Take the typical American woman in the 7-and-up range, age range of about 18-32. At night in a bar, she may put up a bitch shield or be maddeningly sullen—not to mention the invariable cockblocking of her cuntish friends, who will ignorantly get in your way even if you are a high-value man who has been wholly respectful. On Tinder, she may say shockingly sexual things just a few messages into the conversation—but for all that, still flake. Yet during the day, if you do things right, you may actually have a chance to build a quality relationship with her, or at least a hot FWB situation, with as little games and flakiness as possible. For day game—which seems to occur spontaneously in the course of her life (I say seems because I spotted her 30 feet away and much of my conversation is calculated)—catches a woman off guard (which is not to say she will be defensive—in fact, the opposite is true, if you know what you’re doing), and yet doesn’t make her as inclined to games and flakiness as other dating contexts do. The reason is that, unlike with night game and internet game, she doesn’t already know from the very nature of the context that you are out to bang her.

My current favorite day game opener is, “Hey, you look pretty active; do you know of a good gym around here?” Most women, unless they are really busy, or you look like a creep, will take a few moments to answer. Whatever they say, I respond with more questions, and all the while I am smiling, making eye contact, and speaking in a very friendly tone: “Oh, that gym? I think I’ve heard of it…but I’m looking for more of an old-school place; you know: hot, dirty, 80s Metallica blasting. Know anywhere like that?” Of course the cutie doesn’t—such gyms hardly exist today—but she may laugh. And depending on her age, tone and body language, I may work in some teasing: “But I don’t want to get all muscular and scary-looking like you.” Ironically, I am already very muscular.

I transition to small talk: “Yeah, I really need to find the right gym—I work from home, so I have to get out and exercise every day to stay sane.” If she thinks I’m cute, and happens to be in the mood to get to know a cute guy, she may take the bait: “What do you do? Oh, you’re a writer? That’s so interesting!” If, like most men, you don’t have an interesting job, then mention some interesting activity that takes up a lot of your time, and from which you turn to exercise for relief.

I try to prolong the small talk, so that she will become comfortable with me and so that I can get a feel for the logistics of a possible date: “So how’s your day going? Are you from the city?” Finally, I close with something like: “Well hey, you’ve been really helpful and seem cool; as long as you aren’t crazy [charming smile or wink] maybe I could get you a coffee sometime.” In the last three weeks alone I’ve collected seven numbers doing this, from hot young women who’d surely be hell to game at night in a bar.

I live in a university neighborhood in Philadelphia. I am therefore able to collect lots of numbers simply while walking my dog. “Can I pet your dog?” many a cutie asks, and I often respond with humor: “Go for it, but I warn you, he doesn’t like women—I think he’s gay, and not much of a shopper, either!” Or: “OK, but promise not to sue me when this monster bites you.” And so on.

Or let’s say I’m in another part of the city, where, lo, I spot a pretty woman with her own dog. Funny how my neighbor has one just like that! Can I pet it? Will it attack me and send me to the hospital, like Bruno did? I transition to small talk, as usual, and close with my usual friendly, low-pressure line.

The coffee date is a great low pressure one, and if done well, an easy transition to drinks for date two, which is a probable bang if you have tight game. The value of a low pressure date is very high these days, when most attractive women under 27 are too socially retarded to make and stick to plans like a mature adult. What “pressure” there is in keeping one’s word and in what used to be called common courtesy! And funny how often 7s and up get “busy.”

Day game, to be sure, is very difficult—newbies and intermediates are bound to struggle—but it has the supreme value of training you to think quickly on the spot (which really is game itself), more than any other context does: her friends are not there; yours aren’t either; there’s no loud music or other distractions: it’s just you two, or rather, your game versus her natural resistance to a strange man.

And as a result, a player may over time become a very smooth and assured actor. There is also something, as I’ve already remarked, about the nature of meeting women during the day—as opposed to at the bar or club at night, or via the internet—that seems to cut down on the standard flaking of our smart phone and social media era.

Day game, you should understand, is no reason not to look your best. I may have spent the day sitting on my ass. No matter. I will be downtown during rush hour, when the City of Brotherly Love is teeming with hot tail, dressed sharp, maybe even suited up since, after all, “I just finished meeting with a client.”

