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A “society loophole” exists which will help you unleash a woman’s pent-up sexual demand. Like most attempts at suppression, this one backfired and is tremendously beneficial for the guys who know how to get around it.

Using this loophole, I’ve been able to have sex with hundreds and hundreds of beautiful young women, often the very first night I met them, despite being technically obese (My BMI was about 32 when I developed this).


But, before we get into the meat of this I want to warn you… this is NOT for the faint of heart. Many men just cannot handle the TRUTH about a woman’s raw sexuality. They prefer to think of most girls as good girls and just a few as “sluts.” NOTHING could be further from the truth. The way a girl acts, what she is willing to do, and how quickly she wants to do it has ALMOST EVERYTHING to do with the male she is being seduced by… and almost NOTHING to do with her own preferences, rules or upbringing.

If the male defers to her preferences, society’s rules, or her upbringing then he gets no sexual attraction.

But, if he interacts with the woman as a sexual being with an almost unfulfillable sexual appetite, who loves the thrill and adventure of a smooth, powerful seduction ending off in intense orgasms then he gets what all the guys around her want but are too chickenshit to actually go for…

My name is Captain Jack and I achieved all of this by first examining the “mental model” of hot young women and working within that to break out of it and persuade them sexually. I called this body of work “Sexual Framing” and used it to have fast time frame sex with women all over the United States.

The nuts and bolts of sexual framing


Sexual Framing derives its power from a cultural phenomena which exists in nearly every society. When a girl is young, either through overt control or subtle manipulation, her parents, her teachers and almost all of society communicate to her that sex is wrong. 

However, her body tells her different. Her body CRAVES sex. Most women report, even before puberty, they would stare at males and imagine them rubbing them, groping, and fondling them. This is at an age when they often did not even know HOW sexual reproduction took place or what a penis WAS much less what it looked like or what was done with it.

Her body is more real and closer to her “reality circuits” than all the people telling her sex is wrong… but, she is FORCED to suppress the sexual energies. 

Why? Because as a child she knows intuitively that she depends on those same authority figures for her very survival.

Therefore, she suppresses those urges and does nothing to risk being ostracized from those she depends on. As she grows older and hits puberty her very real sex drive and her accepted truth battle viciously. And, they continue battling each other her whole life.


Pent-up sexual demand


So, the goal of the seducer is to create an interaction where all that pent-up sexuality gets unleashed directly at him. 

How you release that pent-up sexual demand is what “Sexual Framing” is all about. But, before you can unleash the flood you have to show her that you are non-judgmental. That you are NOT one of “them”—the suppressors. You have to show her that you ‘get it’, that you value it and that you think it is right. And, you’ll have to let her know that you never kiss and tell. 

Once you demonstrate that is NOT the case, the dam that is holding back years and years of pent-up sexual frustrations crumbles before your very eyes. This ‘loophole’ overrides her Template Male… the tall, dark, handsome and funny guy she says she wants as a boyfriend.

Because, once she feels that intense surge of sexual energy flowing through her body she’ll use the fact that you are NOT that guy as the very reasons her feelings MUST be real and true sexual feelings.

Example of sexual framing

There are six basic Sexual Frames I establish in nearly every interaction. They handled 90% of the “Dam” holding back her sexual desire. Here’s a quick example of three of those I’ve used on the way to MANY lays. It is called “Captain Jack’s Rings on Fingers” Routine:

CJ: I read in this magazine where two researchers said that what fingers you wear your rings on says a lot about your personality. 

Girl: Really? 

(If she has no rings on, I’ll ask: “What fingers do you normally wear rings on?” If she has rings on I’ll start off this way… )

CJ: Yeah, I don’t wear jewelry often but if I do wear a ring, it’s on this finger. That means I’m not judgmental. As long as someone isn’t hurting another person they should be able to do what they want. (This establishes the ‘Non-Judgmental Frame’ which sets me apart from the Sexual Suppressors.)

Girl: blah, blah (What she says is not terribly important… nod and listen, then deliver the next frame).

CJ: I see you are wearing one on this finger (touching ring)… that means you become aggressive when you see something you want… so if you’re sexually interested in a guy you become aggressive and let him know. I love that. 

I’m establishing the “Sexual Aggressor Frame.” Because I’ve already told her I’m not judgmental this tells her it is ok to become sexually aggressive. I notice a change in behavior after these two frames are set.

Girl: Blah, blah

CJ: You aren’t wearing a pinky ring. That has to do with ‘keeping secrets and being discrete.’ Since neither of us have one we’ll have to pinky swear if we do anything naughty. I never kiss and tell.

(This establishes the Discretion or “Keeps Secrets” Frame. Remember, being too sexual threatens her survival so she doesn’t care to have it blasted out in public.)

I’ve never experienced such intense fuck me eyes, sexual aggression and soaked panties as I have from using each sexual frame, in the right order, which systematically removes those society barriers. 

It unleashes that pent-up sexual demand and from that point, it is easy.

To learn more about Captain Jack’s Sexual Framing click here to download a free pdf report.

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