Prior to getting a vasectomy my biggest fear in life was some girl I was fucking telling me she was pregnant. Forget thoughts of cancer, natural disasters or dying in a car accident this is what kept me up at night. Truth be told I had heard those words before and I have had to pay for more than one abortion—it was a road I swore I would never go down again. To ensure I would never be a dad against my will a couple years ago I got the best form of prevention available to a man, a vasectomy, which has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Obviously if you know you want to be a father one day do not get it done. But I believe a major life-altering move like becoming a parent should not be controlled by some girl you’re fucking whose period is late. You need to really, really want to be a father and anything less you should just stay an uncle or be a big brother if your need to be around kids is that strong.

If you decide to get the vasectomy do yourself a favor and bank some of your sperm prior to the procedure. While it might end up being 3-500 dollars a year in storage fees it is worth it. Think of it as an insurance policy so if you change your mind you do not have to go under the knife for the dreaded vasectomy reversal (not always successful and usually not covered by insurance).

If you do decide to go through with it get a non-scalpel as it is the least invasive option and you should plan of taking at least 3-4 days off work/physical activity after its done. Then it is just a waiting game as for how long you will be shooting blanks but generally speaking after two months you will be sterile. After that the fun and attitude changes begin.

How Does A Vasectomy Relate To Game?

It gives you leverage with women, a sense of control that has made me feel untouchable to the biggest trap a woman can lay on a man, making him a father against his will. For instance, with the exception of one night stands, prior to getting a vasectomy I always would prescreen the girls I was with to see if they were religious or if their biological clocks were ticking just to make sure in the event of a pregnancy they would get an abortion. Today those thoughts are a distant memory and even if I am raw dogging a Mormon chick I can be assured she can’t stick me with 18 years of child support. I sleep easy at night knowing as long as I don’t get married legally no women can ever be entitled to any of my wealth.


While variations of a man’s game may differ we can agree being alpha is a key component to it. That who gives a fuck, you-can’t-affect-me attitude which is central to being alpha is on overdrive post vasectomy. My advice is don’t tell the girls you are banging that you have had it done, as the way you act after a vasectomy will only further your I-don’t-give-a-fuck nature in her eyes, and she doesn’t need to know why that is.

This attitude extends itself to the bedroom as your prior inhibitions are now a thing of the past. Now you don’t have to check your condom during sex to make sure it has not ripped or in that heat of the moment you don’t have to worry about wrapping your dick. There is energy you expel post vasectomy that is palpable to the females in your orbit. The best part is that unlike so many things this feeling of being untouchable does not go away with time. It’s a constant feeling that you carry around with you and you come to absorb the fact that now you are immune from being trapped by a female. That indifference to the consequences makes you attractive. I genuinely feel pity for men who have not had it done as I know how much their life will be altered in the event that some girl they are laying pipe to finds she is pregnant and decides to keep junior.

Waiting for the male pill is an option. But for how many years has it been talked about? Believe me if that was available I would not be writing this article as every player reading this would likely have a prescription to it. Upon disclosure of my vasectomy to other men I have been asked if I feel like less of a man. I find this amusing, because I have never felt as alpha as I do today.

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