If, like me, you are a large, muscular guy, you may have good results by using the gym opener—assuming, of course, you don’t slip up after it. But in order to become highly skilled at day game, you should spend some time thinking up your own openers and humorous banter with which to follow. Like being well-prepared for a job interview, this will make you feel more confident going into your interactions. It may also help you to become a more inventive and interesting conversationalist, for game, after all, is a mental activity, and as with sports, the best players are the quickest thinking.

If you read this article closely, you should have noticed that my day game is indirect. That is how day game should be. You may be tall, in great shape, handsome, charismatic, charming, funny, successful, full of interesting stories, etc., etc. Still, going direct during the day is usually unwise: you will scare off a woman whom you might have bagged if you had not made her uncomfortable. Direct game is best reserved for night game, and even then you had better be a pretty good looking guy, with reason to believe she is sold on you or nearly.

Never compliment a woman while running day game; it will often lead her to suspect that you weren’t really looking for a gym, or whatever BS reason you used to open, but are just out to get laid. Indeed, women have asked me both during the initial conversation and our first date whether I was really looking for a gym, because even if you are highly convincing, women may still see through you or at least be suspicious. The reason is that most women are themselves fake through and through, and as such, they are very good at sniffing out a man’s BS. Fakeness naturally recognizes itself in another.

Day game is like learning any other skill: you will get better as you do it more and more. The other day I struck out on my first five attempts. Then I got one number, and all of a sudden I was in rhythm, and before long on fire: I departed from my usual openers and began thinking of apt ones on the spot. I got one number, for instance, by opening with a question about a woman’s hat; my cousin loves hats just like it, and she has a birthday coming up, blah blah blah. I had agreeable BS and playful jokes coming out of my ears, and was able to get three numbers in a row, all from 7s and up, and women who are about ten years younger than me. Now that, of course, is a very high success rate, and short of looking like a model and being famous to boot, you need to put in those many initial approaches, with their inevitable rejections, in order to be nearly so lucky.

Before smart phones and social media—in other words, before all attractive women were offered a surfeit of cock on a daily basis—I could kick it in bars and clubs, collecting numbers and pulling same night takedowns with relative ease. But that golden age is gone forever. Despite entering my physical and financial peak, the repeated flakes of night game have made it a rather fruitless endeavor. At 33, and with a dozen years in the game, I see day game as my best option by far.

Here, of course, is where many readers—and especially those under 30, who tend not to have the highly nuanced understanding of a veteran player, nor his historical sense of how much game has changed since smart phones and social media—will think I am not gaming women well enough. “If you were really demonstrating high value,” it will be said, “you wouldn’t get flaked on, stuck in text message hell, blah blah blah.” Bullshit. The typical 7 or up from 18 up to about 35 now has a phone full of attractive men, many of whom have tight game, high status, and so on. Night game will continue to become more inefficient for this reason, as the smart phone and social media era gives most attractive women PADD: penis attention deficit disorder.

Meanwhile, many men are relying exclusively on the internet to meet women. Now, virtual reality will do nothing for your game in person, and though it used to be effective if you had good pictures and were at least half-literate, internet game, too, is now a tedious time suck: the attractive women are flooded by messages; I am easily lost in the mix; and why should I wait around to hear back from women I have not even met in real life? How stupid to spend many precious hours of my life messaging women on OKC or whatever; the act of sticking my dick in a woman requires one in the flesh, and for that to happen, I must first game her in the flesh.

Consider this contrast: when you meet a woman via night game, you have to try to set up a date while acting as if you aren’t interested. This is unnatural, stupid, and wearisome, especially as you get older. With day game, on the other hand, you have some latitude when it comes to expressing natural feelings and intentions: a woman won’t necessarily punish you for—God forbid—being interested in her. You may actually meet that exceedingly rare sort of woman who doesn’t live to YOLO at the bar with her flock of Instagram attention whores, or to check her OKC account eight times a day. Moreover, in night game you can have a superb interaction but still be forgotten; the girl was drunk off her ass when you met, so when you hit her up a few days later, she barely remembers you, or can’t distinguish you from the other men to whom she gave her number. When you approach a woman during the day, you stand out.

Finally, thanks to day game, you get in the habit of talking to attractive women wherever you find them, and they are everywhere. Having this frame of mind, you have only to look and talk your best. I consider myself and think: Do I have a lot of money? No. But unlike most men who do, I have game.

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