There is a trope within the game community that female friends are a worthless pain in the ass to put up with. A lot of guys in game will remember painful “Let’s Just Be Friends” rejections of their early days, leaving them unwilling to touch platonic female friendships with a stick. They see no value in women they aren’t sleeping with or making money from, robbing them off the opportunities that having a wide variety of female friends brings you.

However, any guy with just average social skills will build a variety of platonic female friends from work, college, school or from across the hall, and this pool of female friends only expands as they start learning game and going out heavily, especially in a closed environment like a school or college campus, which is also the time where having female friends is of most use to men.

If you’re a “cool,” fun, social, and non-judgemental guy you can benefit massively from female friendships. Instead of completely shunning girls they aren’t sleeping with at the moment or in the near future, men need to put these social connections to proper use and know how to do it. The benefits may seem insignificant at first, but in the long term the perks and advantages of having attractive close female friends accumulates to the point of being invaluable.

Sidenote: If you happened to be “friendzoned” by a girl you’re emotionally invested in, cut off contact with her and go approach more girls. This post focuses on why you should harness the platonic female friendships you will acquire over time just from being a social person who regularly meets a lot of different girls via game or through social circles. Return of Kings does not advise you to purposely become friends with a girl instead of sleeping with her, but rather consciously make the best of female friendships you will naturally acquire because you’re just not going to be able to bang every single girl you get to know.


The Advantages of Platonic Female Friendships

Men in the game community have spouted a couple different metrics to judge whether a female friend is worthwhile having or not, typically along the lines of “Is she getting me more sex?” and “Is she getting me more money?” The correct mindset is actually “Is this girl increasing my pool of social opportunities?”  Does she introduce you to new people? Does she invite you to nights out, parties and other events? If you think hard about it, I can almost guarantee you that no matter who you are, you have gotten laid from, made money from or advanced your career from an introduction or social connection made by a male friend. Now stop and think about the fact that young, good looking girls naturally have a much larger network of social connections.

Attractive young women have far more connections than their male counterparts and almost certainly have a lot more fun. Female friends have gotten me invites to parties, gigs, art exhibitions and tickets to sports games. They’ve referred me for a  job interview, given me free alcohol and weed, gotten me sold out concert tickets, helped me get an ID when I was underage, and above all else: introduced me to other hot girls.

It is also much easier to become a +1 to parties if a girl is asking to bring you rather than guy,  because people just don’t say “no”  to girls as often as they do to guys, which allows you to use hot girls as an intermediary to getting something you want off a guy. Getting a female friend to ask a favour from somebody else on your behalf has a much much higher return on investment than if you were to ask yourself . The chumps who get played by this probably think that by helping you out for her they increase their odds of sleeping with her by winning their approval.

Gaining Insights Into the Female Psyche

I don’t think it even needs to be said that you should NEVER ask female friends for dating advice, but having hot female friends also improves your game, because once they know that you’re cool they’ll share with you a never ending stream of “Compliment & Cuddle” through the sheer volume of corny, chode as hell Facebook and text messages they get from guys, and believe me they get a lot of them. The reason young women are glued to their iPhone’s 24/7 is because of the massive stream of desperate betas feeding them attention.


All of the cringeworthy messages and stories female friends will tell you will improve your game as you listen to the girl trash talking betas, especially when she reads his messages aloud to all her friends. After seeing it happen so much, I’m literally incapable of being “cute” or using a smiley face or exclamation mark in any of my messages to people because they’ve been so heavily associated in my mind with pathetic behaviour.

Having  a variety of female friends around who trust you enough to be honest with you provides invaluable insight into gender relations. Thanks to this I’ve come to realize that hot girls see beta males in exactly the same way that men see fat chicks, something repulsive to be put up with only out of politeness or necessity, the only difference is that girls will keep their version of fatties around to provide a constant stream of ego validating attention.

Having close female friendships has actually allowed me to sympathise with their sexual plights much more than I expected to. Using one example, I’ve come to understand that meeting so many guys wh0 they thought were alpha and were attracted to at first and then started behaving like betas soon after is the equivalent of a guy meeting a hot girl and then being told after a little while that she’s a post-op transexual, which is a source of incredible sexual frustrating for women.

This is but one of many small insights I’ve gleaned from my friendships with girls that have given me a better understanding of how women think, which allows me to fine-tune my game.


Set the Right Frame Early On

There is a knee jerk reaction a lot of guys have to the suggestion of trying to expand their circle of female friends. In their minds platonic friendships = LJBF rejections = the quiet desperation of a beta orbiter.  Don’t do what the orbiters do. Have some backbone. Don’t be afraid to say no. Tease them. Don’t feed them attention, in fact keep communication sparse  in between when you see them in person. The other key step to make it clear that you’re just another chump orbiter is to mention in passing the latest news about who you’ve gotten with or being seeing lately, but don’t frame it as if you’re trying to impress them or ask their for advice about it. The vast majority of their male friends  never do this, so it sets you apart.

Reaping The Rewards

Once they think you’re cool with it, they will start to tell you about all the slutty things they’ve done lately.  Be supportive and encouraging about it, don’t be a buzz kill and don’t judge them, at least not openly. I would go as far to suggesting being an enabler for their promiscuity. Once they know you won’t judge them and are completely cool with it, they’ll be surprisingly open about their sexual exploits, sometimes to the point of bragging about it or even telling you things they haven’t told their close female friends.

They will never share any of this with their beta orbiters because they know they would get jealous and butthurt if they found out about it. It is a very good sign when a girl is telling you about the cock in her life and is asking you who you’ve gotten with or been seeing lately.

Once you’ve reached that point, this is when you can expect to reap rewards in terms of using girls to get beta males to do their bidding for your benefit, being introduced to and talked up to other hot girls, being told in advance which of the girls she’s about to introduce to you are sluts or all of a sudden finding yourself showered in attention from her and invited out to hang out one on one. In terms of introductions and getting invites to parties, this is where having close female friends at other schools or colleges is extremely useful for young guys because it provides multiple parallel social structures and party scenes, not to mention fresh girls for you to game.

As your game improves with time, you will find yourself building a larger pool of female friends, doubly so if you are in school or college, so take care to avoid orbiter behaviour so you can enjoy the benefits that having a lot of female friends will bring you. Although the perks may seem trivial over a short period of time, over the long term the benefits of having chick friends really do start to add up.

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