But it was summertime, when London is fired with a strange energy brought on by the heat that lasts well into the evening. I saw her walking alone down a pedestrian street. She was about twenty years old, with long, slim legs that were more than adequately showcased by the tiny miniskirt she wore.

Now, by this point in the night, a certain seduction fatigue had set in, and I debated internally whether or not I should bother approaching her. After all, as attractive as she was, the law of abundance states that there are millions of others just like her. But as I walked past, she flashed me a quick smile, a positive indicator that I simply couldn’t ignore.

I said hi and we started chatting. She was a French student visiting the capital for a couple of days. She had gone to a gay club and was disappointed. The gay friends she had been with had pulled, but there had been no available guys for her. So now she was looking for something to eat before going home to bed. I said we should go and grab a bite together.

There was nothing open in the immediate vicinity, so I suggested we try south of the river Thames, which was coincidentally in the direction of where I live. She agreed, and so we walked to the centre of Waterloo Bridge, which offers some of the most beautiful views of London. Here I pulled her towards me, and we kissed passionately.

“Let’s fuck first and eat later,” she said.

We walked over to the South Bank, and I hailed a cab. As we were being driven to my apartment, she said, “You’re lucky. I’m wearing brand-new Victora’s Secret underwear that I bought today.” As soon as we reached my place, her clothes came off, and I was able to inspect the new purchase for myself before a marathon sex session that lasted well into the night.



Now, granted, this story is somewhat anomalous. I had sex with Anna within thirty minutes of meeting her, which is unusual (although it happens more than you think). But it illustrates the opportunities that are out there if you believe in abundance and are willing to approach. It also shows the changes in fortune that are open to a man. Who cares about the nine girls you get shot down by when you’re fucking the tenth?

Skeptics will say that Anna made it easy for me, and that not a great deal of seduction was required. The truth of the matter is that you will naturally meet girls who, for whatever reason, are up for quick sex. The trick is identifying those girls, leading, and not fucking it up.

I was intuitively aware, given clues such as what she was wearing, the time of day, the location, and her smile that she was potentially open to sex. My job as a man was to leverage masculine-feminine polarity, quickly physically escalate (the kiss on the bridge), and lead her to a private location where sex could take place (my apartment).

It doesn’t take a genius to do these things; in fact, anyone could do it, but you need a degree of confidence, knowledge of female psychology, and social poise to pull it off correctly. Fortunately, anyone can acquire these things if they learn a few simple tools.

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