Here’s an email from an older guy that should give you young ones a nice kick in the ass:

So, one key factor in success with women is developing demonstrable value in young men as quicly as possible–the kind of value that triggers response in young women. And not just money and superficial success. I’m talking about things that appeal to girls so-called “deep” intuitive senses and emotional inner being. The kind of valued accomplishment that flips the fuck-me switch.

As an older gentleman myself, I think it’s much easier to build impressive accomplisments when you’re younger than when you’re older. Older men are expected to have more and have achieved more than younger men. The to differentiate yourself  when you’re 30-something or 40-something is more difficult.

I teach my own son this lesson – the younger you are, the more impressive the same accomplishment.

For example, I urged my kids to write and publish a book while still in their teens. It didn’t matter how good the book was, just the accomplishment of having done it at such an early age would immediately set them apart from their peers.


Publishing my first book in my 30’s isn’t nearly as impressive, although it still sets me apart from men who have never authored a book. Besdies, women dig a man who’s good with words. Funny thing is that none of the women I’ve shared this accomplishment with have asked to read my book. I think that would be too much work for many of them. lol

However, on the flip side, men of my age who hit up the same women and bore those women to tears with the same old work, career, and financial success stories don’t get very far. I believe it’s because these men have demonstrated nothing out of the ordinary for their age. Neither have they demonstrated anything of particular interest. I pity that man that tells a woman who or what he is in a single word or phrase: “I’m a doctor,” “I’m a layer,” “I run xyz company”, etc. BFD!

I might just put together a list of things young men should accomplish that will quickly build inherent value in a 20 year old.

You don’t have to outrun a bear to survive, you just have to run faster than the other guy.

So what’s the best way to show value if you’re an older guy?


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