I was very fortunate to have found the red pill community shortly after the dawn of my sexual prime because it’s allowed me to maximize my SMV, which has given me more options than I’ve ever had at any other time in my life as far as work, women, and [semi] location independence go.

I’m even more fortunate to have slithered my way into the panties of a fair amount of females that most men would consider to be a “10.” Granted, game had a lot to do with it, but any man who’s fucked more than one super hot chick knows that luck sometimes plays as much a role as game does in these situations.

I’m not going to get into what qualifies as a 10 because every man’s preference in female beauty is highly subjective. But we all know a woman who would draw the sexual interest of 99% of men when we see one, so we’ll use that as our barometer.

Having mingled with a handful of these females over the years, here are five things I’ve learned about them that seem to be pretty consistent across the board, and can come in handy when running game on them.

5. They don’t get hit on as often

Don’t rush to judgment. She probably hasn’t been approached in a few days.

No, I’m not talking about some beta schlub giving her his seat on the subway, or the perverted old janitor who jokes with her about going on a date with him. I’m talking about the man who walks up, introduces himself and makes no bones about what he’s angling for.

The truth is, extremely attractive women quite literally scare most men away from even talking to them. Sure, they’ll say hi or make a stupid comment about the weather but that’s where it ends. 95% of men don’t take it any further than that because they lack game and confidence.

Just because they turn heads wherever they go doesn’t mean the heads on those swivels have the balls attached to them to act. Most of the time they just oggle and drool as she strolls by. This leaves the door wide open for you to walk up and start generating those much-needed tingles she’s been dying to feel for a lot longer than you might think.

4. They’re much more pleasant than you think


Beautiful women want to fuck, go on dates, and have relationships as much as any other female out there. But between the lack of quality men bold enough to approach them, then dealing with betas who are constantly running terrible game on them, their frustration level is almost always at critical mass.

But when a man in demand like yourself has the kahunas to step to her, swat away the shit test she deploys, and make clear that you’re not looking for a non-sexual relationship with her, she becomes quite pleasant—if your game is on point.

Sure, you’ll have to cut through the bitch shield when you approach her, but similar to Latinas (who can be notoriously difficult to open) they always soften up once you’ve established your high value and shown fearlessness in the face of her beauty.

There are very few exceptions to this rule.

3. They are extremely insecure

Yeah you look alright…except for that crazy ass watch you got on

Any man who has experience with high SMV females know they don’t compare themselves to average looking girls. They compare themselves to other 10s which makes them very insecure.

The constant preening and mirror checking (or any surface with a reflection) to make sure everything is in its place can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but it comes with the territory.

Use this to your advantage by teasing the fuck out of her. Tease her about her nose, make fun of her hair, or pick on her about her bejeweled phone case—anything you can think of.

Nothing makes hot girls hotter for you than teasing them…trust me. Be careful not to overdo it. But definitely make certain she understands you’re not afraid to tease and pick fun at her. This will let her know in no uncertain terms that her beauty is something you’d be just fine without.


2. They’re so-so in bed

Girls who look like this will engage in whatever debauchery you an dream up

Women in the upper aesthetic echelon don’t have to do much to impress men these days. The combination of thirsty dudes and having just about everything handed to them on account of their great looks saps their motivation to do much of anything (keeping in shape notwithstanding).

Their lack of need to please crosses over into the bedroom as well. Don’t get me wrong, we all want to fuck 10s because…well…they’re 10s. But the sex is often lackluster, again, because good looking girls usually aren’t required or compelled to exert much effort to elicit a favorable response from a male, sexually or otherwise.

I can personally attest that sex with 7s and 8s is almost always better than sex with 9s and 10s. 7s and 8s rarely hesitate to give you toe-curling blow jobs and will let you stick your dick in any hole you damn well please, much more often than not. They’ve got to make up for their SMV deficiencies somehow, and draining your balls by any means necessary is how they accomplish this.

This isn’t to say that sex with super hot girls is bad. But if you’re expecting a 10 to fuck you like a porn star, understand that it’s going to take much more than just being naked in the same room with you to motivate her to do so. Even if your game is air tight, it normally takes a little longer for her to loosen up in the bedroom and turn into that vivacious vixen you need her to be.

1. 10s are people too

It is very easy to get caught in the trance of an extremely beautiful woman. Everything about them seems to hypnotize us when we lay our eyes on one, and there’s little we can do about it.

But it’s important to understand that hot girls are people too. That is, when they don’t shower they stink. When they get hot, they sweat. They shit, fart, and burp just like the rest of us.

“Well duh! Everybody knows that!”

Of course we do. But a woman’s physical beauty stupefies the male mind to the point where all of these things are blocked out. When we daydream about a relationship with a pretty girl we never think about her sitting on the toilet pushing out a foot long log that smells like putrid death.

We subconsciously believe that she’s always going to look great, she’s always going to smell nice, and that the only reason she uses the bathroom is to tinkle.

Stuff like this never creeps into our fantasies

But if you consciously humanize beautiful girls by visualizing them ripping a loud long fart or having terrible morning breath it almost involuntarily triggers your mind into de-pedestalizing them which snaps you out of that spell her beauty has you under.


Applying this knowledge is simple but it takes practice.

Understanding that a 10 sitting alone at a coffee shop or shopping for groceries likely hasn’t been approached by a man with game in a while, and that when you introduce yourself to her and strike up conversation, means she’ll likely be quite receptive.

When you number close her be unafraid to call her out on her bullshit, playfully tease her, and instruct her on where and what you’ll be doing when you meet up.

If you get her naked later on, don’t expect to have the best sex of your life that night. It’s certainly possible, but it’s on you to bring the freak out of a 10 because most of the time because she’s not going to just drop to her knees and demand to suck your cock just because she agreed to fuck you.

At the end of the day 10s can sometimes be difficult to fuck, but they’re much easier to game than you think. Remember, they’re choosy about who they let penetrate them. On the flip side 5s and 6s are very hard to game on account of all the offers, they get but their legs involuntarily fly open with a heavy dose of asshole game.

Every man has different strategies and techniques to maximize his changes with the fantasized and fabled “10.” So long as you keep these five things in mind and apply your game accordingly, you may very well find yourself balls deep in a woman most men don’t have the stones to even talk to.

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