1. Pick the right girl

The reality is that some girls, depending on their life stage and circumstances, will have a greater desire or propensity to be fuck-buddies than others. Your task is to target the right ones.

In general, younger girls — those in their early twenties — are more carefree, less concerned about their biological clocks, and thus more inclined towards casual relationship. Also — and this is key —  girls who have just come out of relationships can be particularly keen. This is because, having just been through the emotional turmoil of a relationship, the last thing they want is to get into another one, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want sex.

Girls are horny creatures, and they love to fuck. You simply need to position yourself as the right guy at the right time.


2. Set the “fuck buddy” frame from the start

You must set the correct frame from the start — that is, you must NEVER position yourself as a potential boyfriend, and you must make it clear — covertly —  that this is all about sex and nothing more. What this means in practice is that if she tells you that she already has a boyfriend, you should say something like “I’m not looking to steal you away from him,” thus identifying yourself as a lover rather than a provider.

You must also escalate to sex on the first date, or at the very latest on the second. This is not about courtship and her assessing your suitability as a potential partner, but rather about quickly establishing a mutually-satisfying source of uncomplicated sex.



3. Don’t act like her boyfriend

How you behave the first few times you meet will determine how she views you, and in which box in her life she compartmentalizes you. If you steadfastly avoid doing the kinds of things a boyfriend would do — i.e. taking her for dinner, suggesting weekends away, cooking for her etc. — then she will soon see what the deal is.

You should quickly get to a position where you send her booty-call texts at short notice telling her to come over with no preamble. Don’t contact her too frequently in between meetings, keep text messages short and logistical, and don’t ask her whether or not she’s seeing other guys.

All of this is not to say that you can’t have fun with her too: I often take my FB for a few drinks to relax us, and chat to her about what’s going on in her life before going home to fuck, but there is a very clear covert understanding that the real purpose of our meeting is the sex rather than the socializing.

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4. Don’t break the fourth wall

Don’t be explicit about what’s going on. Women are masters of covert communication, and you should be too. Saying something like “isn’t it cool how we just meet up to fuck and there’s never going to be anything more between us” not only lacks class, but it also risks triggering her anti-slut defense hard-wiring.

Once the true nature of your association is externalized, it might just perish. Far better just to chill and say nothing: she knows what’s going on well enough anyway.



5. Exercise 100% discretion

The fact is that even in 2015 many young women are afraid to appear to be sluts in front of their friends by having sex with guys they barely know, or on a casual basis outside of a relationship. Therefore, you must demonstrate through your every action that you are a 100%  safe pair of hands who won’t blow her cover and will keep your relationship a secret.

Quash any desire you mighty have to brag to your friends about fucking her — particularly if you have acquaintances in common. If it gets back to her that you’ve been talking then the goose may just stop laying those golden eggs. Ask yourself what is more important to you – the validation you get from your friends or the sex itself.

I have an FB who works for the same organization as I do — we’ve been meeting for several months. In that time, I haven’t told a single one of my colleagues about the situation. We hardly speak or even look at one another at work. An outside observer would have no inkling that we even know one another.

What is even more interesting is that I don’t think she’s told anyone either (even though a close personal friend of hers also works there) which demonstrates the degree to which women will hide their secret sexual liaisons. This is how the “secret society” works — women have sex with those they regard as alpha sexworthy figures and literally no-one else is any the wiser.

Show that you too are a secret society member and that you understand this and you’ll be reap the rewards.

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6. Make sure the sex is good

It goes without saying, but if the main thing you are offering her is sex and you want her to keep coming back for more, then you must ensure that the sex is good, or at least better than may be available to her elsewhere. I don’t intend to go into a sex tutorial here as there are plenty of sources available online, but what I would say is make sure you’re in good physical shape — do compound weights in the gym and do some form of cardio — and then fuck her like it’s your last time each time you see her. That should keep her satisfied and hungry for more.

Another benefit of the FB arrangement is that you can explore more advanced sexual fantasies together such as threesomes, fetish clubs and so on. Do this: not only is it fun, but you will also keep her intrigued. Show that you are a man before whom she can reveal all of her deepest sexual desires and that you are non-judgmental and accommodating — this will pay rich dividends.

One other thing: although frowned upon by many, watching porn is the sex education that many of us never had. It can really help — just don’t get carried away and let it demotivate you in other areas.

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7. Accept that she may be fucking other guys, and that one day she will stop fucking you

Because you are not putting pressure on her about whether she is seeing other guys or not, then the fact is that she might well be — particularly in today’s fevered and hyper-sexual hook-up culture. Don’t ask, and don’t sweat it, and just make sure you always use condoms. In the end it doesn’t really matter if she’s banging other dudes or not you’re getting what you’re getting and that’s fine.

Finally, understand that FB relationships are not built to last: they are defined by their inherent obsolescence. This is just the nature of things: learn to accept it and to enjoy what you have for the moment. Don’t get emotionally attached — learn to compartmentalize. Some girls are keepers, or at least potential-keepers, while others are transitory companions. You are in a sweet spot so don’t sweat it.

This is not to say that an FB can’t be converted into a girlfriend of course, but unless you really like her then if you have a sense of abundance then this shouldn’t be necessary anyway.

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