Human psychology is undoubtedly a real aspect of our existence. People respond to certain stimuli which can be observed, documented and perhaps even predicted to some extent.

However, I’m pleased to denounce seeing a shrink in the hope that it will expedite improvement in your life or alleviation of depression and anxiety. It is particularly useless to young men because chattering one on one with a person who analyzes you does nothing to improve your life. It does not urge you to act, only to sit and dwell on your thoughts. Every encounter or problem you have, will receive a designated label, it is as though someone is diagnosing you without a single solution being dished out.


When I was a teenager, I went through several futile months talking to a simpering beta shrink. It was very expensive, and was a complete waste of money. Baby boomer parents or relatives often think the best solution for a troubled young man is to instantaneously whisk him off to the nearest emo clinic. This is because in the modern age we are trained that everything has a consumerist solution. Here, take this pill, talk to the man (or usually the woman, even worse) pay them thousands of dollars for chatting you up.

When I told my psychologist that I felt nauseated by a fat, ugly young girl with zits, eating a stinky bowl of fatty food, he said to me “no, it is a kind of a diet people use,” obviously referencing Atkins, which was big at the time. After more appeasement, which is basically all they do, he said that everybody is different and unique in their own way. At the time, without reading up on the follies of modernity, it reeked of bullshit, and I instinctively knew it was an excuse for mediocrity.

Find a real solution

I use to hit the gym everyday as a teenager, to which my shrink referred to as “my safe space,” and said that “people who experience anxiety take up sports to deal with it.” Be that as it may, ask anyone here what they think about lifting weights and they’ll encourage you to continue and maybe even spot you when you bench press, which is the correct response.

There’s a Kleenex box on the table for blubbering women who were dumped by their husbands and boyfriends, or weren’t cared for properly by their fathers. The psychologist frames everything in his own academic language alongside constant comforting distractions from serious issues you must face as a man. It is no wonder many young men are dysfunctional nowadays, when this morbid, feminized charade, is what is offered to them as a solution.


In modern times, the shrink is the sought after high priest or the oracle that will cast someone to the pit of hell if he can summon an academic label, like an ancient incantation.


If you’re a young man and a family member or a friend ever advises you to see one of these emotional sponges, refuse assertively and laugh it off. Tell them with zero apology that your environment is toxic and you’re surrounded by neurotic zombies. Find masculine friends who will alter your mood, give you the right advice and provide genuine help. Take up writing and document your thoughts and encounters.

Know that there are ways of dealing with hard times, and that you should pursue them as soon as you can. Whenever you fix a problem in your personal life, whether it’s relationships with women, existential angst, problem with family or good friends, you can always fix it or at least give it your best shot.

Psychologists, and even worse, psychiatrists and their magic potions and crazy drugs offer you zero chance to improve as a man, to learn the mind of a woman and to seduce her, and most importantly, naught chance of happiness.

Psychoanalysis as preventive medicine or a solution to emotional problems for men is moronic, period. Unless one is in the habit of analyzing himself and others, and will use his therapist’s pitch to gain knowledge—as he tries to deconstruct his personality—it has zero benefits. It didn’t help Tony Soprano who only tried to bone Jennifer MILFy Melfi.

What are the causes?

An empty existence devoid of spirituality, not being able to navigate through our modern age successfully with relative ease, lack of fulfillment at work or so called friends who only make you feel lonelier—these are the real causes that make one feel deflated.

Meditation is a documented method throughout history of dealing with angst and the burden of acute egotitis. Letting go of the ego is an important tenet in many ancient philosophies, will help your game and life in general, and will allow you to learn more about yourself.

Places like ROK offer readers a chance to discover themselves, understand that they do not have “mommy issues” or any other detritus feminists and ugly women shove down their throats. They don’t need therapy and their money stolen from them. Au contraire, they are sane to the core.

All psychologists should be abandoned en masse, at least by men. That includes marriage counseling. If you have problems with your wife, game is the cure you are looking for.

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