A woman’s mind and character, like her sense of purpose and self-worth, is determined and governed largely by her sexual market value. A stunner who is flooded by male attention has no need to be fair or logical in her relations with us: her power derives from the fact that we, wanting to fuck her, line up to give her attention and to do things for her, inflating and distorting her vile ego in consequence.

This is, essentially, an irrational affair, and until she approaches middle age, men will continue to give her that extreme power, no matter how she conducts herself. In contrast, the relations of men in civil society have historically been rather duty-bound and abstract: reason has been necessary to order that things should be thus and so, so that the overwhelming self-interest that drives every individual would not be too much for the whole, and thus destroy the social unit, whatever the form it took.

But sexual desire is not a matter of reason, or order, or obligation. Once his needs for food, drink and shelter have been met, the chief interest of the straight man is women, objects of desire through and through. Yet neither sexual pursuit nor its reception is inherently logical. Both genders act mainly on impulse, their motives frequently unconscious. But while a man historically had to deal mostly with other men in order to meet common material needs (easily a cause of war and strife), so that he often had to be at least somewhat fair-minded in his relations, a woman had only to be fairly attractive in order to get her needs met, and in some cases, to get away with virtually whatever she wanted. And hence, then, that universal truth about stunners, whether here in the States or abroad: the more attractive, the more cuntish—almost no exceptions.

Since, then, the mind and character of woman is a result not of reason, but of an irrational force—her sexual market value—it follows that in her relations with men, her behavior will be determined mostly by feeling, impulse and caprice; or, if she’s hot enough to get away with it, by her essential cuntishness. And so we men should not expect women to take personal responsibility for their actions, for where a man feels a sense of justice—abstract and rational—a woman’s mind rather follows its whims and delusions. She is, to borrow a fine aphorism from Nietzsche, “foam tossed to and fro on shallow water.”

Again, being driven by an irrational force—her sexual market value—a woman has, as a general rule, no sense of honor or loyalty or obligation. Inherently abstract, and requiring a steady will to carry them out (which women, with their inconstant nature, also lack), these things are fundamentally masculine in character. It’s often been noticed, for example, that keeping their word generally means little to women; they prefer to avoid such discomfort, in just the same way that they are not inclined to assert themselves.

When faced with a compelling argument or even empirical evidence which shows her to be wrong beyond dispute, a woman will usually just devise some rationalization or other, happily supported in this bizarre endeavor by every other stupid bitch in her phone, from mom to BFF. This “girl power” is, in fact, a great herd passion of women, comparable in significance to their profound interest in Kim Kardashian and whoever is fucking whom in Hollywood.

Again, doing the right thing, for women, is a matter not so much of reason as of instinct and feeling. Hence “unconditional love” is a distinctly motherly thing. And hence it is that the moral judgments of women are frequently dubious, just as their characters are by nature fickle and unreliable.

In the age of smartphones and social media, women receive such a massive amount of male attention that is quite rare for a 7 and up not to be a cunt, for the simple reason that she can be. So what that she pisses you off? You are just one among an endless number of suitors. And as we see from children and women alike, human nature, as a general rule, will incline to do whatever it can, so long as there are no apparent consequences.

Today women are surrounded by so many white knights and beta orbiters that the rare man who not only doesn’t take their shit, but even “presumes” to call them on it, is likely to be deemed abusive, or a creep, or who knows what. There is a collision here between entitled expectations and non-beta male behavior: here the hamster will only point touchy fingers; it will not itself be accountable, for its only pressing interest lies in looking pretty and being seen

An Example

Let’s say, for example, that you and your sweetheart are having difficult times, her cuntish behavior becoming too much for you to take. You can present her with an eminently reasonable explanation of how she is fucked up and needs to change. Yet even if you do so with tremendous tact and patience, she probably will distort your views anyway, employing her powerful sense of her sexual market value in order to do so. It’s not that she’s been a bitch or a brat or whatever. You’re the problem, and she is “not going to settle.”

