If you want to understand the nature of women, you should understand that their well-known propensity to hypergamy concerns more than just their natural desire to gain (by way of men) in status, a desire that obviously has a very powerful biological and evolutionary value. Female hypergamy, ultimately and much more deeply, has to do with the very nature of their sexuality, with what they find attractive in men in a psychosexual sense. This is why, for example, a man who can demonstrate superiority and, even better, dominance over other men in whatever context can also drive women mad with desire, even if he is a broke ass bum.

To see the truth of this, consider the following examples. I’m kicking it with by buddy outside of a popular college bar in Philly. A typical sexy young American vampire walks by, exuding the usual cuntish attitude and haughty entitlement. I recognize her from my one of my old bouncer gigs. She’s dressed like a slut since, like most attractive young American women in 2014, she lives to be on display. I reach into my player toolkit and pull out old faithful, asshole game: “Hey girl, looking classy as ever.” It doesn’t work, perhaps because it’s 2:30 a.m. and she’s already been approached—oh, I don’t know, 57 times—and she says something bratty in response. I answer with one of my favorite asshole lines: “Still at the top of your class in charm school, I see.”

Now her friend comes up to me, her beta boyfriend in tow: “Why would you talk to her like that? You’re such an asshole!” I say: “Well, being a writer, I have this habit of saying the truth [wink].” We go back and forth for a minutes. Each time she says something, I respond with sarcasm or some kind of asshole line. Finally, the clincher: “Yeah well, when this guy you’re with,” I say looking right at him, “can do something about it, let me know.” During this exchange, I could see that the girl was getting more turned on as I refused to break, but successfully held my asshole frame. When I said the last line she looked ready to tear my clothes off, and my buddy, himself a veteran player, thought he could perceive this too, so I don’t think I am mistaken or being conceited here.

Now in this context, it should be understood, status had nothing to do with money or wealth. It had everything to do with my assertion that I could kick her boyfriend’s ass, this boyfriend who should have checked his girl instead of allowing her to rant at another man. Did this assertion inspire any feeling of offense in her? Or loyalty to her boyfriend? Ah no. Of course not, and if you would expect otherwise, then you had better swallow the red pill immediately. The assertion was a huge turn on, because it tapped into her female lizard brain: for a man who can show dominance over other men, regardless of the context, is sure to get women all hot and bothered, no matter what he looks like or how much money he has in the bank.

Here is another example. I’m chilling with my buddy at another Philly night life spot. A hotty walks by. I reach out and touch her on the waist: “Hey, how’s your night?” She gives me a half a smile, but keeps walking. I see her join her date or boyfriend, standing about 20 feet away (I hadn’t seen him before). “Yo, she’s with me,” he yells over. I usually do not try to disrespect other men, but I didn’t like his tone, so, after giving him a respectful nod, I say: “Gotcha, but watch how you talk to me, brother.” He sizes me up, then thinks of better of saying more.

A few minutes later my buddy and I are hanging out in another part of the bar. Now the couple walks by; the girl smiles at me and waves—right in front of him. Very disrespectful! And again, where was her loyalty to her man? Nowhere, for as I have discussed throughout my articles here on ROK, because they are mostly devoid of any sense of justice, most women have no sense of loyalty, like honor and obligation, an abstract, masculine trait.

In this example, as in the first one, I displayed the sort of alpha dominance that women cannot resist. It is in the nature of women to desire the most powerful man and men in any context, and this desire is about much more than wealth or social rank in the ordinary sense. It is about psychosexual desire. The American public—unfailingly stupid, smug and self-righteous—is always outraged when a politician or other public figure gets caught cheating on his wife. In red pill reality, powerful men, given the nature of psychosexual desire, deserve a harem of bad bitches, who will always get in line to get bent over by that alpha cock anyway. Indeed, what better way for a woman to feel validated? That degree in Human Resources or Psychology is so boring, after all.

The true nature of female hypergamy certainly derives from the nature of heterosexual intercourse itself. Analysis shows that rough sex differs only in degree, not in kind, from ordinary vanilla sex. In both, it is the man that initiates, or asserts himself. It is the man that penetrates. He is in control. And the woman’s satisfaction comes from and corresponds with what he does, the more overwhelmingly in charge the better. If you’ve ever dominated the shit out of a woman in bed, then probably you’ve heard one say something like: “Wow, most guys are afraid to do that.” In all respects, an alpha is rare.

It is no wonder, then, that supreme confidence and dominance—over men and women alike—are universal aphrodisiacs for women. And here, understand, women are just like any other creature on this earth: they do not choose to be turned on by these traits. Indeed, it would be more accurate to say the traits choose them, sweeping them up in the alpha ride. In being turned on by an alpha, women act on instinct; they do not act by choice or reason. If my dog hears a noise outside, he will rush out there to investigate. Women are likewise reflexive in response to an alpha. In both cases, we see animals acting in accord with their nature, which is not for them to choose; they simply realize it as Nature itself runs its course.

So then, if you want to do as well as possible with women, view them as pimps do: understand that, deep down, they are slaves, whether they like it or not. Indeed, what is a feminist? A slave in revolt, who, had she only been more attractive, would have embarked on the standard path of attention whoring as a means to validation from about age 13 on.

Besides a man who exudes a sense of superiority or dominance over other men, women, as it’s well known in the manosphere, also cannot resist a man who gets a lot of other women. The reason for this is simple. For women, nothing in life matters more than their attractiveness. A woman’s sexual market value determines everything from her self-esteem to her sense of purpose. And women are naturally in brutal competition here. A man, therefore, who is known to have great success with women provides them with an unconscious feeling of validation: “He is good enough for her, so he is good enough for me.” Thus spins the little hamster, more commonly known as the female mind.

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