Often when reading articles and comments in the manosphere, one can get the impression that it takes a master’s degree in evolutionary psychology to get laid; this simply isn’t true. Rather than focus on every little nuance of female psychology, it often serves a man better to have a strong understanding of the basics and then take that knowledge out into the field.

For the purposes of this article I’m writing from the perspective of the man whose goal is to obtain physical intimacy with a woman (anything from a first kiss to sex—I know there are men of all experience levels reading this). The 3 I’s Of Getting Laid is the basic formula for creating an atmosphere in which women are comfortable becoming intimate with you. These 3 I’s are: Isolate, Intoxicate, Initiate. Learn this simple formula and always keep it in the back of your mind.

1. Isolate

The first I, Isolate, should be pretty self explanatory. Take the object of your desire somewhere private; she probably doesn’t want to have sex with you (or even just kiss you) for the first time in front of a crowd. This sounds easy but so many men simply don’t plan for this step. Many men ask women on traditional dates such as meeting for coffee or a dinner date. Once on this date it really doesn’t matter how well the conversation goes or anything like that if you don’t have a plan to obtain some privacy.

One way to solve this problem is to go to locations near where you live, ideally within walking distance or less than a 5-10 minute drive. If you don’t live near the location of your date then you should have a plan to get out of public, one of the simplest ways to do this is to suggest going on a walk. Going on a walk is a good move because you should be able to hold her hand and create more intimacy between the two of you right away. Of course the easiest way to Isolate is to just ask her to go home with you; if that is your read then go for it. The #1 lesson that goes with Isolate is to plan ahead.

2. Intoxicate *

The next I, Intoxicate, will no doubt raise some controversy. I’m sure many misguided leftists would assume I am writing a guide on date rape; this is not what I am suggesting. Before I go any further I will warn every man reading this never to have sex with a woman who is drunk—you can be charged with rape even if it was just consensual sex between two drunk individuals. Always remember women are treated by society as children with no personal responsibility for their actions.

So you want to Intoxicate the woman but not get her drunk? Bingo. There is a sweet spot with women when it comes to alcohol, usually just a drink or two at most. The impact of this is less about the physical effect of the alcohol and more about the psychological effect. When a woman has had time to be around you and have a drink, her anxiety will lessen and she will not have such a whirlwind of thoughts twisting around in her head once you actually start to be intimate.

Even more importantly, it is a compliance test—if a girl will not at least have a drink around you, in most situations you can assume that she is not interested in getting intimate on the time scale you desire. In all honesty, Intoxicate is the least important of the 3 I’s, but it does give you a good indicator of her willingness to move forward.

*I personally won’t engage with a drunk female but MANY women (especially young women) prefer to only have sex under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These are psychologically unhealthy people and it is not wise to put your life in their hands.

3. Initiate

Lastly we have the most important I, Initiate. How many guys do you know who agonize over whether a certain girl likes them or not? How many select a girl and basically stalk her for weeks before making any contact? How many “fall in love” with some fantasy girl they really don’t even know? Too many.

Initiate is simple but quite frankly a lot of men either don’t have the balls to do it, or they have been programmed to be “gentlemen” and they miss out. You must always be physically escalating; a first date should always start with a hug—if the woman doesn’t react well to that or tries to shake your hand, you are probably fucked, so move on.

Any man with experience will tell you that some women like you and some just don’t—somewhere out there is a model-quality girl who would fall in love with you, and somewhere else there is an obese pig who would think you don’t meet her standards. The only way to know if a woman will have sex with you is to Initiate.


This all sounds so simple that there is no need to write about it, right? Wrong. Go out into the world and observe “alpha” behavior; now put what they are doing into the context of this article. Think back to your high school days and remember how all those “naturals” got laid. I guarantee it followed this format.

There is so much focus on how to become more “alpha” that we lose sight of what constitutes 90% of the “alpha” male’s success. Frat guys get laid like crazy (and often get into serious trouble) because they are in an environment full of intoxicated women—all they have to do is Isolate and Initiate. There are a lot of attractive women out there who will have sex with you, if you’ll only give them the chance to let it “just kind of happen.”

Remember, it is up to you to create the kind of atmosphere that allows a woman to get intimate with you—don’t leave it up to fate.

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