Daygame is now firmly established as a discipline in its own right, with gurus specialising in it and offering their own particular take. In the UK, a group of men even espouse something called the “London Daytime Model,” a set of principles and actions designed to optimise ones results while talking to girls in the street and in malls and coffee bars.

While I can see that such categorisation makes it easier for men to consume game material, the sheer quantity of which can appear overwhelming at first, my own personal view is that while there are differences in how best to approach sets in the day and night, you should nevertheless view game as a holistic set of principles leading to a skill-set that can be used at any time of the day.

That said, last weekend I went on a daytime adventure in Berlin, cold-approaching twenty-five girls around the Kurfurstendamm shopping district. Doing so, I was reminded how indispensable male horniness — perhaps more usefully termed the male hunter instinct — is when one is looking to meet women, prompting me to share some thoughts on the topic here.

What Are Optimal Daygame Conditions?


While you can get lucky in the daytime and meet a cute girl you hit it off with straight from “Hello, can you tell me where the pet shop is?” (see my story about the Colombian girl last week), in general, what makes for a productive daygame session is a lot of approaches in a short space of time. Berlin is the second largest city in the EU with 3.5 million residents (after London, which has 8 million) and the Ku’damm is its busiest shopping street. So in a three-hour session I was able to approach twenty-five girls, collecting phone numbers and sometimes Facebook profiles.

Received daytime wisdom dictates that the best results are to be found in cities with a million or more residents. But wherever you find yourself, ensure that there are sufficient targets so you can burn through a large quantity of sets as quickly as possible.

 What To Do When You Hit The Streets

cute summer girl

This isn’t intended to be a daygame instruction guide, but here’s a quick rundown of the most simple, workable method. Walk around, concentrating in particular on those stores popular with cute girls such as Topshop, H&M, Forever 21 and so on. When you see a lady you like, approach her, ideally from the front.

Say hello with enough impact to stop her. Tell her that you think that she looks very nice and pick out some observation about her—perhaps she’s wearing an interesting hat, or looks a little like Selena Gomez. Maybe she’s walking with exaggerated purpose, or perhaps she’s ambling along like a sloth. Whatever it may be, pick something out and make a cheeky little joke about it so that she smiles.

Shake her hand and hold it for a little longer than necessary. Maintain strong eye contact throughout. Transition the conversation to more general topics, but ensure that you tease her lightly and remain both a challenge and a little mysterious. After a few minutes tell her that you have to meet your friends, but that you should meet up again. Pass her your cellphone and tell her (don’t ask) to enter her number.


Will It Always Work?


The above is a very brief summation of my method. Does it work every time? No, of course not. Remember, even famed daygame writers have calculated an 11% approach to notch success ratio.

Plenty of times you will approach a girl and she will make an excuse and move on without engaging with you, or she will claim to have a boyfriend or raise some other objection. This doesn’t matter. Accept that it’s part of the game and continue. Why? Because repetition and momentum are your friends.

Repetition = Horniness = Success

cute girl street

In the early part of your daygame session scoring phone numbers or having great conversations is not the aim — repetition is the aim. Why? Because if you attend to the task with vigour and determination then you will find that interacting with a succession of hot girls, even briefly, makes you feel horny.

And that horniness gives you impetus – suddenly the idea of approaching becomes less of a chore and more a pleasure. You recognise that it is only by approaching that you will have the chance to sleep with one of these cute girls — and that has all of a sudden become a significantly more urgent desire. Your horniness has all of a sudden been converted into momentum—and game momentum, when it manifests itself, is incredibly powerful.

At the end of a good session you will find that your energy levels are high and conversations will go more smoothly. Ideally you will hit a sweet spot where it feels like you can do no wrong and every girl you speak to is drawn into your world and is unable to destabilise you with shit tests and other nonsense.

An example of momentum in action. In Berlin I went out intending to do ten street stops. At ten I was just hitting my stride and so I decide to carry on. When I hit twenty I  was getting phone numbers galore, and so decided to continue to twenty five. At the end of the session I’d been on an instant date with a cute French girl and had a number of solid leads to follow up on my next trip to the city.



Whatever your particular approach to daygame may be, unless you happen to get lucky very early on in a session, you should always aim to complete a large number of approaches. Not only is this great practice, forcing you to come up with conversational gambits on the fly and consequently sharpening up your social skills, but it also has the effect of increasing your levels of horniness, increasing your hunter instinct and your testosterone, improving your results exponentially.

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