The above is an excellent sketch of how guys talk tough about their significant others but are actually scared shitless of them. Seven years ago I wrote how relationships destroy men:

1. Trick a guy into dating you by hiding your flaws and emotional instability.

2. For the first couple of months, indulge his desire to treat you like a slut in bed. Casually mention that you heard good things about anal sex.

3. Make him commit (a certainty if you flawlessly executed steps 1 and 2).

4. Remind him how much you hate his friends, how he is too good for them, and how they are holding him down.

5. Lower his self-esteem through sex withholding (start with oral) and subtle jabs at his masculinity.


The result: He is forced to spend more time with you, putting his game out of practice. Not sure of his ability to get a new girl, his confidence goes down. He goes out less. His life now revolves around you. You start picking out his clothes. Your suggestion to move in together or get married now makes sense because he thinks he can’t get another girl. You’re his new mother. Destruction complete. Once you own him, start complaining endlessly to your girlfriends about the weak man you helped create.

Getting into a relationship is no reason to forget the skills and attitude that got you the girl in the first place. The choice is yours: keep your game sharp or end up whipped.


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