Two years after graduating from college, I cut the umbilical cord from my corporate job and started my own business. Little did I realize how my blue-pill, beta way of life was soon going to transition into a new dimension

Prior to starting my own business, I was fearful of rejection. When going out during college, I would sit at the corner of the bar while all my friends were out approaching earning digits, hook ups, and one night stands. To me the fear of rejection overshadowed the potential for reward that could have been had if I just mustered up the courage to approach. Not only was I fearful of rejection, but I would get jealous of all my friends who had the right game and attitude required to consistently close.

Business taught me the resilience needed to overcome that fear. The rejections I have experienced in business and still experience to this day are more intense and personal than any woman’s rejection at a club or bar.

The constant struggles I encountered on my start-up enabled me to not give a fuck when it came to cold approaching at night. Through my business, I developed two key traits instrumental to strong game: Not fearing rejection, and a strong frame.

As I mentioned earlier, the hundreds of cold approaches I performed and continue to perform with clients regarding my business has enabled me to not fear rejection when approaching a group of women. I have gotten to the point that when I do face rejection, I smile, walk away, and move onto my next target. Getting over this fear has improved my game tremendously.

Some nights, I’ve gotten shot down by a few women, then on my last approach, I end up finding a woman receptive to my game leading to a notch. In the past, after the first rejection, I would have just called it a night and left. But starting my own business has enabled me and will help anyone else new to game and dealing with the initial fear.

As an entrepreneur, you have to be resilient, tough, and have a strong frame of mind. Once you’re at the stage of hiring employees, you realize how you are responsible for all your employees and their livelihoods. At that point, certain blue pill and beta patterns—indecisiveness, loneliness, depression, negative thinking, etc. slowly began to dissipate. You begin to realize that other people look to you to lead them, and your character is not only a reflection upon yourself, but also that business you’ve worked hard to develop and grow. Taking the red pill is not something that happens overnight.


One becomes more red pill and alpha through the experiences and challenges that cultivate him into a high value man that is respected by both his peers and women. Starting my own business has improved my self-esteem and the way I perceive myself. Once you convince yourself that you have become the man that you seek to be, your frame automatically improves.

That same frame you maintain with your employees, clients, and colleagues—confidence, certainty in your decisions, and a positive outlook are the same characteristics you need to approach, escalate, and close the deal. Like in business, with game, you are the product or service you are looking to sell, and the methods by which you convey yourself and the frame with which you sell will impact your likelihood for success.

At first, I was ambivalent towards learning game, and hated having to go out and make approaches to get a girl to like me. Ever since starting my own business, I look at game as a tactic that not only enhances my personal life, but my professional life as well. Game has complemented my business career and will continue to do so—the more work I put in, the better I get. Business has in turn complemented my game by providing me with the strong frame needed to succeed in life.

So gentlemen, as we approach the new year I advise anyone who is looking to launch that new idea or product to go into 2015 with the tenacity required to do so. The life experiences you learn and character you develop in the process can be more beneficial than you could imagine!


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