Last week I talked about two flaws I had noticed in the crimson capsule brand of red pill game. Though these two inconsistencies are the exception to the rule most of the time, they had shown themselves to me enough for me to take notice.

That said, here are the next two in line.

1. Maintaining Frame

It’s an open secret that women are turned on by the “strong, silent type.” A man who is in control of all his faculties in the face of unrest moistens the panties of females of all ages.

This particular aspect of game is what we call “frame control” or “maintaining frame.” When the shit hits the fan keeping your cool is what separates the men from the boys in all areas of life.

However, there are a few times where losing your shit is not only acceptable, but sometimes even necessary. Especially within the context of a sexual relationship with a woman.

The reason for this is that getting angry and yelling or swearing at a female shows her that you’re not afraid of grabbing your Y-chromosome and letting your testosterone do what it’s designed to do. Some women will also admit that being physically scared of a man is also a turn on.

Sometimes this is what’s necessary for her to get the message

The fact is that sometimes being calm, cool, and collected just doesn’t cut it in certain situations and women know this. Some men stay quiet out of fear or apprehension and girls sniff this out like bloodhounds. They know the difference between a quiet confidence and silent jitters.

The very first time I witnessed this in action, I was too blind to see it:

I was in the kitchen making my coffee when she started bitching and complaining about something and I took the bait. We went back and forth and after a few minutes I’d had it. I let her talk for about 30 seconds uninterrupted when I finally yelled:


I had never spoken to her like that before and was prepared for a veritable verbal assault. My back was turned so I couldn’t see her facial expression (nor did I want to). I waited and waited for her to scream back but to my surprise she heeded my command. She didn’t say another word until I stormed out the door for work when she meagerly said:

“Have a good day at work, Donovan. I love you.”

The reason my wife became a world class cock sucker and gourmet chef for a week is because she was turned on by the raw masculinity that came out of my pores when I yelled at her. And because I didn’t realize it at the time, the porn star sex and three course meals stopped soon after.

Keep in mind that it’s important to recognize her attempts at emotional manipulation or to get a rise out of you. When your girl throws a fit, maintain frame and either ignore her, or tease her for acting like a toddler.

If she pulls an adolescent stunt for the sole purpose of getting a reaction out of you (read: shit test), roll your eyes, chuckle, and tell her “try again sweetie.”


No, I’m not suggesting that you get angry and yell at your woman all the time. A man with a short temper is a man who is not in control of his emotions and has some growing up to do.

Losing your temper too often is beta

But when you show a woman you’re unafraid to raise your voice or momentarily lose your cool when she steps out of line, it lets her know that you can and will “go there” if need be.

Make no mistake about the fact that stoicism is absolutely paramount when dealing with your girl(s). But every once in a while it’s necessary for a man to bare his teeth.

2. All Women Are Like That

This particular doctrine is easily the most prevalent in this sector of the web. The belief is that all women in this part of the world are hypergamous sluts who will cheat on you with impunity for any and every reason under the sun.

While this applies to the vast majority of females in the western hemisphere it would be disingenuous of me or anyone else to say that every single woman in the U.S. is the same. I’ve stated before that…

…any reasonable person knows this isn’t the really the case. Even the darkest of crimson capsule males understand there are exceptions to the rule, however rare they may be.

Though “good girls” are extraordinarily hard to find (and even when found, they’re likely spoken for) they do exist. In a culture that rewards sluttiness with praise and government assistance, it stands to reason that most females would opt for a lifestyle free of sexual temperance and responsibility.

But every once in a while you’ll see or hear about a female who isn’t an attention whore, embraces traditional sex roles, and is still a virgin. Again, these are rare birds but the fact of the matter is that the endangered species of the fabled Quality American Woman isn’t extinct quite yet.


The application of standard game principles are successful more often than not because most Western women are alike in terms of what attracts them to men.

The slight differences between them, however, is where a man must use his instinct to discern which ones to use, and which ones to put on the shelf. Dread game may work on some females but if you run it for too long on 9s and 10s you’ll likely be replaced by day #2 of your radio silence.

A girl who likes you might back off if she sees that you’re in the company of good looking girls on the regular because she doesn’t want to have to compete with other females.

The bottom line is that even though game has been definitively proven to work and work well, one size does not fit all.

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