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I’ve written articles in the past that have touched on my experience with Kratom. The first one I wrote briefly touched on how I incorporate it into my daily regimen. The second went much more in depth in terms of my first experience with it, how it affected me, and the adjustments I made to get the most it.

Today, I’d like to discuss a compound called Phenibut.

In short, Phenibut is sold as a nutritional supplement in the U.S. and Europe (sold as a psychotropic drug in Russia). Its main uses are alleviate general anxiety, social anxiety, PTSD and insomnia but it’s also used proactively to improve overall neurological function which is the reason I wanted to give it a try.

This compound is mainly used for people who suffer from various anxiety disorders and is easily the main effect.

Personally, I’m not one who suffers from traditional anxiety but Phenibut definitely gives me an ‘attitude adjustment’ or a noticeable sense of calm or stress reduction.

When using Phenibut alone, 500 milligrams (1 serving) is more than enough to give me this sense of calm. Though I’ve never had a problem talking to people and being social, it drastically reduces my cynicism and gives me a better overall sense of well-being.

It’s like I actually really want to talk to people.

One effect that is unique to me when I take nootropics like Kratom and Phenibut is that my mind starts thinking of ways to improve myself in every way shape and form. I’m one who enjoys progress every bit as much as the result so when these compounds start to take effect, it always puts me in a great mood for no other reason but that I’m thinking about things I really like to do. Perpetual optimism.

Kratom and Phenibut have their similarities in terms of the physical effects but the cognitive effects from person-to-person is where these compounds really shine. It may take some trial and error, but every person will have their own unique mental effect and discovering this is pretty cool.

I’ve used Phenibut several times over the past two weeks and, in addition to the sense of well-being, highly recommend giving it a try for these three reasons:

1. You’ll sleep like a baby (at higher doses)

The first day I tried Phenibut I took 1500 milligrams that morning (3 scoops), 500 milligrams 6 hours later, then another 500 milligrams in the afternoon for a total of 2500 milligrams in about a 12 hour period. That’s not a large dose but it’s not a small one either—especially for a first time user.

About 10 minutes after I took that last afternoon dose, I decided to lay down on my couch for a power nap before getting some work done. I didn’t feel overly drowsy or high, I just felt the need to lay down for a few minutes. I closed my eyes at 4:25pm….

…and didn’t wake up until 1:30am in the morning! Not only did I miss numerous calls and texts from my business partner, I missed a midnight rendezvous with a girl I’d been wanting to bang for a while.

I caught up on my work the next day and was able to reschedule my tryst so it wasn’t a total loss of a day, but I was clearly in over my skis as a virgin user. However, the sleep I got that afternoon and night was probably the best I’d slept in quite a while.

I don’t remember dreaming, tossing, or turning. I was in such a deep sleep I didn’t even hear my phone ringing and buzzing away. When I finally woke up I was so rested and refreshed I just stayed up and carried on with the rest of my day and was incredibly productive.

I certainly didn’t overdose but I probably took more than I should have my first time around. That said, anytime I need a good night’s sleep I take 1000 milligrams (2 scoops) about an hour before bed. Your individual results may vary but this stuff will definitely put you in an REM sleep like you’ve never experienced before.


2. Sex will feel better (At any dose)

Personally, Phenibut drastically heightens my sense of touch. I hadn’t realized this until after having sex with a girl one night when she said “your orgasm faces are more….crazy lately.” In other words, the intensity of my orgasms were increasing.

When I finally put two and two together and figured out that blowing my top felt better on day’s I’d taken it, I knew I was onto something. The fact is, Phenibut made my cock more sensitive and as a result, sex felt much better. I’m not a scientist nor will I pretend to be but the neurological effects of this compound probably explains the increased sensitivity on my skin.

According to Good Looking Loser, this compound can also be used by women (proof included) to greatly increase their sexual pleasure and give girls legitimately mind-blowing orgasms. Being the selfish mother fucker that I am, I haven’t shared my supply nor do I intend to any time soon and if you get the same feeling I got you probably won’t either.

3. You can stack it with Kratom

This is, by far and away, the biggest reason you should try Phenibut. Stacking it with Kratom not only dramatically increases the effect of the strain of Kratom you burn, it lasts a hell of a lot longer.

Phenibut takes anywhere between 1 and 4 hours to take effect depending on the person and the size and time of his last meal. Kratom, on the other hand, takes 20 minutes or less to take effect depending on the same factors. Putting the two together takes advantage of Phenibut’s longevity and Kratom’s euphoria.

For example, on days want to lift heavy I’ll stack about 2 grams of a faster Kratom strain like Hyper Hippo, or Kicker Hippo with 500 to 1000 milligrams of Phenibut. The result is a high level of energy and motivation that lasts through my workout and my subsequent bike ride. The Kratom usually starts to wear off right at the beginning of my ride but Phenibut extends the effect about 3-fold.

On days when I need to get a good night’s sleep I’ll stack 500 to 1000 milligrams of Phenibut with a slower Kratom Strain like Sleepy Hippo or Snuggie Hippo. The result is a deeper more restorative sleep that lasts through the night (I’d make sure you have at least 7 hours to dedicate to sleep before trying this combination).


Though I’m still tinkering with different combinations, doses, and timing it’s safe to say Phenibut will definitely become a fixture in my arsenal. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the Swiss army knife of nootropics because of its many utilities and capabilities of enhancing other compounds.

Be sure to start with low doses and work your way up. This guide is a good place to start if you’re starting from the ground up and what to know how to use it. Phenibut is strong stuff and you shouldn’t take it more than a couple days a week. And always remember to rotate your Kratom strains to keep your tolerance low and your pockets fat.

You can check out the compound that I’m talking about here –

Until next time, gents.

-Donovan Sharpe


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