For centuries, women have been thought the more mysterious sex. Poets, philosophers, and psychologists have all been driven to distraction trying to work out exactly what it is that makes them tick. Of course, the reason such eminent men put in all that effort in the first place is because, like the rest of us, they wanted to get laid. Here is the bind that unites all men—the frustrating and annoying work of unraveling women’s inscrutability, set against our very real and urgent need to bang the most attractive of them.

Fortunately, the internet has facilitated something that most people could never have foreseen: the ability for men to share their experiences of the “fairer” sex and to compare notes on a grand scale. This revolution in gender relations has been quietly—and not so quietly, in some cases—taking place on blogs and websites such as this one for over a decade. The cloak of relative anonymity offered by the ‘net has enabled it. Whereas previously shaming (itself arguably a product of a feminine-primary society) prevented men from talking openly about their experiences, even with close friends, now hundreds of thousands across the world can call out female behavior freely.

Striking and somewhat depressing is how similar and predictable a lot of their stories are. Before discovering the manosphere, I tended towards self-flagellation, beating myself up thinking that women treated me badly because of some fundamental flaw in my personality. How surprising, then, to read hundreds of tales that mirrored my own experiences exactly. Girls flaked on other guys, punished them for beta behavior with infidelity, and walked out on them at the drop of a hat when a better opportunity presented itself too. It wasn’t just me.

Slowly, over a period of a few months, I hardened up my working knowledge of female psychology and put strategies in place to help me better deal with it.

Of course, the manosphere conversation is ongoing and new consensuses are being reached all the time. Here, though, are five things about women I have discovered through my own experiences as well as through talking to other guys. They are all things you should keep in mind, especially if you are considering entering a serious relationship.


1. Girls will have sex quickly and easily with guys who give them tingles

All of us have at one stage or another bought into the “Madonna-Whore” notion that there are “bad girls” who will put out indiscriminately, and “good girls” who will hold out for the right guy. It’s a meme inculcated into us by the culture. It’s also bollocks.

Understand this: the Madonnas and the Whores are the same girls. 

Some of you may be aware of an article written by Tyler Durden of RSD many years ago called The Secret Society. If not, you should check it out. It contains the kind of wisdom that makes a lot of sense on paper, but only becomes real when you go out and game and have sex with a lot of girls.

The basic gist of it is that if you are a guy who “gets it,” and sub-communicates that he “gets it,” then girls will have sex with you quickly, easily and without putting up all of the obstacles that betas have to contend with. Not only is it true, but it goes for all girls—not just the ones with tattoos and bleached hair and those transparent stripper heels, but also the nice girl in the library with the glasses and the cardigan too.

If you present yourself as ‘r-selected’  rather than k-selected—that is, as a badboy player rather than as a provider simp, then even the good girls will drop their knickers for you quickly.

I know this to be a fact. Last year, I hooked up with the most innocent-looking girl you can imagine. I took her out, and was careful to dial up my r-selected traits. Not only did she sleep with me on the first night, but she continued to do so, in secret, for months afterwards, even after she began seeing another guy.

This phenomenon does rather blow the lid off any fantasies of finding that one special girl to fall in love with and protect and honor through thick and skin, though women’s sexuality does not make them bad people. It is something men can enjoy too, when they learn to play the game. But you do need to open your eyes to the reality of how things works.

2. She has an agenda

So, you met a cute girl, gamed her good and now you’re having regular sex. Great—you’re on easy street, no longer having to battle it out on the flesh rampage in busy clubs and bars, instead enjoying a regular serving of quality poosy, right?


However casual, free, and easy things may seem at the start, make no mistake, your girl has an agenda. If you pass her tests and she likes you enough to stay with you, then she will already be making moves to lock you down into a relationship. This will often involve measures such as keeping increasing tabs on you, trying to limit the time you spend with your friends and demanding more and more attention from you.

The endgame of all of this?


I’m sorry, but it’s true. While men are happy to coast along, enjoying the sex and the good times, women are at the mercy of a pitiless biological clock. Make no mistake, she’s not there to “go with the flow” or “just have fun and see where it goes.” She has a very real gameplan (consciously or not) that could end up costing you the best years of your life and a shitload of money.


I’m not saying that she will mention having a family, or that she even knows exactly what she is doing herself, but the only purpose of long-term male-female sexual relationships in a woman’s eyes is reproduction. Not companionship, not “discovering each other,” not growing old together.

If this isn’t your bag, then you need to make a decision about how and when to cut and run.


3. But she will hate you if you facilitate it

Ironically, though, the more you accede to the demands of her biological imperative, the more she will despise you.

She fucked you in the first place because you demonstrated alpha qualities that made her attracted to you. The more you alter yourself to fit in with what she wants, becoming domesticated within her monogamous frame, the more beta you will appear and the less you will resemble that hot, untameable guy she originally fantasied you were. At this point, she is only a heartbeat away from having sex with the mail man.

This phenomenon is called the Betaization Process. Fear it, because it is real and it is inescapable unless you are thoroughly prepared and vigilant.

Brigitte bardot

4. She is a depreciating asset

The problem is that, as guys, we are beset with a strange kind of logical failure that kicks in when we meet a cute girl. If a guy is seeing a twenty-three year old, and she is an eight, then there is a good chance he will want to try to cash in his chips, and depart from the table with his winnings by marrying her or otherwise locking her down in a relationship.

In many cases, this is a mistake.

Look, we all know damn well that the hot 23-year-old isn’t going to be a hot 50-year-old. How many times have we seen the effects of the so-called “wall” (that point somewhere in a woman’s thirties where the fresh bloom of her youthful beauty is extinguished, and she becomes less pleasing to the loins of a majority of men).

But we all still want to lock the 23-year-old down.

It doesn’t make any sense.

Women’s youthful beauty becomes a bait with which they reel in men to part with their resources  for many, many years after it has declined beyond all recognition.

Perhaps you believe your special snowflake to be so special that you don’t care about what she looks like in ten, twenty years time. Fine—if that’s genuinely true (and I have my doubts—many men will make this kind of pronouncement from a position of scarcity). But at least be aware of this phenomenon of depreciation and think very carefully before putting a ring on it.


5. She doesn’t really care about you

She has an agenda (see point 2). You, as the guy, are there to help her fulfill it (even though she will despise you for doing so.) Don’t make the mistake of assuming that she cares about you personally, no matter what she says. The true romantics are men. Women are pragmatists, rather like the cash-hungry film producer who cares little about the cast list as long as the movie gets made on time.

I once had a girlfriend who told me that she would die for me. She was becoming too clingy, so we split up. After I told her I couldn’t see her anymore, she sent me messages every day for a month telling me how upset she was, how special I was, how much she wanted me back. In the face of this barrage, I softened. Perhaps she really did love me as she said. Tentatively, I suggested a meeting. Maybe we could talk. After all, here was a girl displaying a characteristic I valued greatly – devotion. Perhaps I had been too hasty.

Her response?

“I can’t see you. I’m with someone else now.”

I had been replaced. Whatever “special” qualities I possessed had quickly and easily been located in another.

For the record, I abhor cynicism and I don’t write this article to promote it. But I also believe that forewarned is forearmed, and that a realistic grasp of female psychology would help many men to lead happier lives. By all means go out and enjoy the game, but always be vigilant, and above all make sure that your needs are accounted for as well as hers.

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