A woman will rarely demonstrate any understanding of how her own poor behavior caused or influenced you to respond in kind. Simple cause and effect, as it concerns moral agency, is far beyond her. All she knows is that she doesn’t like how you made her feel, so you’re a bad guy. Besides, “everything happens for a reason,” or “it wasn’t meant to be,” or “you weren’t the right one after all,” and so on, for her mind is little more than a bundle of rosy delusions and clichés. She is a kind of media way station for the cherished nonsense of our ongoing Western decline.

A Woman’s Word Is Meaningless

Having been a bouncer on and off for about a decade, I have had countless women ask me to throw men out. A man goes up to a woman and, because she is pretty, tries to chat her up and offers to buy her a drink. He is, however, a little goofy or awkward, and perhaps stares a millisecond to0 long at those tits carefully bursting from her too-tight blouse. Ergo, he is a creep—get him, bouncers!

It’s a good thing for the men at the bars and clubs where I work that a woman’s word is generally meaningless to me. If I don’t see the “incident” happen, and if the man’s body language and tone (both of which I can read well, like a seasoned cop or lawyer) don’t suggest culpability, then I am not taking that whiny white bitch’s word for it, since I know that, as a general rule, there is nothing in life less credible than an angry woman’s word.

If a woman is not essentially delusional in her relations with you, but is actually just and responsible, then it is likely that you have some leverage against her: you are a 9 on the looks scale, while she is only a 7, or you’re well-off, while her broke ass depends on you. Feminists—who are never attractive—may say women want equality, but the truth is that, deep down, women, insofar as they are attractive, want the freedom to get away with whatever they can, all while shirking the consequences of their actions. Their sexual market value (which is a matter of superiority) is what allows them to do so.

Of course, the delusional nature of women applies in their relations with each other as well. Female-dominated professions—nursing and teaching, for example—are commonly marked by a distinctly female sort of politics, endlessly catty and petty. Women, whether they are stunners or corpulent slobs, need a reason to hate other women, and though it’s claimed that the new girl isn’t a “team player,” the real problem is that she is prettier than this or that Americunt who isn’t receiving a comparable amount of male attention, and hence validation.

How To Deal With This Delusional Nature

As a man used to dealing with your fellow man, you find yourself miserably perplexed by that hottie’s clearly fucked-up behavior. You’ve been so good to her: How can she be so bitchy in response? Or so ungrateful? Or so flaky? And so on.

This is where game, and game only, to be sure, can set you on the right path. Analytical reason is not your best ally here. Alpha reason is. For that stupid bitch doesn’t know what the fuck she’s doing any more than her behavior makes sense to you (or her). In response to the characteristically unjust and dishonorable behavior of women, an alpha must, as every student of the manosphere knows, not care much about them; he must steel himself against their invariable cuntishness.

Don’t try to reason with crazy. Instead, mock it:

  • “Is that attitude how you graduated at the top of your class in charm school?”
  • “Damn,  Babe, are you that eager to be spanked tonight?”
  • “Still talking? I would have thought you’d make some sense by now.”

Or, say nothing at all. Just look at that whiny white bitch with bemusement, then declare, “Gotta go, Doll,” [self-satisfied smile or wink]. Unshakably composed, you just don’t give a fuck, and there’s nothing that delights her deep masochism more than that. Being that rare man who doesn’t need them: this is a kind of superb opposite game to play with women period, and with beautiful attention whores in particular.

In not giving a fuck, it helps tremendously to do two things: never stop approaching—I always have another hoe in my phone—and never lose sight of the fact that, if you are a real man—physically and mentally strong, and therefore self-assured—then there’s not a woman on the planet who is your equal.

Why should I care about being flaked on by some 23 year old Americunt who barely knows whether she is coming or going? I have the great writers and philosophers by memory, but when I check out this little brat’s trifling Facebook or Twitter, I feel disgusted by my desire to have sex with her, so unattractive are the contents of her mind. Why should I chase, or care about, or assign great value to that which is so obviously inferior to me?

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