Let me begin with a caveat. There will of course be exceptions to these general rules, but they will usually be women who are unattractive or masculine in manner, and many (if not most) of them are exceptions only because they have to be. In other words, their low sexual market value doesn’t allow them to get away with the general cuntishness and masterly dissimulation that prevails among 7s and up all over the world, and here in the rotten U.S. in particular.

1. “Sorry” does not mean sorry.

You may have noticed that women have a tendency to apologize profusely when they have not done anything wrong. They say sorry simply because they have disappointed or failed to please someone, even though they were not obligated for reasons of justice to do so. For this is not a matter of justice or duty. It is a matter of weakness. It has to do with women being powerfully motivated by their desire to avoid any kind of social awkwardness or discomfort. This, not doing the right thing, is what is usually at work when women apologize. As soon as you leave the room, your apparently contrite sweetheart will be on the phone with her mom or BFF complaining about what a jerk you are and how she deserves better, even though you’ve been treating her like a queen.

By way of analogy, think of the waiter who, even after enduring a ten-hour shift serving the unbearable American public, is still all smiles and “thank you for coming”: that inexhaustible phoniness recalls the fundamental nature of women, and indeed, it’s no coincidence that women excel at jobs like serving, marketing and anything else that involves deceit with a pleasing smile (note, though, that they are simply too weak for most politics and the severest sort of business and finance).

When they are in fact guilty of doing something wrong in the abstract, rational sense, women will generally avoid taking (actual) responsibility for their behavior. Here understand that, deep down, women greatly fear men and the overwhelming conflict we can present, and though they are mostly devoid of any sense of justice due to their inconstant will and poor capacity for abstract thought, women will still tell you they are sorry—and quite convincingly—in order to both keep relations agreeable and to advance their underlying interests, which are often subtly material in nature; that is, about getting into your wallet, poor duped beta, however she may coo that you’re “the one” and that “it’s meant to be.”

2. Her indecisiveness will reveal her inferiority

A little while back a freak accident landed me in the ER, getting a few stitches put in my head. While there, I was struck by the fact that, although I was surrounded by highly intelligent and high-functioning people of both genders, the men seemed as a matter of course to take control of the situation, while the women sensibly deferred to their assertiveness and the judgments that issued from it. Of course, feminists would claim that this was an effect of “patriarchal conditioning” or some other trendy academic cant. But the red pill reality is that, in many instances, human nature precedes cultural conditioning, the latter flowing from the former. “It’s a man’s world” has long been a universal truth, and universals by their very nature suggest a far deeper basis than mere cultural customs, conventions, mores, etc.

I recently started a new job that has three managers, all women. What an amusing and absurd spectacle it has been to watch them try to arrive at any kind of “group decision”! This is a kind of democracy even more inept than what we have seen in the last few decades in the U.S., with every half-literate entitled fool casting his vote for this and that smiling fraud. Right from the beginning the women enlisted the very necessary aid of my “subordinate” judgment and that of another Alpha Male. Thank God, for the sake of the business and the customers we serve.

3. Nice girls are no reason to relax your game

How many times have I made the mistake of meeting a nice girl and thinking it’s unnecessary to remain cool and aloof. To be sure, game becomes exhausting, especially as you get older. Still, showing a woman much feeling early on—or indeed, in many cases, much feeling at any time—or more feeling than she has shown you, is usually unwise: for women are as fickle as they are fundamentally unjust, and once a woman—yes, even a nice one—has you emotionally, she often won’t want you anymore.

Two notable exceptions: 1. You are higher than she is on the looks scale. 2. She is materially dependent on you. But for the most part, you need to keep the carrot of your emotions ever-dangling in front of her, like the vexed rabbit in the cartoon. You need to be maddeningly impenetrable and inscrutable. Women love this torture, thanks to their deep perversity. Add rough sex and you have as sure a recipe for success as is possible in our degenerate era.

It isn’t until they reach 35 or so that women even begin to approximate the essential reasonableness of men (not that they are to be trusted then). By that time, their silly sense of entitlement and endless expectations are replaced by hard-won cynicism (read: huge baggage). They are happy if you come over once or twice a week to knock them off, asking no more of you. Of course, by then their sexual market value is generally quite low—next! (I hear that bitter hag—who just seven years ago was a typical flaky, entitled Americunt flooded by male attention—has a pretty niece who just turned 18…)

4. Her views and opinions, her interests and values are other people’s

In themselves, most women are nothing besides a hole to stick your dick in. Their beliefs, their values, their interests—these things are not the result of an independent judgment which could not be more indifferent to what the emetic mass of mankind thinks. Rather, base conformity and herd imitation are as natural to and as much a part of women as narcissism and dissimulation. Even in this senseless year of 2014, if you go into a large bookstore in America chances are you will find at least one man who can tell you something about Plato, or Hume, or Burke. You will very likely not find such a woman, though you will find innumerable women who know every odious trifle about Kim Kardashian and about countless other American celebrity rabble.

Gossip is so characteristic of women because, their minds being utterly empty, they simply have nothing better to do than to go on and on about other people’s frivolous affairs. You might, then, do your girl a favor: “Babe, go make me a sandwich.” Let her at least be useful for something other than sex! I myself find that attractive women look even better with a broom in hand.

5. Where you are assertive and straightforward, she will be weak and therefore vindictive later

Being by nature weaker than men, both physically and mentally, women frequently suppress their inclination to say what they believe and how they feel. This is the source of their passive-aggressiveness, as well as their petty tendency to nurse all sorts of grievances and resentments, which, because they get buried for so long, gain in force over time, until they finally erupt in classic whiny white girl fashion. My last girlfriend used to gripe about stuff her ex had done to her five years ago. In contrast, men in the old sense—frank, hearty and beyond grudges—will tell you to go fuck yourself, then forget about it and buy you a beer later.

6. It is a sign of good character if her friends are mostly men

Whenever I have gotten to know a high quality woman, it has almost invariably been the case that her friends were mostly men. Being so unlike most women, a woman who is kind and decent has no interest in their endless pettiness, passive-aggressiveness, drama, jealousy (often under the guise of concerned friend), phoniness, etc. Of course, though, no man can be “just friends” with an attractive woman, so if your girl is hanging around other men, you should know that every one—every one—has either tried to bang her or would if had enough liquid courage. And if she is at least 25, then she probably knows this too, though she may pretend otherwise in order to continue to get free drinks, tire changes and whatever else from those laughable beta orbiters.

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