If a girl is fairly attractive, most straight men will be DTF—the male sex drive really is that simple. Personality, intelligence, conversational ability, character, interests, status—these things and others, however significant, usually won’t be a deal breaker if a girl is sufficiently sexy. For though you might not make a girlfriend or wife out of a hottie with a lousy attitude, there’s little doubt you’d pound her silly, right?

It is otherwise with women. Let’s say you are a handsome guy with a good job. Of course, these two things are considerable since the answer to the old question, what do women want, is your money and your dick. Still, a man who wants to do as well as possible with the Second Sex must offer more. The reason is that women need strong contextual attractiveness. They need, in the first place, to feel comfortable with you—to feel that you aren’t a retard or a creep. For just consider what an extraordinary thing it must be to open your legs for a man! It is quite a vulnerable act, and by definition always at least somewhat submissive, the woman receiving as the man penetrates. Too, besides making women comfortable, you must create an interesting and enjoyable atmosphere, like taking a child to the playground. In other words, you need to charm or game women—to be a good clown, as Roosh puts it.

To this end humor can serve a special function. Imagine: You’re kicking it at the bar on Saturday night and—what else is new in America?—you notice a hottie engrossed in her iPhone; she received 47 likes on Facebook in the last 4 hours, 13 more, happily, than Jenna, that new bitch at work who thinks she’s so cute. Do you approach like Bob Beta Bitch Boy and say: “Hello, how are you tonight? Can I buy you a drink?” No! C. Contrary and ROK have taught you better. Instead you walk over and, covering the screen with your hand, say: “I’m sorry, but there’s a no social media and no texting policy here, and as an undercover bouncer it’s my job to enforce this.” Now she looks at you, at first bewildered, then intrigued and already a little charmed. You give her a wink and a smile, then deadpan: “No, really, I just saw you and wanted to come say what’s up. But don’t worry: I’m gay and just looking for a shopping partner.”

This is bold, funny and interesting. From the start, it is something unusual and different. It makes you stand out. You are unlike the beta male whose conversation is so generic and so often a kind of job interview! That poor bastard. His conversation consists of little more than (predictable) compliments and questions, and he soon runs out of gas before he can charm the pussy, even though he may be an attractive man with his life together. Having had a good interaction from the beginning, the number close—or same night take down, if she happens to be up for it on that particular night—is now a matter of small talk and logistics: Does she live around here? What does she do to keep life interesting? You two should do this or that in a few days (make the interaction substantive; plan the date on the spot), and so on.

Humor game is a very powerful weapon today when night game has never been so competitive and unrewarding. Now we know that in the smart phone and social media era, women get to the bar or club already sated on male attention. Hence, night game is hardly worth it if you aren’t at least an 8 on the looks scale: the returns won’t be worth your time investment; you will try to push through bitch shields and cockblocks, in most cases only to meet with no interest or to get flaked on. Even if you are an attractive guy, night game, as I explain in my last article, remains an inefficient source of pussy. You are better off with day game.

Still, whether you are a tall, jacked stud or of average looks, humor game can set you apart, so that the vag’s picky hamster will bang its narcissistic gavel, justified in its belief that you—special fellow—are worthy of an opening of the entitled legs. Now, conversation may be understood as the test of game: if it’s not sharp, your game isn’t—simple as that. And humor is grade A conversation. There are many women who find humor to be the single most desirable trait in a man.

I have a friend who, though his looks are only above average, still does exceptionally well with women at night, because he approaches them with humor and is able to crack them up throughout the conversation. This is something that most men who are far more attractive than he is cannot do. Thanks to his wit and the fun and interesting vibe he can thereby create, he regularly bags women women are higher than he is on the looks scale. What a superb testament to the value of game! Really, how many men are there in the 6 range who bang many 8s and up, without paying for that high sexual market value pussy?

Another great function of humor game is that it disarms bitch shields. Look at that 9 over there; all haughtiness and self-satisfaction, her very body language makes you not even want to approach. Still, you go up to that whiny white bitch and use whatever standard opener comes to mine: “Hey, how’s your night?” Of course, right off the bat she is sullen and disdainful; she acts like she’s doing you a fucking favor by responding. Your next line: “You know, you look familiar; didn’t I see you on TV, in the advertisement for that new charm school?” To be sure, this may send her further into cunt mode, but if it does, then you weren’t going to bang her anyway (she really is that difficult—next); and if it doesn’t, then it may be that you can provide her with just the right amount of asshole game and vicious sadism that her twisted hamster—daily flooded by male attention and thus fundamentally backward—craves with all the ardor of a Jezebel feminist lusting after a bon bon. Don’t forget to provide the requisite post-bang emotional deprivation—assuming you see her after that first night of slapping and choking, or rather, sex.

Humor is very effective in day game as well, though it has to be more toned-down than in night game. After the girl has given you the info you pretended to need, you are at the “sticking point,” as in a bench press: How do you both keep the conversation going and transition to small talk whereby you can convey value? Humor, my dear player, humor! So, for example, whenever I use my-looking-for-a-gym opener, I have on hand a number of jokes and playful remarks I am ready to work in: “Oh, they won’t let me in that gym—I’m in the habit of banging weights and scaring innocent women and children.” “Oh, you don’t work out, huh? One of those evil people who can eat whatever they want? I can’t be friends with you [wink].” And so on. Now that I have created a playful and enjoyable atmosphere, the woman is more likely to be receptive to my questions about whether she is from the city, how her day is going, etc., etc. Game, remember, is always a mental activity, a matter of calculation and being several steps ahead of the object of your pursuit. 

Humor is also effective when it comes to reengaging flakes and winning over those many hoes who are on the fence about you. Let’s say you have put in steady work, but still at least a third of your 27 phone numbers are flakes and wafflers. How do you get that pussy more interested in you, and less interested in Tom, Dick, and Harry (not to mention in Mike, Dave, Steve, Paul, Greg, Eric, Dave’s brother, Steve’s best friend, her boss, her ex, her professor, her personal trainer, etc.)? Humor combined with asshole game.

See, if you call out a woman for flaking, then, unless she actually likes you (in which case she may be turned on), you probably will never bang her, because her annoyance will preclude the bang. It’s more effective to imply the calling out by wittily insulting her. Indeed, the deep perversity and essential masochism of women makes the insult very effective, provided it’s done with a careful touch. I have had decent results by sending flakes a link to the urban dictionary definition of flake, as well as one to the definition of soporific from a standard dictionary, implying that the dull cunt puts me to sleep. This makes me interestingly different since most men will either call out cunts or continue to chase them.


In sum, humor game is immensely valuable. Like being rich or famous, it enables you to compensate for and transcend what you lack in other areas. It is frequently difficult to have a lively and interesting conversation with women, given how incorrigibly boring and incurably stupid most of them are. And yet, without such a conversation, you probably will not get the bang, even if the hotty finds you attractive and digs you in other ways. So, make that bitch laugh—then you’ll be more likely to bend her over and show her who the boss is!

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