I am now in my mid 40s and life is increasingly better due to the fact that I am self-employed, single, and free to practice the “game” of pick-up and the art of seducing women. I disengaged from corporate mass-media a couple of years ago due to the onslaught of attacks received by commentators when I posted comments on the Huffington Post.

There, I wrote my opinions under the pen name: “whitemale08″ and rhetorically defeated every argument against me by the ultra-extreme left. I soon realized that I was entering what I thought was a mid-life crisis by constantly engaging “popular opinion.” Unthinkable ideas and concepts, that should have never been up for debate, were depressing to me. Through this change in perspective, I discovered seven key truths that led to a renewed commitment to game.

1.  The need to immerse oneself in game and in business

A couple of years ago, I immersed myself fully into business and consumed only what was related to game. Because of this commitment, life is richer and happier. When I go out and practice game, I enjoy it a lot more than when I was younger. Experience has taught me that a lot of younger girls between ages of 18 and 24 are attracted to older guys for their maturity. Age seems to not be a factor as long as an older man is able to care for himself and his finances to the best of his ability. This type of strength can uniquely be found in a mature older man and can be very attractive and even intimidating to younger women.

2. Mature men can game both day and night

When I practice day game or night game, I rely on being centered and kind as a person. At the same time, I look for an opportunity to be direct and dominant when escalating the interaction. Because of a woman’s feminine nature, she submits herself easily to a man’s dominant frame and will feel less attractive if masculine dominant energy is not directed towards her. Men only appreciate this fact when they get older. As long as you feel comfortable seducing a younger woman, she will be OK with you moving the interaction forward. Be aware, though, that she may be ridiculed and mocked by her peers and friends in public.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of being grounded as a mature man. Younger guys may try to push you around in a nightclub, but being calm and indifferent can go a long way. Be comfortable with people calling you “sir” at the supermarket or by a bartender at a nightclub. Initially it may make a girl feel awkward that she’s attracted to an older gentleman, but that can quickly turn into you being viewed as the “prize.”


3.  The Myth of the Mid-Life Crisis

Embrace the fact that you are getting older and don’t try to hide it with buying a sports car or dressing in attire more suited for young males. Don’t think you have to put on a fluorescent colored top with crazy graffiti written all over it to impress some 21-year-old. “Peacocking” in a nightclub will telegraph to a girl that you are immature, and she will quickly label you as suffering from a “mid-life crisis,” even though this phenomenon was made up by middle-aged women to rob mature men of their power in the sexual marketplace.


4. The importance of analyzing your interactions

When dissecting interactions and blowouts, you can easily pinpoint the subtle giveaways that qualify or question masculine presence. Women feel awkwardness the moment your presence becomes androgynous. Unfortunately, today’s social conditioning has confused us as to what is appropriate masculine behavior.

An older man is more bold and assured of himself, and this is what is so attractive to hot young girls. They don’t apologize for being masculine or older—rather, a man shows off his dominant “macho” behavior to a girl by projecting a deep voice and unflinching eye contact. The smirk on his face allows the woman to become acutely aware of just how naughty she is when flirting, and this is a big turn-on for both you and her.

5. Take advantage of your age

Men in their mid-40s should take advantage of the fact that they went through puberty during the 80s, where the remnants of masculinity were still visible. Later in the decade, female celebrities like Janet Jackson began to dress in a more masculine fashion. Groups like Wham and Culture Club promoted an “alternative lifestyle” and created a slippery slope where masculinity slid into decline. Sitcoms in the 90s, like Friends, perpetrated unspeakable damage to the male image and father figures were dumbed down and portrayed as weak and incompetent.

Now, the hint of being “macho” or even masculine is somehow considered evil according to corporate mass-media, and that could be an obstacle in your game and when learning the art of seduction. Your age is your advantage in this area, where it provides a good excuse for you to be more classically masculine.

6. Game and travel go hand in hand

If you travel to certain countries, like in Latin America, you will see more traditional masculine behavior and women more comfortable in their natural feminine roles. This affords plenty of opportunities for men in their mid-life to explore possibilities with younger, hotter, more fertile women without much retaliation and debate.

Most men in their later years have the means to travel and meet beautiful women from different parts of the world. Instead of taking that same boring vacation people do every year, why not research places that have the most attractive girls on the planet and plan a trip to go there and practice your game?

7. Game for life

Game will keep a man focused on his masculinity throughout his later years and away from the time-wasted philosophical debates in a mass-marketed culture that is now beyond recoverable.

If you are a middle-aged man who finds himself single or divorced and has no obligations to anyone but himself, then by all means get back in the game. Remember, every year around the world, another million plus hot young girls turn 21 and are waiting to meet mature middle-aged men with enough sophistication to seduce them and show them the romance of a lifetime.

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