With the worthy exception of touch (kino), eye contact is without doubt the dedicated poon-plunderer’s weapon of choice in his quest for vaginal Valhalla. It turns out that all that dating advice of yore – from magazines, problems pages, and so on – was correct in this particular way: strong, confident eye contact is exceptionally potent in producing pantie tsunamis in public places. Just not for the reasons that earlier proponents thought.

Eye contact, we were always told, demonstrates confidence. Chicks like confident men, therefore strong eye contact will get you laid (or at least a date) right? Partly. But the devil is in the detail, and and it is really the quality of your eye contact that makes all the difference. This isn’t about staring random girls down like a loon – your gaze must have attitude.

The  important thing about steady, sustained eye-contact is that communicates male-female polarity. To put it crudely, when you look at a woman, your eyes must tell her that you are thinking about fucking her and that you are not afraid to do so. Your eyes, in other words, must be a man’s eyes, not a pussified wimp’s.

Laser Eye Contact Works In the Day


The great thing about laser eye contact is that it works in all contexts—during so-called day game or night game.

In the daytime, you can use it on girls you encounter naturally, such as shop assistants and baristas. When she serves you, simply take care to ensure that you are consciously looking her directly in the eye for a little longer than is usual. Deliberateness is important—after all, you are trying to communicate, just non-verbally. If you can, you should smile lightly as well.

This can be harder than it sounds. If you’re unpracticed you’ll be spending so much energy concentrating on your eyes that there’s a danger you’ll end up looking like a grinning madman, but persevere. What you’ll find when you hit a sweet spot with this is that your gaze will genuinely communicate something that she picks up on—your desire for her—in a secret and therefore sexy way.

I used this technique once over several weeks with a girl in my local coffee shop. When I eventually got her number and took her out for a drink, we slept together quickly and easily. It was as if all the communication necessary had taken place already, and so the leap to sex was far less steep than it could have been.

…Or At Night



Laser eye contact works equally well at night too. Here, though, the technique is slightly different. Rather than concentrate on one individual girl you should aim to “get into the zone” so that you are hitting every girl you see with laser eyes.

Here’s how to go about this. If you are in a club, or busy bar, then you should walk around the venue a few times deliberately aiming your eyes at those of passing girls. Again, try to smile a little as you do so, but in a cocky, slightly dismissive way.

After a while you will start to get a few smiles back, and a little sustained eye contact, and your confidence will rise. This will mean that your eye contact will then become more bold, more invasive – and much more effective.

Basically the aim of this is to banish all timidity so that you end up looking at girls like the dashing high-value man that you are (or that you need to demonstrate that you are, anyway). Once you’ve warmed up you’ll find that eye contact becomes a devastatingly effective part of your game arsenal, akin to touch in its ability to sexualise a situation and create erotic tension between you and the girls you meet.

How To Practice Laser Eye Contact

A way to practice this is to go out and maintain eye contact with as many people as you can (men and women) without relinquishing it first. Very quickly you will become more confident, and you will find women gazing at you for longer, blushing, dropping their shopping bags and walking into walls and bus-stops.

A useful tip is to think sexual thoughts as you appraise each girl. Doing so will help to get you in the zone, focus your intent and help you communicate just the right degree of slightly outlaw sexuality.

If it takes time then don’t despair, just keep going. Some guys—myself included at the beginning—find eye contact difficult, but in reality it’s one of the easiest ways to start interacting with girls with very little chance of rejection. OK, she may look away, but trust me, no one’s going to come up to you in the street and complain because you looked at them for half a second too long.

It Makes Game And Closing Much Easier

When you become good with laser eye contact, you will find that in many cases it pretty much shorts out the need for tight verbal game. Why? because the sub-communication is already down. “I am a man and I want to fuck you.” Once this is established the chit-chat on top is secondary, an exercise in comfort-building. If you have this kind of vibe with a girl, then ask for her number or take her on an instant date, and chances are she’ll be amenable: eye-contact alone has done the heavy lifting for you.

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