I am always curious why, in 2015, there are still game-skeptics out there—guys for whom the idea of learning a few basic principles in order to get better with women is an anathema. In part this is no doubt due to the extremely bad PR “game” has had over the years. But in the current climate, for most men game is not only desirable—it is essential.

 Roosh, in his essay on neomasulinity, posits game as an essential tool guys need to learn in order to navigate a world that appears increasingly hostile to the average man. This is absolutely the case. Without game, men are adrift, at the mercy of the vicissitudes of women and the vagaries of chance. With a solid grasp of game, and the discipline to implement it however, a man has the chance to take control of his destiny and to shape his life in a way that suits him.

One of the problems is that game has for too long been tarred with a brush dipped in black eyeliner and wrapped up in a feather boa by Mystery. But in 2015, game does not mean wearing a fuzzy hat, doing card tricks, or regurgitating scripted lines and “routines.” Rather, “game” is an umbrella term that refers to a holistic set of skills running the gamut of self-improvement from lifting weights to reading books to developing eye contact to becoming a great conversationalist. These skills will not only help you become better with women, but to become a better man in general.

 Below are five reasons why learning game today is not merely optional, but a requirement for men.

1. The Sexual Marketplace Is Getting Tougher


Social media and dating apps like the ubiquitous Tinder mean that women are deluged with sexual options on a minute-by-minute basis in a manner unequaled in all history. Whereas, say, in the eighteenth century, it would have been hard to pull the prettiest girl in the village because the local landowner had his eye on her, today the same girl only has to post a bikini shot on Instagram to get hundreds of “likes” from thirsty guys in seconds.

Make no mistake, cock is in good supply for women and you are competing in a practically limitless marketplace. If you want a regular sex life then you must acquire the necessary skills to ensure that you stand out and demonstrate enough value to be a contender.

2. Other Guys Around You Are Acquiring Mad Game Skills


Self-improvement—for which “game” is to a large degree a synonym—is no longer a niche pastime. Look around you and you will see plenty of guys who take care of their bodies, who have great style, and who have the confidence and charisma acquired through a great social or business network.

These men are maximizing themselves and, trust me, while doing so they are also getting laid. And these are guys who haven’t even necessarily learned techniques for getting women. Not only are you competing with them for a piece of the sexual pie, but you are also pitting your wits against the many, many others who have spent years studying and refining ways to attract girls. Not learning game puts you at a serious disadvantage in a field that is becoming more, not less skilled.

 3. Legislation Means That Men Without Game Are Increasingly Penalised



The Alpha Male—or the guy perceived as alpha, at least—tends to get away with a lot more and be forgiven by women because “that’s just the kind of guy he is.” Of course, I’m not advocating that you ever overstep the line, and no always means no, but Western societies are becoming ever more legislative over interactions that were once deemed purely personal.

In such a climate, the guy who is deemed socially inadequate or “creepy” will be censured, and may find himself on the wrong side of the law, either in a divorce court, or dealing with a harassment charge or worse. Failure to learn game, a large part of which is about developing social poise and calibration, could prove to be detrimental to your freedom and your life in very fundamental ways.

4. Game Will Make You More Effective In Other Areas Of Your Life


Game, when applied properly, requires discipline – and once you’ve gained discipline you will apply it in other areas of your life. For example, if you work in business, you will see that the rigour of consistently approaching girls is analogous to following up leads for your company. The more effective you become as a player, the more effective you will start to get in your work life as you will begin to utilize the same tools.

The other thing is, when you are approaching attractive women on a regular basis you will find it necessary and desirable to improve yourself in a myriad of ways, from getting a better body through lifting weights, to becoming better dressed and generally more interesting through acquiring opinions on the world and things to say. In this sense, an immersion in game will naturally help to lift your performance in other areas of your life.

5. Whatever You Are Looking For From Women, Game Will Help You Achieve It


Not everyone is looking to board the notch carousel by bedding hundreds of women, and endless sex for the sake of it is not to be advised if it comes at the detriment of other, more important areas of your life. But if you do want to gain experience with a range of women before deciding what you want, or if you simply want to get a girlfriend, the principles you need to learn are the same. That is, to say, game is not merely for those who want to waste their time immersed in hedonic, decadent pleasure – it is for anyone who wants to have some control over the course of his sex life and his relations with women, whatever character they may take.

Fortunately, Learning Game is Easy – Here’s Where To Start

Fortunately, game is not difficult to acquire if you are adaptable, have an open mind and are willing to apply a little discipline in instituting certain behaviours. If you are a beginner, or if you wish to brush up your skills, I have written a quick and easy guide to the rudiments of game called The Seven Laws of Seduction. The books breaks down everything you need to know into seven basic principles, or laws, which are easy to incorporate into your everyday life. To get hold of your copy, click here.

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