How should a woman go about the early stages of dating more than one guy at a time (under the assumption that there is a long-term relationship trajectory)? I am a 20 year old college junior and I am lucky right now in that I seem to have two options. I am not sure how to make sure I am respectful of both of them and their time/feelings/resources, but I don’t want to only focus on one in case we aren’t on the same page or aren’t ultimately looking for the same thing. I don’t want to be in sexual relationships with both of them at the same time for obvious reasons, but I also realize that you can only date a guy so long before physical expectations should be fulfilled. Is there any graceful way to handle this? If you don’t have any suggestions I’ll turn to my parents, but I figured I’d ask you as well since you always throw in a healthy dose of realistic cynicism.

Translation: “I want to feel wanted and receive affections from multiple men without giving anything up in return.” I don’t understand why women email me for advice. Why would I help the opposing team?