There is an old joke in the US Army: How many Rangers does it take to screw in a light bulb? Three—one to screw it in, and two more to stand around and brag about how much harder it was back when they had to do it.

Any US Army private who ever spent a day in the infantry heard that joke at least once, and it rings true. Rangers seem to love bragging about how difficult it was to earn their tab and, of course, how easy the course gets with each succeeding year. Most of the lamenting by the old timers had little merit, but every once in a while there were changes to the course which made it slightly easier for the younger guys.

But only just slightly. The course got a bit shorter, the students got a little more food and a little more sleep, and they got rid of Desert Phase years ago.

Rangers Lead The Way

Rangers Lead The Way

Usually, the difficulty level did not decrease appreciably – Ranger school was always a brutal course, with only a 50% pass rate and 60% of the failures occurring during the first few days, called RAP week (Ranger Assessment Program). The fact that three women of any constitution passed RAP week is evidence the standards have dropped severely or been eliminated altogether.

The level of difficulty of Ranger school cannot be overstated. Students can expect to lose at least 15 pounds—most of it muscle—by the time they finish. Constant patrolling with a 60+ pound ruck sack, less than an hour of sleep a night during some portions, and barely anything to eat take tolls on men that no woman could realistically endure.

The sweat carries a strong reek of ammonia while the muscle burns away, as students struggle to stay awake and alert, especially when their turn for patrol leadership arises. Failing a patrol more than once almost always means the student will not graduate.

It is not some meaningless macho shit test over a mere cloth tab. Ranger school develops effective combat leaders and any man who’s ever served in an infantry unit can tell you the difference between a Ranger qualified officer and those who are not. Often times, a non-Ranger qualified infantry officer is a shitbag waiting to be exported to some easier assignment, as his career as an infantry line officer is less likely to move past Lieutenant Colonel if he failed Ranger school.

Of course, the SJWs have flipped this around to see Ranger school as a chance for a golden ticket long denied them out of sexism. Therefore, they must have it—along with being able to serve as infantry officers too, naturally. As it happens, the three females who “passed” RAP happen to be not just officers, but West Point Graduates. Small coincidence. Well, why is this such a big deal?

1. It is only the beginning

Breaking barriers is what it's all about, right?

Breaking barriers is what it’s all about, right?

It has been decided that there WILL be females wearing the Ranger tab, one way or another. Under pressure from the administration, the Army Chief of Staff is pushing for this, nobody in any position of expertise was consulted and unsolicited negative opinions will be met with letters of reprimand or worse.

But this will not be a limited experiment confined to something confined to a small corner of the combat arms. Once the mandated pass rates for women in Ranger school are fully in effect, doors to commanding Infantry units will swing wide open. Special Operations units will be next, beginning with the Ranger Regiment, where EVERY leader (officers down to junior NCOs) is expected to be Ranger qualified.

From there, it’s only a hop, skip and a jump before they are force-fed into other areas of Special Operations. Soon enough, women will very likely be wearing Green Berets, Special Forces tabs, and Navy SEAL Tridents within the next five years. So what’s the big deal, you ask?

2. Unlike those of other nations, the US military actually matters.

Nothing light about it.

Nothing light about it.

One of the loudest arguments made for allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the military was that since so many other military forces allowed it, why doesn’t the US military allow homosexuals too? Even ignoring the silent failure of that experiment, allowing women into schools and units out of a demented sense of social justice isn’t just blue pill nonsense, it’s further erosion of national security.


The European military forces can have all the ludicrous policies they want, but the fact is America has been carrying their water since the end of World War 2. What happens when we jump into the same hammock as them can only be described as the inevitable breakdown of relative peace we enjoy in a first world cocoon.

Don’t like the idea of the US as world policemen? Neither do I, really – but can you think of anyone else you’d rather have in that role? Neither can I.

3. This is not limited to the military

No, he's not allowed to help you over the obstacle.

No, he’s not allowed to help you over the obstacle.

American society is already used to the idea of female cops and firemen, but again this is another quiet disaster. Most female firemen don’t actually fight any fires once hired, and female cops are so much physically weaker than their male counterparts they are far more likely to use their guns in situations where male cops would be able to use non violent (read: grappling and submission) tactics.

We live in such an entertainment-first world we’ve first sacrificed the very elements designed to protect us (fire, police and military) while preserving those designed to entertain us (NFL, NBA, MLB, et. al.) But how far off can it be before the mandates reach the entertainment enterprises, where a certain number of females are required for every football team?

We can already see the pre-conditioning of children with the foolish idea of girl quarterbacks in a new Nickelodeon program. Lest we forget, this is how gay acceptance got promoted, and how leftism has always worked.

4. Nobody actually wanted it, but it happened anyway

Nevermind the conspicuous absence of any consultation of actual Rangers, Ranger Instructors, Ranger veterans or anyone else qualified to weigh on the decision, there wasn’t even a demand for this change from most women, military or civilian alike.

Take a look at what most women actually pay attention to – Pinterest, Tinder, XOJane, etc. Not too much discussion there of how to get into Ranger school. One would think there’s a massive push not seen since the suffragette movement to get women graduates, but there were barely a dozen female volunteers.

This is manifestation of a classic Mao-inspired political principal: make the ideals of the party appear to be the ideals of the people. As long as a few lesbians and tough-mudder types want to do it, we’ll make sure they pass while the rest of the female population goes back to Tumblr.

5. Veterans and current servicemen are buying into it

The intoxicating power of wanting to be liked, the desire for approval and inclusion combined with the influence of ubiquitous social media and smartphone culture causes even the most unlikely converts to come out of their political closet. Long time conservatives lamely start parroting liberal ideas, with military matters being no exception.

The public thinks it’s a good idea, so some Ranger veterans will say anything for a chance at approval (or pussy), and so it begins. Current servicemen are more likely than ever to white knight for a chance of rancid, well-worn Army snatch from some 4 on their next deployment.

Giving social justice warriors what they want at every turn created creatures with the power of an adult but the responsibility level of a child. While this trend is traceable alongside the modernization of society, never before have the changes been so radical, nor come so quickly.

Decades after the draft ended and far from any war where most of the men did most of the fighting, the martial spirit of the country is already flaccid and weak. Throw in the effects of SJW-led social media and the radical changes will occur that much faster. What’s happening at the 4th Ranger Training Brigade at Ft. Benning is the canary in the cultural coal mine—but unlike a sensible coal miner, our leaders will fail to recognize the obvious warning.

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