Occam’s razor is most commonly described as “the simplest answer is most often correct,” although this is an oversimplification. But life is too short to complicate it. Even though this rationalization may lead to faulty conclusions at times, more often than not it’s going to lead to the right solution. (from explorable.com)

Q: How can you tell if she’s just a tease or she’s looking for something?
A: Escalate and move it forward.

Q: How can you tell if she’s really interested in you?
A: Try and kiss her, you’ll have your answer. Weed out the time wasters and attention whores.

Q: How can you deal with volatile and unstable girls?
A: You don’t. You leave.

Q: How to minimize rejection?
A: Approach with plausible deniability. Always have a backup plan.

Q: How can you tell if she is girlfriend material?
A: If she doesn’t bring anything positive into your life, she’s not.

Q: I don’t get those mixed signals she’s giving me, what’s up with that?
A: They’s not mixed signals, it’s low interest. A woman interested in you will not give mixed signals. Rollo’s brilliant post The medium is the message is a must read if you haven’t done so already.

Q: How to deal with your girlfriend pulling away from the relationship?
A: You pull away harder, you start seeing other women and make it bluntly clear. Jealousy is a weakness or weapon, depending on which end of it you’re standing. Be the one using it as a weapon, not the one being ripped apart by it.

Q: How to deal with entitled little princesses?
A: You show them who’s king.

Q: What to do when your woman disrespects you?
A: Withdraw your attention, as attention is your most valuable currency when dealing with women. Soft next or hard next, according to the gravity of the situation.

Q: Your girlfriend keeps complaining what a big asshole her ex was, what to do?
A: Find out what exactly she’s complaining about and do the same asholish thing(s) but kick it up a notch or two. Take a piss in her cat’s food bowl and dip the cat in it if her ex used to fart on the cat. Ok, this is an extreme example and I don’t condone harming animals, but you get the picture.

Q: What do I do if my girlfriend keeps seeing or talking to her ex?
A: Unless he’s a beta, chances are she is banging him too.


Q: What’s the most efficient way to break up with your girlfriend?
A: You go all mushy and lovey dovey on her. Declare your eternal love to her, she’ll be out of your life in a short while without any hassle. Nothing dries up a pussy faster than a nice, decent, predictable guy.

Q: How can one maintain his woman’s interest at high levels?
A: Don’t see her or call every day, be unpredictable and fuck the daylights out of her when you do see her. Be actually busy, don’t just pretend to be busy. Becoming a rare commodity is achieved simply by not being around her all that much. You don’t need to create the mystery, her imagination is doing that for you. All you have to do is be careful not to ruin it.

Q: What to do if you’re very anxious about approaching?
A: Relax your body, breathe deep through your nose, hold it a few seconds and slowly exhale through your mouth. Repeat a few times. Don’t make it obvious, you’re not in yoga class. As the body relaxes, so does the mind. Then approach, don’t give a rat’s ass about the outcome of the approach.

Q: What if you have a gut feeling (good or bad) about your woman?
A: Trust your gut, it is usually right.

Q: How can you become confident in a short period of time?
A: You can’t, there’s no shortcut, but you can start by confronting your fears and stop giving a fuck about what others think and start believing you are the shit. Confidence, just like fear, is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Q: There’s a girl you like at work, what to do?
A: Never shit where you eat. It’s not worth it.

Q: This is the 5th date and you haven’t had sex yet, what to do?
A: If a woman wants to fuck you she will. Otherwise, you’re already fucked and you have to move on to other women. Take a hint, man.

Q: How can you tell if your girlfriend is lying to you?
A: Assume she is lying, research indicates that everybody lies on a daily basis.

Q: You got yourself a new girlfriend, what’s the first thing to do?
A: You set the boundaries and rules first.

Q: What if you’re not sure whether you’re chasing a girl or not?
A: If you have to ask yourself that, then you are chasing.

If you’re a regular ROK reader, you are likely familiar with the “Action speaks louder than words” saying. It is the Occam’s Razor of game.

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