The Washington Post recently matched up two 30-somethings in DC for their Date Lab feature.

The man: solid job, Ivy League background, decent looks
The woman: unattractive

She indirectly admits that her standards are changing due to her rapidly decreasing value…

He’s a little bit, not preppy, but more clean-cut than I would usually go for. But he’s more the type of person I’m looking for now.

Translation: “I would not have dated him ten years ago, but guys aren’t exactly knocking down my door anymore.” It’s no surprise she practically falls in love with him. They kissed at the end of the first date and all signs point to sex on the second..


Ben was about to head out of town … so these two motivated daters got together again the very next night, before he shipped out. Unfortunately, it now seems some personal issues might take Ben out of Washington for the foreseeable future. “It’s bad timing,” Wendy laments. “If those things weren’t going on, we might see each other again.”

But check out this anonymous comment..

Ben is lying, I just saw him two nights ago. He is in town.

He pumped her, realized he didn’t want to buy a depreciating asset that has ridden the DC carousel, then dumped her. It looks like she’s going to have to lower her standards just a bit more.


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