Men often wonder how they can create attraction in women—indeed, it is probably one of the most talked-about topics in game. This is why newbies set so much store on openers. They believe that if they can just come up with that perfect line, that clever gambit, then the girl will be so attracted that she will instantly fall into bed with him.

Unfortunately, what you will learn after a period of time in the field is that just as words are cheap, so is attraction.

A friend of mine recently told me about how attracted this girl he had been working on had gotten to him at a party. She had made all the right signs — playing with her hair, following him around, making “anime eyes” and so on.

“Did you bang her?” I asked.

“No – I had to leave early.”

“So have you spoken to her since?”

His brow furrowed a little. He was troubled.

“No. Funny thing is, she hasn’t replied to the text I sent her yesterday yet.”

Of course, it goes without saying he’s still waiting for her response — it’s highly unlikely he’ll ever see her again.

Guys, the fact is, just as we get turned on by multiple women on any given day, so girls are also attracted to a multitude of guys. Now, it may not be an equal number –due to their higher levels of testosterone, men tend to be more horny on average. But the principle remains. She may well have been attracted to you in that moment, but unless you capitalize on this and escalate, the chances are her mind will be on some other dude later on that same day.

Game is a binary proposition

In essence, game is a binary proposition. You either get the girl (that is, sleep with her) or you don’t. There is no middle ground. Or, actually there is, but no-one wants to be there—it’s called the friendzone.

We must also contend with the fact that  girls have so many more opportunities today with Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, and Snapchat orbiters circling them like flies. This means that even if you seemed like a sexworthy prospect in the coffee shop at lunchtime, she could well be imbibing the manly elixir of someone else that same night.

Men looking to maximize their opportunities with women today must therefore work fast and be efficient. As soon as you see a sign of attraction (or an indicator of interest, as they are also known), then you must escalate. How you do this will depend on the situation. If the IOI is from a cute shop assistant, then ask for her number. If it’s from a girl in a busy nightclub, then approach, chat, then move close and kiss her. After you’ve kissed her, then game her some more until she’s ready to go home with you.  If she refuses your advance then smile politely and move on to the next prospect.

Remember: nothing is certain until you have had sex (and even then her true feelings about the situation may not be obvious, but that is for another post). That is why you must always push for tangible outcomes, either positive or negative.



Coffee shop flake

As an example, take something that happened to me recently. I was getting really strong signals from a girl who works in my local coffee shop—exceptional eye contact, her blushing whenever I came in, flirty chat and so on. I asked for her number which she gave me willingly and we messaged back and forth for a while.

Text game is a big subject but generally I tend to use it primarily for setting up dates rather than for pumping female state. While the latter can certainly be effective, it is risky. Get it wrong and you can put the girl off for good. In this case I ran my usual text game and tried to organize a meet. It was over Christmas and the festivities got in the way a little, but I sensed that she was being somewhat evasive. Finally, the trail died altogether and she stopped responding. Why? I think we can probably guess, but really, who knows? It’s unimportant anyway.

Here was a girl who had shown every indication of being into me, and yet nothing tangible came of it.

Fortunately, because of my experience in these matters, I wasn’t disappointed. I hadn’t been at all excited when she gave me the number. I simply put her in the pipeline and gamed her like all the other girls I’m currently working on. When she went quiet I simply forgot about her.

I kept her number though. I may send her a ping test in a couple of weeks to see if the situation has changed on her side. Or maybe not. No big deal. For newbies who encounter this, though, I would advise you delete the contact details of girls who behave in this manner. The worst thing you can possibly do is get oneitus for some girl who has artificially increased her value by appearing unattainable.

Beat the market

Game is very much like playing the financial markets. You must never hold onto a failing position for too long. You must also insulate yourself from loss by having many other options open. I have no doubt I will get flamed by those who believe that approaching a lot of women “artificially increases the price of pussy,” but I would argue that since it is sky high anyway this makes little sense.

The only real way to beat the market is through abundance—and you achieve that by hard work on many different prospects out in the field.

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