You’ve probably noticed—especially if you live in an urban setting in the United States or Northern Europe—the proliferation of short haircuts among young women.

That includes anything from the chin-length “bob,” to the so-called “pixie cut,” to the supremely repulsive Skrillex do—where a girl shaves one part of her head, while leaving the rest long, in the style of the famous electronica DJ, Skrillex.

One thing I’ve noticed is that there are some clear patterns in girls with short haircuts, versus girls with hair, say, to the mid-back and beyond.

They tend to (be):

More masculine and argumentative.

These girls are more likely cuss to more, challenge you on trifling details, and try to call the shots.

Willing to pay their own way or buy a round.

They may not mean it, but they’ll grope for their wallets and make a convincing “pump fake,” at least.


More interested in emasculated, effete men.

So, naturally, they feel threatened by a “manly” guy. They’ll dismiss a stronger, confident man as a “douchebag,” even before he opens his mouth. You’ll often see them paired-up longer-term with a bearded, vegan, NPR-listener type who doesn’t make a lot of waves.

Easier to get into bed.

In an effort to prove that they can be just like men, they often have sex quickly and with very few hang-ups.

Enjoy their sex on the rougher side.

Instinct takes over in a big way when the stretched out logical rubber-band in their brain finally gets to relax.

Of course there are exceptions and outliers—and these are based on my (still) unscientific sample. But, see for yourself: do you notice any differences in girls with short hair?


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