Tinder co-founder and chief marketing officer Justin Mateen was sued by his subordinate, Whitney Wolfe, for sexual harassment after their stormy office relationship ended. As a result, he has been suspended from the company. The allegations against him strongly suggest that the co-founder of a popular dating app doesn’t even use it to meet women. Instead, according to court documents, he obsessed over Wolfe for an extended period of time, even calling her as a “slut” while she was still employed with the company.

Here’s Justin Mateen:



Here is Wolfe:



I’d bang her, as I’m sure most of you would, but would you jeopardize your career as co-founder of a mega popular app to do so? The only reason you’d say yes is if you were desperate and felt you couldn’t get anything comparable. This would be understandable if Wolfe was a beauty queen or if the app you invented wasn’t meant to meet other people. It’s right there on the homepage!


And also the about page:


How Not To Text A Subordinate That You Were Sleeping With

The complaint that Wolfe filed in California has enough evidence against Mateen that it’s unlikely he will ever return to Tinder. While I’d be the first to suggest a sexual harassment claim is bogus, due to a woman’s innate ability to lie in order to gain a material advantage, Wolfe’s case is not without merit. See for yourself:





Why Didn’t Mateen Use His Own App To Meet Women?

Mateen put his job at stake to send angry text messages to a subordinate he was sexually involved with. He did this because he believed—either consciously or subconsciously—that she was the best he could do, in spite of the fact that his app, Tinder, is designed for single men like him to meet beautiful women, the likes of which are featured on the Tinder homepage. If his app was so useful in meeting women, why was he sending pathetic text messages to Wolfe? There are two explanations:

1. He used Tinder to meet women but failed. If you’re a man on Tinder, you already know that girls select the best looking men. Mateen is not ugly, but he may not be good looking enough to get enough matches that could lead to a new relationship. By failing on Tinder, he decided to stay in Wolfe’s orbit.

2. He doesn’t believe in using Tinder to meet new women. This is the more likely scenario. While he will market the app to American men, he chooses not to use it himself. While he degrades the mating process with an app that pushes women into selecting hot guys with six-pack abs, he chooses to not swipe at all. This is a clear case of a Silicon Valley nerd pimping technology as a great way to bring people together but in the end deciding that it’s best for him to abstain. He’ll encourage proletariat losers to use it, however, so the app’s “engagement” metrics are high when Tinder is sold for billions to Facebook or Google. He’ll laugh all the way to the bank while weeping over Whitney Wolfe, begging her to join him for a ride on his new yacht, paid for by the time and attention you put into his creation.

Every time you use Tinder, every time you maniacally swipe left or right, I want you to remind yourself that the app is not good enough for the founder to meet a good woman. While he aggressively pursued a relationship with someone he met face-to-face, he expects you to use an app that actually hurts most men by reducing the entirely of their value to a little photo on a device made with Asian slave labor.

Whenever the latest app from Silicon Valley is shoved down your gullet, just know that the people behind only care about getting paid, not about improving your life. Now get back to swiping you lowly end user, so the other Tinder execs can make their fortune.

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