When you’re new to the game and to the red pill, you hear a lot of terms that don’t quite make sense, even though you think you may know what they mean. “Hypergamy,” “alpha”, etc. The one that always got to me was the concept of “inner game.”

It seemed just like a synonym for confidence, but the way it was talked about in the manosphere was a little different. I wondered how I would know when I had developed it. It’s important not to bullshit yourself when you are embarking on a difficult course of self-improvement, since it’s easy to fall into the trap of saying “yeah, I get this now.” That’s a cop-out and won’t help you in the long run.

After a while in the game, I started to see results. This was big for me, as I had (and still have) a massive sexual appetite that I had no clue how to satiate. I had a few short relationships with girls that made my dick rock-hard, and it made me feel amazing. Seeing how true red pill concepts were when put into action really blew my mind.

However, personality doesn’t change overnight. The way that personality changes requires two things: 1) a new outlook and strategy, and 2) new experiences to test out the new outlook and strategy. After enough new experiences filter through your new strategy, real changes in attitude and personality start to emerge. But that will only happen if you put in the hard work.

I’ve always been a jealous guy. It’s probably my biggest character flaw. I’ve always coveted other people’s things, whether it was a girl, a car, a house, a watch—you name it, I’ve been pissed that someone else has it. But something started to change with me after I had taken some time to digest the red pill and watch the truth of it all unfold in front of my eyes.


I started to notice that, where I used to feel jealousy from hearing about a girl I wanted to fuck banging some other guy, or seeing a chick I would love to bang on a date with some dude more masculine than me, that I wasn’t feeling any jealousy. I truly didn’t care. I didn’t even notice anymore when a girl wouldn’t respond to a text, or would cancel a date.

When I realized that I no longer was feeling this way, it was a complete epiphany. Jealousy is the expression of unrealized ambition—what I had done is figured out how to realize that ambition.

So the advice I wish to impart is simple: the level of jealousy you’re feeling is a direct measure of your inner game strength. I think the same thing can be said for paranoia, neediness, or any of the other classic “beta” traits that those of us who know about the red pill understand are pussy kryptonite. Don’t be afraid to be brutally honest with yourself if a girl’s actions have left you jealous. It’s all part of the journey of self-improvement to becoming a man who is genuinely confident around attractive women.

If you’re starting from a big pussy deficit, it’s going to take a while to get there. There’s no shame in that. You have to experience a pattern of success which proves to you the truth of the red pill. Once that happens you’ll find that you no longer have those jealousy pangs, or at the very least they will be significantly reduced enough to no longer affect your actions.

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