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July 18th, 2014

Top 10 Pictures From The Growing “Women Against Feminism” Movement


Anger at feminism has reached an important stage: women are now gathering and sharing photos about their disgust against the feminist movement. While their cause is still in the primodial stage, this is nothing short of a severe slap in the face of feminism since their “default” victims are human beings with a vagina. Finally, girls are waking up and realizing that feminism is not making them happier. They are now seeking out more traditional ways of life where their feminine side is nurtured instead of obliterated. I took some time to go through the Women Against Feminist blog (and Facebook page) to highlight their ten best contributions.

1. Girls want to be girls


2. Girls want to cook for their man


3. Girls don’t like a judgemental movement


4. Girls like Mr. Snuffleupagus


5. Girls know feminism is not what it’s claimed to be


6. Girls don’t want to feel superior to men


7. Girls believe in sex roles


8. Girls like having long hair


9. Girls don’t want to be victims


10. Girls from Poland are pretty


While it’s safe to be skeptical of this new movement since it will undoubtedly benefit women first under the “equality” banner, it’s important to note that mainstream feminism, for all its gains, has failed to win the hearts and minds of its primary target. Considering such female protest didn’t even exist a couple years ago, I see it as a great step forward to educating the public that feminism is not the answer. Irrelevancy appears to be its next stop, hopefully within our lifetimes.

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