Here’s an email I received recently:

I discovered that when I settle in and enjoy myself, regardless of the dynamics of the room, I eminate magnetic energy that draws  people in. I demonstrate *higher enery*  rather than higher value. This is a result of choosing a good venue and settling in versus bouncing around a room approaching, or even bounceing between venues.

I choose a strategic spot in the venue where the girls file by, usually an area of the bar close to the entrance. Since I’m in a venue I have a good time regardless, I’m already in a great frame of mind to approach–which is often just turning around to engage a hot girl, rather thn canvassing the room to make cold, stiff approaches.


Women are intrigued by a man who’s generating higher energy and see it across the room before you ever approach. On the other hand, higher value is a function of conversation: approaches, clever openers, routines, games, etc. A girl can’t perceive higher value without conversation (unless she’s turned on by a Rolex or Porsche). Traditional game relies on DHV that depends on verbal communications, which only happens after approach. High energy is non-verbal and be transmitted “wirelessly” across a crowded club to intrigue women before approaching. Higher value and attraction are hard-wire connections leading getting hard-wired!

Traditional game focuses on building intrigue and attraction after approaching. I say that it’s immensely more effective to build intrigue before approaching, so that girls want you to approach them before you actually do. I have an experiences that demonstrates these concepts beautifully. But, will save the stories for another time.

This isn’t bad advice, but I much prefer to hunt than wait for girls to somehow recognize my value in a dark club when they have many male options. The more passive my game, the less I get.


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