A Russia guy messaged girls on VK (Russia’s version of Facebook) with an offer of $3,000 in cash in exchange for sex. It’s no surprise that the girls were very receptive, including one who had a boyfriend…

Kak: You are already 18, right?

Kristina:  Yes, this year I will be 20. But I can’t do it just like that, you also should understand me, I haven’t had guys yet and I am a little bit afraid…

Kak:  I will not hurry you, we will meet, talk, you’ll get used to me… So, what? Do you agree?Kristina:  OK, bu the money you will pay me at once. OK?

Kak:  Before the sex – sure. But not at the first meeting.

Kristina:  Here is my number 8928*******

I guarantee that any Russian or Ukrainian girl you date has accepted money or gifts in exchange for sex at some point in her life. The only question is what the results would be like if American girls were propositioned with large sums on a site like Ok Cupid.