To me, an introvert is a man who is well versed in social dynamics and attracting women, but chooses to spend his free time alone reading books, learning, and lifting weights. He prefers having mini-relationships or a harem structure over one night stands.  He’ll have a small social circle and will meet women mostly during the day or online.

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The benefits of being an introvert:

  • more time to spend improving oneself, pursuing hobbies, and building a lifestyle
  • less work to maintain satisfaction in the realm of women
  • natural inward focus and need for time alone (natural aloofness)
  • can play the lone wolf angle exuding confidence and dominance
  • naturally mysterious
  • success/failures will be easier to analyze

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The costs of being an introvert:

  • a smaller social circle will mean fewer opportunities to meet women
  • easy to rationalize not approaching or not socializing
  • may fall into the trap of approaching solely online
  • many introverts will not spend their alone time productively (instead of learning a new language they will spend all day watching movies or focusing on something that will not benefit them, like video games)
  • easy to fall into laziness

A lot of introverted men feel they need to be someone they’re not in order to be successful with women. This isn’t at all the case. Here are four tips for introverts that will help them get laid:


1. Don’t feel the pressure to go out and fuck women just for the approval of friends. The ability to get pussy doesn’t define you. Don’t worry about if other people think you’re cool or social, a common problem with introverts.

2. When out and about, focus outwardly. Focus your energy on being friendly and approaching for two or three-hour stretches. As soon as you get home, recharge your batteries with alone-time.

3. Day game is your friend. Follow El Mech’s day game hack. Inconvenience yourself by taking short shopping trips, getting your coffee in a coffee shop, reading in a coffee shop, not listening to music or playing with your phone on the bus, and talking to people at the gym.

4. Don’t do activities inside your house. If you want to watch the game, get a few buddies together and go to a bar. Go to a pub for dinner every once in a while instead of cooking. Buy a book at the bookstore instead of shopping online.

The introvert must realize both his strengths and his weaknesses. He must maximize his strengths by focusing his alone time on his own pursuits. He must minimize his weaknesses by actively being social and putting himself in as many public situations to meet women. He must avoid the traps of laziness, routine, and most of all, he mustn’t rationalize not talking to women just because he self-identifies as an introvert. In short, be Bruce Wayne.

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