After a certain amount of time doing cold-approach pickup, say two or three years of consistent action, some guys will begin to get good.  They’re getting lays, one night stands, and quality girlfriends.  But these guys will be in the minority.  Most “pua’s” will still be toiling in frustrated obscurity, desperately scrounging for a random piece of action.

What is it that separates the players, the guys seeing real results in the field, and the have-not scroungers?  A killer instinct.

What It Is

At a basic level, the killer instinct is simply a mindset cultivated and refined over time.  It’s confidence juiced up on a triple dose of steroids and grounded in total belief in your own agency in the field.  You feel bulletproof.  Frictionless.  Like a 100-foot-tall Titan in diamond armor.

To go more in-depth, the killer instinct is the complete acceptance of and identification with your most primal desires as a man.  It’s a taste for blood, a lust for the hunt ingrained in the very marrow of your bones.  And the willingness to confront fear, shame, and rejection over and over is the price of admission.

But once you possess the killer instinct, those painful emotions will begin to wane out in the field.  There’s no shame and no second-guessing of motives at this level of game.  The delay between the initial urge to approach and making your move shrinks to zero.

Amazing things will start to happen when you run game—approaching becomes effortless, like a natural expression of your inner state.  Women often won’t put up any resistance to the approach.  Instead, they’ll make sexy eyes and giggle like little schoolgirls when you step.  Makeouts happen easily, and same night lays become possible.

What It Looks Like

When you’re out at the bars, it’s easy to spot someone with the killer instinct.  They have an aura of total self-containment, barely seeming to notice anyone outside their own group.  They’re constantly smiling and laughing, intensely focused on whoever they’re talking to.  They’re in their own world.  They can be confident to the point of being intimidating, but they have an almost magnetic effect on women in their vicinity.  Women hover around them, and even bump into them on purpose.

To someone with a weaker frame, a guy with the killer instinct can come across as “crazy.”  But he’s actually in complete control and very aware of the effect he’s having on others.  He’s excited and energized, but not excitable.  Nor is he unstable or erratic. He’s extremely solid in his body language and swift and decisive in his movements.


A perfect example of the killer instinct in action is Iron Mike in his late 80’s prime:

Now you obviously can’t roll into the club swinging ‘bows like a gorilla on PCP.  But you can most definitely channel that kind of energy when you’re running game.  You have to get VICIOUS out there.  But you’ve also got to temper the fury, to calibrate and focus it like a laser.  It’s easy to get hyped up out in the field, but ability to wield that sexual energy like a surgeon’s scalpel is a subtle thing that only emerges over time.

Getting A Taste For Blood

To attain the killer instinct, you must completely own your darkest thoughts and feelings as a man.  I’m talking about the deep-level Freudian weirdness here, folks.  This hidden part of the subconscious is often referred to as “The Shadow Self” in psychology.

You must acknowledge, accept, and incorporate these thoughts into your personality.  They’re completely normal, as unsettling as they may seem.  And you’re not necessarily acting on the desires, unless you’re into the S&M scene, maybe you will, but harnessing them.  The energies are already there, so learn to channel them like sexual rocket fuel when you’re running game.

You have to bring it all into the light- Accept your desire to dominate.  Accept your desire to be the king.  Wear it like Sauron rocking the One Ring:

If you’re just starting out, this can be a scary thing. It’s an advanced stage of personality development that requires great effort and ruthlessly honest self-reflection.  Again, you can’t just flip a neurological switch and say, “Okay, now I have the killer instinct, time to go full-Hulk on these girls.”

Attaining the killer instinct takes time.  But like all of the fine-grained realizations that arise from the game, it’s ultimately the result of having a strong work ethic and constantly pushing your comfort zone in the field.  There’s no magic bullet, no secret shortcut “the pros use.”  Just good ole repetition.  If you want to be a killer, you’ve got to break out the strop and sharpen the blade.

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