Over my years at DePaul University, I have began to open my eyes and realize the true extent of the cultural decadence resulting from a combination of inexorable cultural Marxism, shameless hedonism, and subjugated Catholicism. At DePaul University, red pill philosophy has been snuffed out and the feminists and cultural Marxists have won.

I am now stuck behind enemy lines, having to choose between fighting alone, or wearing a mask. As I wear this mask, I would like to give a current report of the state of affairs at my school.

Section 1: Witch-Hunts

Just like many other college campuses, we see numerous witch-hunts against anything that is deemed improper by our ever-so-snide feminist and Marxist culture. I never really realized the extent of the pseudo-victimization of women when I saw this DePaul security alert in my email one morning. It reads as follows:





WHEN: SEPTEMBER 8, 2014 1:00 A.M.


Let me point out the key aspects of this alert. First, let us note the classification of the crime: battery. Now the worst thing this individual did was commit bad night game, misread a situation, and gave an uncomfortable hug. Considering our own security force at DePaul released this report, I have to wonder what the implications are for me, and the fact that if some lady doesn’t explicitly consent to a hug, I open myself to being accused of battery.

But hey! At least on the bright side, I have not found anything on DePaul’s campus to date of a guy giving a girl a hug when she was drunk, and then the girl accusing him of battery the next morning. Feminists have such a distorted world view that they cannot tell the difference between these two pictures:



Section 2: Absolute Control

At DePaul, feminist ideology has taken over to such an extent that it demands absolute control of all male behavior. The most recent example I can think of comes from our own school newspaper, The DePaulia, where I ask myself every week if I accidentally picked up a copy of the onion.

One recent article I read on the article relates to Matt Forney’s recent article: “’Manspreading’ shows off the social retardation of millennial women.” DePaulia’s article, “Sit to yourself: ‘Manspreading’ irks on the CTA,” advocates for the same ridiculous idea that manspreading should be regulated by the public transit authority.

As a matter of fact, a quote that caused me to cry while laughing so hard in public came from a DePaul student named Laura Springman, who is a member of the DePaul Feminist Front. Springman was quoted as saying “ [manspreading] is part of a bigger problem of male entitlement, specifically in public spaces.” It got even worse when a white-knight male in the same club, Benjamen Shaffer, agreed by saying “I think some men think they deserve more space than other people. They are mistakenly under the impression that their comfort is more important than the needs of those around them.”


Oh the barbaric tyranny of the modern American man. This grotesque public display wants me to drop my econometrics major and study something that really helps the world: Feminist Geography!

Now, would I say this is technically ill-mannered? Yes, to the prudest of individuals. But let’s be honest, in a world where thousands of individuals die from starvation a day, this is the biggest concern for liberal, vegan, pretentious coffee shop American feminists?

It is even worse that everyone at The DePaulia is fine with reporting this petty garbage, but if you look at DePaulia’s page, you would notice the rhetoric has been 100% controlled by feminists and liberals for the longest of times, without any thought to finding an individual who disagrees with their opinions.

Section 3: The LBGTQA community

DePaul University is renowned for having one of the strongest if not the strongest LGBTQ community of any university in the United States of America. Now, not that I personally have anything against gay people, but the power of the groups at a PRIVATE CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY has gotten completely out of control.

One example of the absurdity that goes on at DePaul is their annual drag show. If you want your eyes to bleed, watch a clip of one here. At these drag shows, to my knowledge, transvestites conduct crude skits on stage in front of a audience in the main center of our Lincoln Park campus. This is plain vulgar, and just a disgrace to anyone who goes to DePaul. The administration should be ashamed of itself for letting people put on this event in public, especially when it is done with complete hypocrisy when it comes to their history of repeated attacks on republicans at DePaul.

If the LGBTQA communities needed to do this event, it could have been done in a private place where young children, and normal human beings did not have to be exposed to this smut. I remember when DePaul’s feminists and liberal activists held an event called Vagina Monologues, to discuss issues of sexual assault. Two word can describe their behavior: vulgar, and tactless.


Did anyone ever think of what parents/small children would think if they walked into our student center where they see people like this lap dancing with two other transvestites in leather chaps? And DePaul wonders why we have one of the highest STD rates in the country……

Section 4: Irrational consequences

Recently at DePaul there has been a lot of demonization against male athletes resulting from the supposed easy treatment given to Cleveland Melvin, one of our former basketball players who supposedly raped multiple women. I don’t know enough about the case to comment; however, his actions resulted in the demonization of other athletes I personally witnessed.

Rebounding off this, one entrepreneur at DePaul University named Randy Vollrath started a movement called “Consent the D,” which is a play off one of our old basketball shirts which read: “fear the D.” The shirts sold on threadmeup for $15 a shirt, and half of the proceeds went to shelters for women suffering from sexual violence. I have met Randy a few times in my life, and I have a gut feeling this is a good person, so I want to give him a much needed defense.


When life gives you lemons at DePaul, you have to consult with the feminists and administration to make lemonade

So to get this movement going, the first thing Mr. Vollrath did was go to the feminist groups, pitching his idea, which he thought was going to be an immediate sell. WRONG. As a matter of fact, THE FEMINISTS GROUPS TRIED TO STOP THE MOVEMENT, using various outlets such as their beloved DePaulia. Take a look at some of the quotes from the DePaul Feminist Front in our newspaper, the article being found here.

He clearly wasn’t educated on the issue, and because he was male, it was automatically more praised because of his gender.—Adina Babaian, DePaul Feminist Front (Note to self—Jealous feminist who is mad that she didn’t think of it herself)

Here is another excerpt from another article here.

The movement left out a specific group of people who are often victims of sexual assault – the LGBTQ community… (Consent the D) limits the definition of sex in general to that which involves a penis, and this is, indeed, heteronormative, Honestly, the original DePaul Slogan for ‘Fear the D’ might be more on point’ – Allison McCracken, a professor of American Studies at DePaul

Let me take a brief minute to address this. One, lesbians and gay men can be raped by a penis, so it does include them. Two, this had nothing to do with the limitation of the definition sex, but was bringing up the issue of rape. The bullshit feminist terminology such as heteronormativity has one of two places to live: in the mind of a Starbucks barista, or a propped up gender studies program in the most pretentious of ad hominem academic slime.

If you look at her CV, this professor has worked at universities all of her life, with her most famous class being “sex in the US.” I am partially disgusted at myself for paying tuition that helps pay for her job. Without heteronormativity, humanity would not survive. It’s mathematically impossible. But I forgot, Allison probably didn’t take one mathematics course throughout all of college.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 9.17.26 PM

If you were to tell me feminists would be against a charitable movement donating to women’s shelters, I would have laughed in your face until a few months ago. Now I truly know anything is possible at the height of irrationality. If these incompetent hippies for one second decided to think and get behind Randy instead of trying to inhibit him, more money could have been raised for women suffering from sexual violence, but liberalism is always centered around three things: hugging trees, not contributing to society, and then complaining about how bad the people that actually do contribute to society, hypocritically looking at their iPhones that they bought with their daddy’s money.


As I was writing this article, I just found out that one of the Palestinian groups is hosting a terrorist that bombed a supermarket full of women and children in Israel. This goes on because DePaul’s administration is in a state of abjection due to their fanciful politically correct mindset, which is just a leftist tool for silencing opposition.

DePaul has backed down to the subcultures of feminism, liberalism, the LGBTQ community, and extreme Islamism, and as a result they have taken over. Therefore, the rest of us normal human beings suffer. I am personally ashamed of my school, and have been persecuted for my beliefs. St. Vincent is rolling in his grave for the events that go on at DePaul University on a daily basis.

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