What do you do if you work for a multi-national and you get sent to India on a work assignment? Do you just forget about game entirely and be celibate the whole time? Or rather do you work through whatever external difficulties may exist in India?

Below I’ll be sharing a few logistics and experiences of how to game Indian girls in India. But first, let me share briefly a few words about the psychological make-up of most Indian women that I have understood from direct experience so far.

Psychological Make Up And Attitude Of Average Indian Woman

All Indian girls have a massive ego and huge attitude, as Matt Forney already covered for the Americanized versions. Why is this, even though most of them are fat and ugly, you ask? Because there are 30 million more men in India than there are women. It’s literally a massive fucking sausage fest. When I’m out in the nightlife districts, I generally see on average one girl walking with three to four men with her. I

t’s absolutely shameless how pathetic a lot of Indian men are because they’ve been trained from birth by their mothers to worship women and consider women as goddesses. All the feminist propaganda you hear about in India is nothing but a bunch of bullshit.

But this is where “foreigner game” can come into play. A lot of Indian women are sick of Indian men, and the fact that you are a foreigner makes you automatically exotic in their eyes, especially if you’re a white foreigner from America or Europe. Remember, it’s every Indian girl’s dark fantasy to be sexually dominated by a white guy.


Types Of Indian Women To Approach

This part is vital. You’ll only want to approach young Indian women who are dressed very fashionably, because this signals the possibility that they are “modern” and aren’t stuck in an 18th century mindset. Otherwise if you approach women dressed in churidars (the colorful loose pants) or even worse, sarees, you’ll be wasting your time.

A Word About Indian Men

While I’ve met a lot of very polite, educated, and intelligent Indian men, the fact remains is that the majority of Indian men are massive cockblocks and have a tremendous “little man syndrome” towards foreign, non-Indian men. You can never truly trust them. Therefore, forget about having an Indian wingman unless you meet one of the extremely rare Indian men who are true alphas.

Street Game

I myself was shocked and pleasantly surprised to discover that street game works in India, although only in larger cities like Mumbai or Delhi. It works best if you’re a white male. Street game works best if you act like a helpless lost tourist and ask a girl for help finding the Metro station or a taxi. Then you very casually tell her “Thanks for your help, let me get your number so that if there’s any problem I can call you for help” and hand her your phone with the Add Contact screen already open.

This method works generally 40 to 50 percent of the time, and depends heavily on your vibes. You have to actually act like a lost tourist because if she thinks you are approaching her with the intention of seducing her it lessens the impact.

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Social Circle Game

This is probably the easiest and best method to meet upper-class Indian women. The rate of success with social circle game is far higher than street game also. India is still very much a socially stratified country and the only Indian women that will even be open to dating western men are upper class, educated, and rich. And you can generally only access those women through their social circles. Become a good social networker and learn how to build good connections and friendships with the upper class elements of Indian society.

Online Dating Sites

Using online dating sites like OKCupid and POF works wonders in India because you’ll find Indian women who are generally open to the concept of dating and especially dating western men. It’s hilarious to go through Tinder and just mass right swipe Indian women and see
who bites.

Western Women Living or Visiting India

After dealing with a few Indian girls, you may have a newfound appreciation for western women. Yes, western women play games but they are very easy to game as compared to the psychologically complex Indian women. In places like Goa or the tourist district of large cities you’ll find plenty of western women who you can meet. I personally have not chosen this option, though, because I see the conquering of Indian women as a challenge.


Pace, Speed, and Setting of Gaming Indian Women

With Indian women things move much more slowly, like everything else in India. While there are rare girls who are actually free-spirited and will have one night stands, the vast majority of Indian women are very sexually repressed. It’s less about trying to seduce them and more about trying to create an intense emotional connection with them, after which you can gradually turn up the intensity

Basically it’s much more psychological than physical, and while that sucks, it also presents many interesting opportunities to learn how to deal with very complex female psychological mindsets. By constantly remembering the maxim “Game is just trolling women,” I’m able to tolerate this. You also can never show any kind of emotional attachment or dependence with Indian women unless you are consciously running beta-male game on them, which will be effective because she’ll be able to sense your emotional detachment from her.

The trap that most Indian women will try to snare you in is to get you even slightly emotionally attached to them and believe me, Indian women are masters at this. If you can pass that shit test, then seducing her and having sex with her will be relatively easy by comparison.

I found an Indian alpha mentor, probably the only Indian male I’ve ever met in my life who I would describe as “alpha” and he told me “As soon as an Indian woman realizes she can’t have you, she will chase after you like a crazy person.” I’ll try to break down an overall chronological strategy for gaming Indian women below, based on these points:

1. Get her number, and chat with her through text or WhatsApp

2. Work on building a low level intensity emotional connection during the next week

3. Ask her to meet you and then stand her up an hour before, saying something like “Work came up” or something like that. Do this at least 3 times, flaking on her.

4. Finally make a meeting with her, something very casual like walk around her college campus or some nature park, just chatting casually and building rapport

5. Now keep texting her and build a medium level intensity emotional connection, and start adding in light sexual remarks

6. Make another date with her and build up the emotional connection to a high intensity level. Unfortunately all you’ll be able to do is kiss her. Lame, I know.

7. Now that she is emotionally dependent on you, you threaten to cut it off with her. At this point, if you’ve primed her enough, you’ll be able to have sex with her (or take her virginity away). Now you’ve got her in your harem and if you’ve been using this same strategy on multiple Indian women simultaneously it won’t take a lot of time to have a harem of five or more in your rotation.


Concluding Words

So why would anyone want to go to this much trouble just to have sex with Indian women? As I said before, if you’re stuck in India, there’s not a whole lot else you can do besides treat this as a pastime or recreational activity.

Now if you’re a nice guy, you might say “Well that’s cruel! Making some poor Indian girl emotionally dependent on you and then taking her virginity away.” Don’t be fooled, gentlemen. Indian women are not the innocent little angels they present themselves to be. I used to think white women were bad, but now I think white women are angels compared to Indian women.

Ultimately, the first rule is to never make the mistake of ending up in India. The second rule is that if you do make the mistake of ending up in India, try to remain positive and not get dragged down by the negativity of the country. And the third rule is to spend your free time gaming Indian women because it is a fun way to pass the time.

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