid then you must commit to following events though to their conclusion.

You may not be quite certain how an individual scenario will turn out: don’t sweat it. Turn up anyway, and be confident in your ability to handle whatever comes your way. You may not score every time, but you will gain valuable experience that will help you out in the future. More often than not, though, you’ll be surprised. You don’t always need a roadmap to reach the finish line.

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