A lot of writers in the manosphere often write about game from an efficiency perspective—rack up numbers quickly and with minimal effort. This has value, but it’s important to remember after you’ve smashed a number of women, it’s entirely possible you’ll crave quality instead of quantity. Long game often doesn’t get mentioned – the process of working on a higher quality girl over a few dates.

Now, we all know by now women for the most part are delusional about their own sexuality and how they have to justify to themselves they might actually like sex. When working on a girl over a few dates, you have to be aware of progress. Are you getting more physical with each date? Does she seem more engaged? And so on.

It’s entirely possible (and frankly, probable) she’s already fucking someone else or at the very least, dating someone else, like you. You need to put this to the back of your mind. Why? Because you are simply playing your role in the fiasco of modern dating, to get what you ultimately want: pussy.

An important line a girl said to me once which has been central to the refinement of my game was “there must always be hope of more for a woman.” Men have a bad habit of reducing the process to its most ruthlessly efficient basics; this may work against you at times, where despite the presence of sluttier women in the west, you must always to some extent conceal your intentions. Try directly propositioning a girl for sex on a dating site as your first message and see what reactions you get.


To be successful as a man, you have to understand female sexuality. Women generally won’t get wet from the same stimuli as men – they enjoy the process more and building intimacy or attraction up to a grand release. Even if a woman knows deep down what kind of guy a man is (for example, a “player” as they like to say), if she wants to fuck him, she’ll still give him the opportunity to do so by placing herself in situations where in reality, all he has to do is play his role.

Be patient, go through the dating time and slowly begin to increase the likelihood for sex by building up to suggesting a situation where sex could clearly occur, like her coming to your place for dinner or another isolating arrangement.

Any attractive woman has been through the mating game before. It’s the nature of women to crave a relationship, because they batter this idea into each other. Peer pressure and acceptance is everything for a lot of people, and most definitely more so with women. As such, they’ll continue to go through the dating wringer, as long as you give them some hope of more.

To get what you want, all you’ve got to do is play the part you’re expected to play, be patient, and escalate.

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