Late one evening I was scheming with a friend at a rather trendy microbrew bar. We sat at a table in a far corner to avoid prying eyes and argued over some disagreement we had over business plans. I noticed a pair of women a few tables away eyeballing us for quite a while until one of them finally worked up the courage to walk over. I predicted she would say something snarky due to the way she was holding a wine glass, as well as her cackling laugh. Even before she got to the table, I was preparing to say something dismissive.

She asked us “Why you do guys look like you’re angry at the world?” I guess I must be getting old, because my friend beat me to the punch. He replied, “Because we are.” Oddly enough, admitting to being antisocial had the opposite effect of what was intended. She left for her table, immediately came back with her friend, and told us all about the school they were teachers at. However, before they returned, my friend and I agreed to see how far we could take the antisocial attitude with these two women. Little did we know we would stumble onto new ground for ourselves in gaming women.

Both ladies were in good shape and had steady employment as elementary school teachers. In addition, their politics were typical of any public school teacher, so trolling them on most social issues was relatively easy. My friend and I had a good time insulting their belief system, from criticizing their plebeian tastes in wine to laughing at the 2012 presidential election vote.

My friend actually got both of the numbers and promised to call them on Monday. While we’d had good time with over-the-top confrontations of irrational suburban women, we had priorities. We left to find somewhere more private to discuss more important matters. I noticed quite a few of the other woman at this bar watched us as we walked out.

Looking back at this and discussing this encounter with my friend, we realized the unintentional application of game in that situation was more effective than anything we had done consciously in the week prior. While it is hard to replicate the evening’s specific circumstances, certain methods from that night can certainly be incorporated into our regular routines.

The Pinot Grigio-sipping educator who inquired about our physical appearance most likely was attempting to see if we were betas in disguise. Many men would fail the little test of asking why they looked angry. My friend’s response was quick and unwavering. I guess she confused his arrogance and dismissiveness with confidence—I am sure she had never gotten a response like that before, and it must have intrigued her.



Her trip back to her table was a test to see if we would follow like little lapdogs. In that bar full of crunchy granola people, that is the default response. It was enough to get her friend interested in us more than her iPhone. At this point, they decided to pack up their caravan of smart phones, drinks, and expensive purses and move to our table. Their expensive accessories are actually what got me to question the depth of their beliefs in collectivist policies.

After 45 minutes of condescending banter, my friend and I wanted to return to our original business discussion. Surprisingly, the second woman was drinking something blue picked up on our lack of interest and put her hand on my friend’s leg before passing him her number. Her friend saw this and decided to take her chances as well, writing her digits on a piece of receipt paper.

I think it might have been the first time in history that a man chose not to pursue a willing woman at that trendy bar. All the stylish black plastic-framed glasses of the women and some of the men in the bar seemed to have followed us out the door. I guess they never experienced much testosterone in that location.

This experience was entertaining for me because it highlighted many tenets of game by accident. First, we went to the bar to do something besides pick up women. They must have interpreted this is as indifference, which is exactly what it was. Second, the first woman’s inability to get us to jump through social validation hoops identified us as not the typical “m’ladies” that frequented that establishment. Third, the condescending conversation must have been interpreted as some form of dominance. Lastly, our premature exit most likely led them to believe we had something better of the female variety waiting in the wings.

I suggest you try going to a social establishment with some other purpose than to pick up women and see if they are drawn to you. You might be surprised at what happens.

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