You’re out a with sexy girl you’ve gamed into meeting up with you and so far everything is going according to plan. You’ve masterfully side-stepped her shit tests, gotten her comfortable with being touched by you, and your tongue has been in her mouth on more than one occasion. All signs are pointing to adding another trophy to your mantle.

But suddenly she goes completely cold on you. Even though she agreed to come back to your place earlier in the night, she starts back tracking. She’s become less touchy feely, she’s now playing with her phone, and before you know it she’s managed to weasel her way out of your clutches leaving you with nothing but blue balls and disappointment.

“What the fuck just happened?” You ask yourself. “Did I fail a covert shit test? Did she have a boyfriend and just needed me for validation?” Or worse…“Did my game fall off???”

…the fuck you mean you gotta go console your friend after a breakup?

The raw truth is that when a woman goes from being hot for you one minute, and cold the next, it’s because she’s lost the urge to fuck you for some reason or another. She’ll tell you, her friends, and herself “I just didn’t feel a connection” but men who possess a working knowledge of the true nature of women know better.

Her hamster, which is designed to absolve her from any and all slutty behavior with elaborate explanations and far-fetched rationalizations, will never allow her to say “I don’t want to fuck you anymore so I want to leave now.”

There is, however, a possible explanation you may not be aware of: You over gamed her.

Now you may be thinking: “There’s no such thing, Donovan. You can never have too much game.”

And you would be dead wrong.

Over gaming happens more than you think and I’ve been through it enough to know it can be a serious issue. Hell, sometimes it even happens before the meet up (more on that later).

A personal anecdote of over gaming: A girl a few weeks ago straight up told me “Okay, you’re hella fine but you are way too smooth” just a few minutes into the conversation after I opened her. I ended up fucking her a few days later but I should have been able to close the deal that night because I could see her arousal coming out of her pores.

But the fact that my game was razor sharp during that set actually prolonged the time it took me to get her between the sheets. Below are the most prevalent circumstances of over gaming, how they could cost you the poonani, and how to avoid them.

Overusing Asshole Game

Those in the know are well aware of the many benefits of asshole game. This is a go to strategy of many-a-pussy plunderer the world over because of its well documented effectiveness and overall success rate.

However, there are a few instances where ball busting, teasing, or negging too much can and will cost you the lay and it’s happened to me several times—especially in the fledgling stages of my slut slayer training.

Case in point: A few years back I was out with a pretty good looking 32-year-old mother of 2 (I know, I know…but we all gotta start somewhere, right?). It was obvious she was physically attracted to me (she actually approached me) but I teased and negged her so much during our date that by the end of the night she told me she didn’t want to see me again because I was “being a complete douche bag the whole time.”

She’d called me an asshole several times during the night but because I hadn’t quite mastered the art of reading context, verbal tone, and non verbal cues within the context of game I thought she was digging me so I kept pouring it on.

Sometimes less is more

My current level of game awareness makes me chuckle aloud at how clueless I was when I replay that night in my head. I had no idea that she wasn’t calling me an asshole in the way girls do when their vaginas are buzzing.

What that experience (and a few others) taught me was that asshole game is to be deployed under certain circumstances, at varying degrees, at certain times, with certain girls. A general rule of thumb is that the younger and hotter your target, the more asshole game is required to fuck her.

It’s also very important to know when to turn it off and on. Don’t get me wrong, a 21-year-old hottie will punish you if you don’t tease the shit out of her and put her in her place consistently throughout the set. But knowing when to transition from asshole to charmer and back again is paramount to closing the deal.

Hot girls want to know you’re not intimidated by their beauty, which is why asshole game is necessary in the first place. But they also need to be shown that you can charm their collective panties off and more importantly, that you’re adult enough to know when to turn the jerkboy faucet off. Hot young fillies are more attracted to older and more mature men than frat boys more often than not.

Learn when to turn on the charm

Knowing when, where, how, and to what degree to use asshole game is essential if you want to pull young, hot ass on the regular. Reading up on PUA manuals and sites like this will help to some extent. But no two girls are alike, which means they will all require different doses at different times.

The bottom line is that only real way to perfect your instincts in terms of asshole game application is trial and error. Always remember that too much of anything can yield bad results…especially this approach.

Taking Too Much

One night stands notwithstanding, another pillar of game that isn’t oft discussed is the concept of give and take. That is, how much you give your woman in the way of your time and attention, (and in very rare instances, your monetary resources), relative to what she gives to you.

Neomasculine men understand that in today’s sexual relationships, we must give markedly less to our women than they give to us lest we come off as looking needy:

V. Adhere to the golden ratio

Give your woman 2/3 of everything she gives you. For every three calls or texts, give her two back. Three declarations of love earn two in return. Three gifts; two nights out. Give her two displays of affection and stop until she has answered with three more. When she speaks, you reply with fewer words. When she emotes, you emote less. The idea behind the golden ratio is twofold — it establishes your greater value by making her chase you, and it demonstrates that you have the self-restraint to avoid getting swept up in her personal dramas. Refraining from reciprocating everything she does for you in equal measure instills in her the proper attitude of belief in your higher status. In her deepest loins it is what she truly wants.

-Chateau Heartiste’s 16 Commandments Of Poon

Similar to asshole game, taking too much with little to no reciprocation at all can backfire. This isn’t to say you should run out and start buying shit for your main chick. Shit, I don’t adhere to the “golden ratio” myself as I probably skew closer to a 3:1 and sometimes even a 4:1 ratio depending on the girl.

But women with options need a little more than just great sex to keep them around for a while. Hot girls need three things to keep them in line and interested: a) a carrot to chase, b) sparse rewards, and c) to not feel like a slut.


