Have you ever thought about what would happen if our worst nightmare came true? Have you ever wondered how our world would look like if men and the few feminine women who are still out there lost the battle against the man-hating feminists that are becoming more and more powerful?

Please don’t fool yourself by saying that this is an unrealistic scenario. The truth is that we are already heading for such a future.

We already live in world in which writers of Return of Kings receive death threats from angry feminists who totally overreacted because of a funny article. We already live in a world in which dating coaches get banned from countries because of some videos and Tinder messages. We already live in a world in which everybody applauds when women say that men are useless idiots, even though you would get stoned if you would say the same about women.

The Traditional Family Falls Apart

Do you have the wish to start a family one day? Even though I think that it is a noble goal for a man to want children one day and to continue his bloodline, I can’t doubt that it would take a dreamer and simpleton to purposefully start a family in any western country.

I really appreciate and respect your wish for a caring wife who does her best to raise your children and a stable family, but please think twice before you make a mistake that you probably regret for the rest of your life.

I lived a year in the UK and during that time I read a shocking study that England and Wales have a divorce rate of 42%. In a few years the likelihood of winning the jackpot in a casino will be higher than the likelihood of having a successful marriage.

Once angry feminists take control over every governmental institution (at least the ones they don’t already have under their control), you won’t have any rights anymore. Even today a woman can simply tell the judge that she is scared of her husband and suddenly she will get the kids and the house.

Forget About Your Career

In the country where I am from politicians constantly discuss female quotas. We already live in times in which companies employ women instead of men in order to please political parties and to advertise their political correctness, even though they know that they could have hired men with better qualifications for the job.

Imagine a world in which all leadership positions are filled with women. Do you really think that the women who fought for female quotas will also fight for male quotas once we have no rights anymore? Wake up.


Even nowadays a woman can end your career with one sentence if she wants to. Nobody cares about the truth. It is simply a fact that people tend to believe women who say that they have been sexually harassed by a man, whereas nobody believes a man who says that she only made that up, because she wants the promotion.

Maybe you even sexually harassed her, at least when you define sexual harassment in today’s interpretation. We all know since the 10 hours in New York video that sentences like “how are you doing?” and “have a beautiful day!” are the worst form of sexual harassment. 

Both Sexes End up Miserable

What would be the consequence of this development? I think it is obvious that we men would end up pretty miserable. We wouldn’t even have the right to say our opinion, at least not our real opinion.

Like in today’s society, the only men who would still get laid are the ones who ignore all the feminist conditioning and who listen to their primal instincts. The only determining difference would be that the punishment for ignoring feminist opinions would be a lot worse.

How about the women would live in such a society? How would the life of the last few remaining women, who don’t want to be labeled as feminists and who still love the idea of being a woman look like?

Those girls would face the same destiny as you and me. No man would have the balls to approach them and no man would even think about revealing his sexual interest. The fear of the consequences would be too extreme.

As a result of this, women would end up alone, sexually frustrated, and without the chance of ever having a family or a life-long partner. Why? Their fellow females did everything to whip out all the motivation in men to have a woman in their life.

Welcome to Slavery

It is only a matter of time until our worst nightmares will become reality, at least in the western world. It’s everybody’s own decision how he wants to prepare for the future and how he wants to find happiness in life.

The only thing that I know for myself is that I don’t want to end up in slavery. I promised myself to leave the sinking ship once the day has come and to spread my wings over the ocean. I made the decision to set out on a journey to a new world, once the old world is collapsing.

All I can hope for you and me is that there will still be a world worth living in, once that day has come.

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