When you are interacting with women, and in particular with a new woman who you’ve just met, you must think carefully, decide how much you are willing to put up with, and ensure that you are not being taken for a ride.

I would like to propose you adopt the “one strike” rule—that is, a rule that states you cut a new woman off immediately as soon as she makes a mistake or does something that pisses you off. Perhaps this seems unduly harsh, but I believe in today’s dating market there are good reasons for guys to adhere to it strictly.

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Men should not put up with flakey behaviour. It’s annoying, it can be emotionally bruising, but worst of all it’s time consuming. That thirty minutes you spent waiting for a girl to turn up for your first date would have been better spent reading a book, sending out invoices for your business, or working on other prospects.

The fact is that we are often blinded by women’s beauty to such an extent that we forget what our real priorities are—ourselves, our livelihoods, and our health. Woman should be there primarily as a form of entertainment: the dessert, rather than the main course.

A while ago I met a hot Moldovan girl on the subway in London. We got chatting and I elicited her phone number pretty easily. If you’ve ever met a girl from Moldova then you’ll know how hot they can be, and this one — I’ll call her Veronica — certainly didn’t disappoint. With long dark hair, a round, doll-like face and an intriguingly curvy body beneath her tight grey stretch-dress she was exactly my type, and an eight at least on my scale.

We went out for drinks. Using my now trademarked ‘date’ formula, I got her back to my place and all but naked pretty easily. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, she didn’t want to go the whole way that night and so I was unable to seal the deal. Actually, that was fine with me—I was tired, had work the next day and was more than happy to call it a night.


The other thing is that quite frequently girls of Russian or Moldovan extraction are less than willing to give up the goods so soon. But had I taken my own advice, I should have cut her off there and then. The issue was not so much that she had not slept with me—which was fine—but more that she had given me blue balls all night and kept me up late for no purpose.


The problem is that girls can be a narcotic if you’re not careful. Take one hit and you want to smoke the whole pipe, so to speak. Against my better judgement I agreed to meet Veronika for another drink. After hanging around for nearly twenty minutes it became apparent that she wasn’t going to turn up.

Sure enough, an hour later when I was back home I received a message from her asking if I was still out. Despite her extreme tardiness, she had actually expected me to still be there waiting for her.

I got taken for a sucker. It happens, even after many years in game. Unfortunately things sometimes don’t gel with a particular girl, or logistics don’t work out, or she’ll turn out to have been a time waster all along. It’s just the way things are. Of course, as soon as I received that last text message I deleted her phone number and never spoke to her again. The lesson is that I should have done it sooner after the blue balls incident in my room.

If a woman is difficult and unforthcoming at the beginning, then you can be sure as hell that things will only get worse as your interaction continues, whether it be over days, weeks or months. Save yourself the trouble and employ the one strike rule—ditch her early so you can work on other prospects.

Remember that one of the cornerstones of game is developing a sense of abundance. Ideally you will have other girls on the go who you can use as substitutes, but if you don’t, remember how many billions of women there are in the world apart from her.

Life is too short, and time too precious to hold on to a prospect that is clearly bad from the start when there are many other out there just waiting for you to approach them.

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