If your girl comes over and cleans up your place and cooks you a meal, show her a little more affection. If later on she gives you a toe-curling blowjob before you bang her brains out, cuddle with her for a little bit when you’re done.

Then after that, let her stick around for a while and maybe even allow her to spend the night and give her a little more of your time and attention.

Most high value girls won’t keep this up for long without anything in return

All of these small rewards motivate her to continue the behavior and, more importantly, reduces her chances of feeling like a slut. And because you’re not buying her flowers, jewelry, or spending every waking hour with her, she’ll be over the moon when you actually throw her a cookie every once in a while.

Wannabe PUAs who buy into the “all these bitches get is my dick” notion are kidding themselves and everyone around them. They think scoring one night stands with 5s and 6s is the pinnacle of playerdom and like to brag about “this bitch I fucked then I just got up and left” or  “I don’t give a fuck what she does I kick her the fuck out right after I nut.”

Don’t take advice from clowns like him

Any man who regularly sleeps with beautiful women knows that unless she’s a hooker, it doesn’t work this way—especially if you want to keep fucking her.

Girls in the upper aesthetic echelon are keenly aware of their value. They know they can get more for their looks so they rarely engage in one night stands or random hookups, at least not knowingly.

The occasional hottie may get duped into fucking a loser who happened to be in the right place at the right time with the stars aligned in his favor that night. But keeping pretty girls coming back for more is what separates the keyboard casanovas from the true players.

Neomasculine men know that all take and no give is as much a recipe for disaster as the opposite. I’ll reiterate that I am in no way suggesting you start doing more shit for your girl for no reason at all. She’s got to earn it first.

What I am saying is that your time and attention are your two most valuable currencies within the context of a sexual relationship. Withholding them from good looking girls who treat you well is over gaming and isn’t a realistic approach regardless of how many times you make her squirt.

You’re Unattainable

Believe it or not, there will be times when your sexual market value is actually ::gasp:: too high for some women…even good looking ones.

10 times out of 10 after you number close a girl, she’s going to jump on Facebook or Instagram to vet you. She’s checking your social media pages to make sure you are who you presented yourself to be (read: congruent). When she sees pictures of you with pretty girls, in various travel destinations, and your tricked out Jeep, she’ll know she’s dealing with a man in demand.

Now before you tell me I’m off my rocker, understand that your game must be rock solid, you must be in above average physical condition, and have a substantial amount female social proof for this to occur. High value women do not chase men who do not check off at least two of those three boxes.

That said, the last 5+ years have shown me that some women won’t respond to game because they think you’re too good for them—even if they’re interested in you. The past year alone girls I set up dates with are saying things like “I was afraid you were going to flake on me” or “I was surprised that you asked for my number” at an increasing rate.

Despite what they say, girls are intimidated by men like this…even 10s

Most of the time this is awesome. When a sexy chick places your value well above hers, getting her naked is like taking candy from a baby. There are a few times, however, this could slow or even impede your progress with her.

The fact of the matter is that 95% (maybe more) of females know they don’t bring much value to a man’s life outside of sex and arm candy—this includes 8s ,9s, and 10s.

Sure, they’ll go on and on about how they’re a “great catch,” post memes on their Facebook and Instagram feeds about how strong and multi-faceted they are, but deep down, they know the score. They know full well they don’t have much raison d’etre other than their sexual allure.

So when a high-value male shows interest in her and isn’t the least bit fazed by her looks, she is the one who is intimidated because her trump card has been trumped. This obviously works in your favor most of the time but every so often it can work against you.

“How the hell can having too much value work against you?”

Simple. When a girl has it in her mind that you’re out of her league she’ll think long and hard about flaking on you. Not because she doesn’t want to sleep with you, but because she doesn’t expect you to stick around after a few rolls in the hay, which makes her look and feel like a slut.

One girl I was fucking made sure she woke up before me to fix her makeup and hair so “I can be pretty for you all the time.” She knew that as long as I allowed her to stick around she had a puncher’s chance at getting a commitment from me. Regardless of SMV this is the way most women are when sleeping with a highvalue male.

“OMG I can’t believe he actually likes ME!!!”

Every so often you’ll find yourself confused as to why a pretty girl who makes herself available to you all time, makes you a priority, flirts with you hard, and rattles off rapid fire IOIs isn’t sleeping with you. She knows that while you’d fuck her in a New York minute, she also knows that you’re just too good for her and doesn’t want her her fragile ego ruptured.

The way to get around this is not to DLV. The solution is to make her feel comfortable around you. Isolate her and make personal conversation with her to loosen her up. Make her feel like you’re genuinely interested in her while giving her the impression that you won’t stop calling her after you discover her true vapidity and lack of domestic agency.

Of course, if she’s as useless as most American women you’ll end up kicking her to the curb after a few bangs anyway but your game never tips your hand until you break the news to her that she’s been benched or taken out of the starting lineup.

Take Away

Most women in this part of the world will reward you with sex for being a taker without giving much in return, being a complete dick most of the time, and being an extraordinarily high value male. I’d even go as far as to say that most of them prefer it that way.

There are also girls who won’t give you the time of day unless you’re an asshole through and through, don’t give them anything but your dick and kick them out after the dirty deed is done, and will throw themselves at you knowing full well you’d never entertain thoughts of committing to her. These women are out there but they are the exceptions.

To sum things up, use asshole game accordingly but don’t be a frat boy, take more than you give but maintain a ratio that keeps her motivated, and dial back your power level every so often when you sense a hottie knows she’s in over her skis with you.

Until next time, gents.

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