A British woman has had a man convicted of assault after engaging in what appears to be consensually rough sex with him, after it got allegedly too rough for her tastes. Elizabeth Sandlin, 20, of Chester, had been having an ‘on-off’ relationship with Samuel John Price, 24, also of Chester.

For his trouble, Price was brought before the courts and sentenced to a 12-month community order with unpaid work for the assault.


If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen

Sandlin met Price and they ended up in bed together on Valentine’s Day after an exchange of text messages. The especially rough sex they had that night included sinking his teeth into her body and pulling her hair. She called the police after leaving his apartment in a taxi cab.

Price told police that Sandlin had been “moaning” and enjoying herself, and that he bit her on the bottom to turn her on.

The white knights of the Magistrates’ bench in Mold, North Wales sided with Sandlin, and convicted Price of common assault on the after being shown pictures of the bruising on Sandlin’s body. He was slapped with a £200 compensation order, court costs of £850 and 40 hours of unpaid work, or “community service.”

Western women have no honour


There would have been a time when a woman would, even had she felt, in a position like Sandlin’s, aggrieved at a bit of rough hanky-panky gone awry, never have entertained the notion of airing such laundry in public. Now, snowflakes like Sandlin, who attended a £11,700 a year private school, are ready to have the graphic detail of their sex lives  on the court record and in a national newspaper.

Price’s lawyer told the magistrates that, “Rough and playful sex was part of their relationship.” Sandlin knew what she had signed up for. On the night in question, Price being extremely drunk, things got out of hand.

Price was getting into it and even choked his cohort, after which she ran off to the bathroom coughing. But, surprisingly, she still went back to bed. What better way to send mixed signals about sex that is supposedly “too rough”?



Sandlin, had she even a dram of that commodity so rare in our present times—honour—would, before calling the police, have taken stock of the situation. Yes, Price might have gone over the top. But what had been the result? A couple of bruises. No more than she might have incurred in any of their other rough sessions.

She might have decided to write the incident off, perhaps never see Price again, but opt not to call the police on the basis of some remote empathy and willingness to see the big picture, that dictates that to leave a young man with a criminal record for life is something of a drastic and irreversible step.

But no, Sandlin had to invoke the get the police involved. Roosh Valizadeh has written that men are nothing more than clowns to the modern woman. It looks like Elizabeth Sandlin had the clown she wanted. Regular, casual sex on tap, and rough into the bargain. Just how much of a replaceable clown-for-hire Price was to her is given away by one small detail revealed—she stopped seeing him for six months when he broke his leg.

The evolving role of the state in policing sexual relations

In the end, the police in Elizabeth Sandlin’s case ended up as a surrogate for the customer service department of the fuck-clown factory.

Western women are drip fed on the idea of empowerment through casual, hypergamous sex with no personal, ethical, or medical consequences, or what we in the manosphere like to term the “Cock Carousel.” Different forms of Western female excess have informed many recent scandals.

At the milder end of the scale, washed out Tinder sluts are airing their dirty laundry and becoming indignant at the slightest criticism:

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At the more acute end of things, women are flying to Dubai and letting rich Arabs shit on them for money.

Although women are reassured time and time again that they should do what they fancy, that any attempt to rein in their sexuality is “slut shaming” and that notch count doesn’t matter, it all too often and too inevitably ends in tears. See Alana Massey’s early and brutal impact with the wall above, for instance.

It seems that most mechanisms intended to absolve women of responsibility for their actions, such affirmative consent, have heretofore only tended to hurt feelings in the wake of even the most unassuming of sexual encounters.

The case of Elizabeth Sandlin is quite different, and constitutes a worrying precedent. It now seems that women can follow 50 Shades of Grey to the letter, as they have been readily encouraged to do, but once it all goes tits-up, rather than manning up  and moving on, they now have the capacity to invoke the long arm of the law to come and clear up the mess afterwards.

Pretty soon, we may even have British police smashing down doors  and arresting a British man for failing to sufficiently satisfy his partner in the sack, with magistrates happily handing out prison time as punishment for the hapless sap’s deficiency in the line of duty.

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