Whilst those of us supporting the manopshere and Neomasculinity are trying to forge positive changes in society, we cannot expect that success will materialize overnight. As we strive for a return to normality in our culture, we must simultaneously navigate our way through and make sense of a progressively sluttier, fickle and degraded world. This does not require us to betray our beliefs; it does demand dexterity and opportunism.

Here are three easily applied ways to maximize your chances and move ahead amidst the rapidly crumbling morals of your community, especially amongst women. Tailor them to your own propensities and desires. And never forget that the standard you walk past in life is the standard you accept.

1. Go for the (ex-)religious girls

Too many men pass over the religious or otherwise moral ex-religious girl, except in the context of the purity or virgin fantasy.

I want to avoid any confusion: this doesn’t mean that she has to go to church or believe in Jesus Christ. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a girl who is a Christian per se. What matters here is finding a girl who was exposed to a moral background which required her to follow a particular creed or dogma. Maybe religion isn’t behind it. Perhaps her parents instilled a strong work ethic in her, forced her to practice give-and-take or something else.

This one is largely a judgment call. Repeated exposure to a potentially fruitful woman, at a minimum 5-10 lengthy (>1 hour) meetings, will help you adequately gauge what sort of girl she is. Do not ever expect perfection in your assessments. Number one, girls can lie (including to themselves) about who they are and, secondly, girls can change. Yet just as you (hopefully) wouldn’t date or sleep with a girl who didn’t wash her body once a day, dating or sleeping with a girl who has no moral backbone, even implicitly, is simply not worth your time.

In my own life, I know that going to church in my early childhood (and having my parents force me to attend) made me a better person. Before my grandparents died, I was able to provide them with some semblance of joy during their physically excruciating final moments.

Despite not then sharing their religion, past years of going to church had taught me the importance of family, familial loyalty and gratitude to my elders, whatever disagreements I had had with them over the years. These are the types of experiences you want your prospective girl to have.

A girl having some sort of moral, probably religious history is not just functional, showing that she is more likely to have a good disposition (and loyalty). It is also instrumental. It means she is amenable to you directing her as to how to treat you and how to behave overall.

Many people misconstrue that a religious or ex-religious girl still affected by her experiences equates to a bland sex life. Far from it. Rather than take-it-or-leave-it, this can be about upgrading individual parts as you keep the chassis.

2. Show the bling (just don’t spend it on her)

You don’t need to be paying for girls to jet set around the world with you like Dan Bilzerian.

Women are naturally programmed to seek out mates with the resources to sustain them and any subsequent children. And she can easily expect that the man she shacks up with will provide her (his?) progeny with these resources. In modern times, with male and female partners both typically working, these resources need not just be economic and can include time, attention, affection or just plain old social status.


What I have found repeatedly over time is that a woman responds predominantly to the resources themselves. For short-term and medium-term, sometimes even long-term relationships, giving her some of these resources, aside from trinkets, is not required. The allure of them is enough in many cases. Naturally, part of the appeal women still find in men who don’t immediately share their resources is that they’re hard to get. But that doesn’t explain everything.

Just as a man can ejaculate through masturbation, without direct contact with a girl or physically seeing one, many or most women can experience a significant lag time between seeing a man with resources and needing him to share them with her. Social status is a huge factor, but so, too, is your ability to avoid what most men fail at it: holding your resources back beyond just the hard to get phase.

There are some important caveats, however. Many Western countries nowadays have draconian cohabitation and other laws, which require men to part with ample property upon the ending of a relationship. It’s perfectly conceivable that she might argue that a purely sexual relationship was actually a romantic one. In Australia, I believe this timeframe is about two years but courts themselves can bend the rules to adapt to “modern life.” So always cover your bases on this one.

3. Show different aspects of your personality at carefully staged times

The more emotions you have and display, the more options you have.

For many of you, you won’t need to change much in this regard. Just make your demonstrations of your personality more salient. For me, much of this comes naturally, having evolved from good habits I picked up in my teens. If I was with a girl at 7pm and had forgotten to call my early-to-bed grandparents that particularly day, I told (and didn’t ask) her to wait five minutes and I went to call them.

She finds it sweet but dominant at the same because I’ve framed it as a non-negotiable. At other times, when a driver doesn’t give way to me, I show him that he’s a twat and make a sarcastic gesture. She will find that assertive and sticking up for myself.

Randomly, haphazardly picking times to display different aspects is not the best solution. Training them into yourself is, which means doing it when she’s not around. Sometimes the only thing you need to reorient is when you do it, or subtle ways in which you do it. And remember, variety is the spice of life. You don’t want to be unemotional brick wall, nor do you want to be soppier than The Notebook. Ditch mono- or dual-themed personality demonstrations and make yourself three-dimensional and expansive.

Value for both a girl and yourself means creating a quality, emotionally-laden experience. Human beings thrive and respond positively when they are exposed to a rich tapestry of life, encompassing happiness, passion, ecstasy, nostalgia, sadness, tragedy, enthusiasm, relaxation and the whole gamut of other prisms we can indulge in. You must create that tapestry for her. Make it compelling. The more you do so, the more pliable she will become.

A disclaimer: exercise caution with some emotions. Practicing total despair, for example, is not the sort of emotion you want her to see you in. Neither is bloodlust, most of the time. Be sensible with how far you go.

Are you up to the challenge?

You might feel despair that society is going the way it is. Don’t. You are one person in an ocean of a world, and the best means for you to contribute to its betterment is bettering yourself. Lead by example. Challenge the present, destructive orthodoxy by improving each day and adapting yourself to the circumstances you face.

You should never lose sight of who you should be. Nevertheless, you can’t take your eyes off the world you’re already in.

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