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Colt Williams here, with more on upping your success meeting women off your smartphone. Today’s article coincides with us opening up the cart for my girl-getting Tinder system, which I invite you to learn more about here.

In my last article on Return of Kings, I talked about things you can do to make your Tinder pictures really pop, and get a ton more matches with the women of Tinder.


In today’s article, we’ll discuss what you do once you get those matches – and help you avoid making some of the “shoot-yourself-in-the-foot” mistakes I see lots of men make without realizing it.

Nix the Lame Tinder Openers

The first thing every guy does when he gets on Tinder is to crack his knuckles, put his thinking cap on, and come up with the cleverest, most creative Tinder opener he can possibly think of.

One choice example: “It’s going down, I’m yelling Tinder.”

Funny, right?

It’s cute. Creative. Pretty darn clever.

And if she’s reasonably attractive, she’s getting a dozen or so new matches every day opening her with this same exact line.

Excellent way to come off like a cardboard cutout instead of a man.


This isn’t the only example – far from it. In fact, anything that springs to mind too quickly you should probably be suspicious of, unless you’re already extremely experienced opening women on dating apps or online.

Even if you’re a pro at opening in the real world, don’t assume that means that your openers will still be original on Tinder. You get a certain amount of leeway in real life because most men simply don’t have the steel to walk up and say hello.

On Tinder, the slack women are willing to cut is far less, because they get so many approaches that most “clever” things have already been thought of and presented to them by dozens of men before they even match with you.

Some examples of overused openers men have already run into the ground:


This is where you match with her and give her the quick summary of your life, hoping to seem impressive enough. “Hey, so cool to meet you! I really like playing pool too! Actually, I learned how to play it in college, where I knew a semi-professional billiards player named Aldus Jack, maybe you’ve heard of him…”

Once she’s read two or three such essays and/or confessionals from men, she’ll never read them from anyone else, no matter HOW good his credentials. Just too boring, off-putting, or try-hard.


Want to get into her good graces? What could work better than flattery… right? Only, when you’re the fourth guy today to tell her that she looks amazing in that purple top, her reaction isn’t, “Oh wow, thanks! We should totally meet up…” but rather, “Another admirer. Thanks, I guess.”


Women do like men who are into them – but only if these men are at least somewhat a challenge. Offering yourself on a silver platter takes all the fun and excitement out – so don’t run around using compliments as openers (exception: if you’re skilled at using unique compliments that most folks will never notice or think of. Then it can be okay, and even good).

Dick Pic

Who does this, right? The only one I can figure is men who are just so clueless about women they assume that, well, if a girl sent me a shot of her naked chest I’d go ape, so let me just send her a snap of Long John Silver and watch her go monkey balls on her phone over there…

There are precisely two (2) heterosexual women in the world who want to receive penis pictures from men they’ve matched with on Tinder. Both are fat and disgusting. All the rest of the other millions of women on the app are looking to be attracted the normal way – you know, just like how you don’t walk up to women on the bus and whip out your cock there before you ask them out there, either (I’m assuming).


Steer clear of these blunders and you’re off to a good start.

Now let’s talk what to say…

Kicking Off a Tinder Conversation

Those are the major “what not to do”s. What should you do?

My opening philosophy on Tinder is summed up with two (2) simple mandates:

1. You must be cool, and

2. You must be different

If you’re NOT cool in how you open, she obviously won’t want to talk to you. Who wants to talk to someone boring, weird, or uninspiring?

That one kind of goes without saying.

But out other rule – you must be different – this is the big stumbling block for lots and lots of guys.


Remember, if you write her something she’s heard a hundred times already:

  • “How’s it going?”
  • “Hey Casey, I’m Phil, nice to meet you…”
  • “Hey, so what’s the deal with that broach you have on?”
  • “Damn girl, you look fine in that pink dress!”

… no matter how unique that might’ve been the first time she heard it, by time #96 it’s just going to zoom right past her and not even register.

If you want to get on her radar – if you want her to blink her eyes and notice you – you have to use something she hasn’t already heard a hundred times on Tinder.

In my free webinar on succeeding with women off Tinder, I share with you one of the most effective, unconventional openers I’ve discovered on Tinder – one that’s both really cool and sufficiently different that she won’t have heard it before, and is yanked to attention.

To view the webinar – and learn a bunch more about my tirelessly-field-tested (500 hours on Tinder and with Tinder girls in 2014) approach to getting women off their smartphones and into bed – visit the Laid on Tinder site and press “play”:

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Carpe diem,
Colt Williams

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