Online dating sparks debate in the manosphere. Some swear by it, others hate it. Tuthmosis recently acknowledged the merits of online dating. Western Cancer later countered that it hamstrings game. Both men make well-reasoned and valid arguments.

Online game is not perfect. It is true that you are unlikely to find many 9s or 10s online. It can also become a huge waste of time and energy if done improperly. It is not appropriate for all men. And it can hurt your game if used as an excuse to avoid approaching women in real life.

But you can get laid online consistently with minimal effort. Having a good system in place is crucial to success. It helps to approach it as a business. I like to make a game out of it, challenging myself to pull new women online efficiently.

Here are five ways I have personally improved my online dating efforts:

1. Macros

I cannot take credit for this online dating idea. Macros make online dating much more efficient. Download and install a macro program into your browser. Spend a few minutes creating and recording custom messages. After that, you just hit one button and quickly send your standard email to each new girl. This drastically cuts down on keystrokes and eliminates copy pasting.

2. Dating Apps

You may want to send openers from your phone. In this case, the standard free smart phone app for each individual dating site works well. Use that with an app like ColorNote. Save your custom messages in note form and then copy/paste your emails from your phone. This method is not as good as using macros on your PC, but it is much quicker than typing on your phone.


3. Email At Work

This applies to those who still work for someone else. Stick it to the Man. Set aside a few minutes each day to shoot off openers. Use boring meetings or cubicle down time as an opportunity to send emails. Focus on contacting girls who are “online now.” They obviously tend to respond more quickly and can be open to same night meet-ups.

4. Stack Your Dates

This is an effective way of planning dates. Schedule your dates back-to-back. Keep the two venues close by and leave a half hour cushion in between. Ride the momentum from one date into the next. Every time I have stacked two dates in one night, I have banged at least one of the girls. Stacking two dates in one night creates a real abundance mentality that is hard to fake. It also gives you an excuse to cut the date short if needed.

5. The Local Coffee Shop

I sometimes use bars for first dates. But I’ve been most successful meeting women at coffee houses for first dates. Avoid national chains; look for local shops close to your place instead. Many serve beer and wine. Coffee shops are usually cheaper than bars and will sometimes have evening happy hours. Timing your dates for this will reduce your overall cost per lay.

Online dating is not perfect, and not all men will find it useful. I agree it should probably not be your only source of new women. But, with a proper system in place, it can become an important part of your dating and seduction efforts.

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