The topic of logistics receives less attention than it is due in game writing, and it’s easy to see why—out of all the elements of male-female interaction you could possibly address, “make sure you take the girl to a bar near your apartment” probably requires the least authorial flair.

But the fact is, if you want to sleep with attractive women with any sort of regularity you absolutely must make sure your logistics are on point. If you don’t then you will lose lays in the most annoying ways imaginable. Fortunately, having good logistics is pretty easy if you’re sensible and keep a few simple principles in mind.

What Do I Mean By Logistics?


In terms of game, logistics are those obstacles you must negotiate in order to get the girl you are interested out of the bar, club, store, or cafe where you met her and back to your apartment or hotel where you can enjoy some privacy together. The farther away this secondary location is, the more logistics you will have to contend with like calling a taxi, using public transport, or getting a lift.

There are also logistics attached to the girl’s present circumstances and yours too. Perhaps she’s with a group of friends who won’t let her leave with you, or perhaps she has to catch a flight in five hours. Perhaps you have an important job interview in another city the next morning, or someone staying in your apartment that would make bringing her back awkward.

Any external problem that looks likely to stymie your attempts to sleep with an otherwise up-for-it partner may be considered a logistical one.

How Logistics Lost Me A Girl Last Week


The thing you must always remember about attraction is that it is fleeting. The player is presented with windows of opportunity during which he must execute, or risk losing the lay forever. I want to tell you a story to illustrate how simple logistics can mess up what might otherwise appear to be a sure thing.

Last week I was walking to meet a friend in a busy area of South London when I saw a particularly cute, slender brunette who was just my type. Dressed for the summer in a short, flared skirt and a tight-fitting top, her face and legs were tanned as though from a recent beach holiday. Clutching a map and squinting confusedly at street-signs it was pretty clear that she was a tourist, and lost. Having a few minutes to spare before my friend arrived I decided to introduce myself.

Rather than approaching as a white knight eager to give her directions, I walked up to her and told her that I had to talk to her as she was cute. Instantly she was disarmed and her face lit up. It turned out that she was Colombian but lived in Paris. This was her first day in London on a short trip visiting a friend.

Not only had she forgotten her friend’s address, but her iPhone had died, leaving her with no record or telephone number to fall back on. She was, quite literally, helpless. Fortunately she had run into English gentleman Troy Francis — what could possibly go wrong?

Quite a lot, as it happens—for me. After a few minutes chatting in the street I took her to a bar where we managed to find a charger. As the juice flowed into the recalcitrant phone we talked more. She was a qualified dentist, but now worked in a clothing store on the Champs Elysée as her qualifications weren’t valid in France. She also had incredible, tanned legs.


I escalated hard, touching her, pulling her hair, kissing her neck, creating a bubble around us and telling her that there was an incredible energy between us.

“You should come back to my apartment for one hour. Just an hour. Then I’ll get you a taxi back to where your friend lives,” I said. 

The next moment we were kissing — just as her phone sprung into life again. 

“My friend is texting me,” she said. She tapped at her phone for a few moments. “She’s coming to the station to meet me.”

We kissed some more.

“Come to my apartment for an hour — you can meet her later.”

She looked at me for a long moment, then nodded. It was on.

I pulled her out of the bar into the street. As I did so I tapped at my own iPhone, ordering an Uber. Three minutes away.

We stood on the sidewalk as cars passed and I tried to keep the mood light while looking out for our driver. After five minutes I called him.

“Where are you mate?”

“Nearly there boss.”

After this same conversation had been repeated perhaps three times I realised that he had probably got lost. At the same time it was becoming harder to maintain the conversational momentum with a girl who, not speaking much English, was probably understandably wondering what the hell was going on. Suddenly she turned around.

“My friend — over there.”

She looked at me mournfully. But the spell was broken. Sure enough, in the middle distance, standing up against a railing, I saw a rather irate looking woman craning her neck, on the lookout for a cute runaway Colombian.

“I’m sorry Troy, I have to go to her.”

At that moment I knew the game was up. I shrugged and walked with her as she moved towards her waiting friend.

Bad Logistics Can Ruin The Moment, And You May Never Get That Chance Again


Will I ever see the Colombian girl again? Who knows. We have each others’ contact details – but now she is back in Paris. Everything was in place that day for an SNL (single night lay), and had the taxi turned up I have no doubt that it would have occurred, since she was alone and up for fun in London for a few days with no agenda or timetable.

It is hard to think of more perfect conditions for no-strings sex to occur. As it is, the moment came and went and for her to meet with me now would feel a lot more premeditated — her anti-slut defence could well come into play and block a future assignation.

A Cautionary Tale


Let this be a cautionary tale. Of course, you can’t legislate against idiotic taxi drivers, but at the very least you must ensure that you have a quick route back to your place planned every time you go out, with several alternatives in your back pocket if possible. The best thing is to go hunting near where you live, but if that’s not possible then ensure you have a car, or access to decent public transport if you must.

Overall though, you must keep in mind that once a girl has indicated she is willing, it is your job to get her home as quickly as possible. Failure to do so might just see you standing by the road watching a hot Colombian girl walk off into the night with her friend.

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